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<tool, database> A graphical user interface development tool from Powersoft for developing client-server database applications. It runs under MS-DOS(?) and Microsoft Windows. There are also versions for Microsoft Windows, Windows NT, Macintosh, and Unix.

Applications can be built by creating windows, controls (such as listboxes and buttons), and menus within the PowerBuilder development environment. The language used to program PowerBuilder, PowerScript, is loosely based on BASIC.

PowerBuilder supports programming on many database backends including Sybase and Oracle. It also has added support for ODBC database drivers. PowerBuilder also comes with a built-in database backend (WATCOM SQL 32-bit relational database).

Product information (http://powersoft.com/mktg/prodinfo/prodintr.html).

FAQ (ftp://ftp.oar.net/pub/psoft/pb01.faq).

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.soft-sys.powerbuilder.

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