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Free On-line Dictionary of Computing; Acknowledgements; Missing definition; !; !!!Batch; "; #; $; $1; $tonePits; %; &; &#36;; '; 'Snooze; (; (()); (c); (TM); ); *; *LISP; *MOD; +; ,; -; -oid; -ware; .com; .cshrc; .login; .mailrc; .NET; .NET framework; .newsrc; .plan; .twmrc; /; /dev/null; 0; 0/1 knapsack problem; 1; 100BaseFX; 100BaseT; 100BaseTX; 100BaseVG; 100VG-AnyLAN; 10base2; 10base5; 10baseT; 120 reset; 1-2-3; 1394; 1541; 1581; 16000; 16450; 16550; 16550A; 16650; 16750C; 16 bit; 16-bit application; 16C550; 16C750; 16C850; 1802;; 1NF; 1TBS; 1.TR.6; 2; 20-GATE; 2780; 2B1D; 2B1Q; 2B+D; 2NF; 2.PAK; 32000; 3270; 32-bit application; 3780; 386; 386BSD; 386SPART.PAR; 386SX; 3Com Corporation; 3DNow!; 3DNow! Professional; 3DO; 3GL; 3NF; 3Station; 3-tier; 404; 4.2BSD; 431A; 4.3BSD; 4510; 473L Query; 486; 486DX; 486SX; 4GL; 4NF; 51forth; 56 kbps; 56k line; 586; 5ESS; 5NF; 5th Glove; 6.001; 610; 6309; 64-bit; 6501; 6502; 650x; 6510; 6526; 65816; 6800; 68000; 68020; 68030; 68040; 68050; 68060; 6809; 680x0; 686; 68HC11; 68LC040; 6to4; 6x86; 754; 80186; 80188; 80/20 rule; 802.1; 802.11a; 802.11b; 802.11g; 802.2; 802.3; 80286; 8031; 80386; 8048; 80486; 8051; 8052; 8080; 8086; 8088; 80x86; 822; 82430FX; 82430HX; 82430MX; 82430VX; 8250; 8.3; 8450; 8514; 8514-A; 88000; 88open; 8-bit clean; 8N1; 8 queens problem; 8 queens puzzle; 8x86; 90-90 Rule; 9PAC; :-); ;; <; <g>; <gr&d>; =; >; ?; ??; @; @-party; @Begin; @stake; [incr Tcl]; \; \begin; \big; \BV; \perp; \sqcap; \sqcup; \sqsubseteq; \subseteq; \t; \uparrow; \{@}; A#; A-0; a1; A1 security; A20 handler; A-3; A3D; A4C; a56; AAC; AADL; AAL; AAP; AAP DTD; aard; AARP; AARP probe packets; AAUI; A&B; abbrev; Abbreviated Test Language for Avionics Systems; ABC; ABC ALGOL; ABCL/1; ABCL/c+; ABCL/R; ABCL/R2; abduction; ABEND; AberMUD; ABI; ABLE; ABM; ABNF; abort; ABP; ABR; abscissa; ABSET; absolute path; absolute pathname; abstract; abstract class; abstract data type; abstract interpretation; abstraction; abstract machine; Abstract Machine Notation; abstract syntax; Abstract Syntax Notation 1; abstract syntax tree; Abstract-Type and Scheme-Definition Language; Abstract Windowing Toolkit; Abstract Window Toolkit; ABSYS; AC2; AC3; ACA; ACAP; Accelerated Graphics Port; accelerator; Accent; accept; Acceptable Use Policy; acceptance testing; Acceptance, Test Or Launch Language; acceptor; Access; Access Control List; access method; access permission; access point; access time; ACCLAIM; Accounting File; accounting management; Account Representative; ACCU; accumulator; accuracy; ACE; ACF; ACF/NCP; ACIA; ACID; ACIS; ACK; ACL; ACM; ACME; ACOM; acorn; Acorn Archimedes; Acorn Computer Group; Acorn Computers Ltd.; Acorn Online Media; Acorn RISC Machine; A Coroutine Language; ACOS; acoustic coupler; ACP; ACPI; Acrobat; acronym; ACSE; ACT; ACT++; Act1; ACT 1; Act2; Act3; Actalk; Actis; activation record; active DBMS; Active Directory; Active Language I; active matrix display; Active Measurement Project; Active Monitor; active object; Active Reconfiguring Message; active record pattern; Active Server Pages; ActiveX; ActiveX Data Objects; ACT ONE; Actor; actor; Actors; actor/singer/waiter/webmaster; Actra; actual argument; Actus; AD; ad; Ada; Ada++; Ada 83; Ada 95; Ada 9X; ADABAS; Ada Core Technologies; Ada/Ed; Adaline; Ada Lovelace; ADAM; Adam7; Adamakegen; ADAMO; Adam Osborne; Ada-O; Adaplan; Adaplex; Ada Programming Support Environment; ADAPT; Adaptable User Interface; Adaptec; adaptive answering; Adaptive Communication Environment; Adaptive Digital Pulse Code Modulation; adaptive learning; adaptive routing; Adaptive Server Enterprise; Adaptive Simulated Annealing; Adaptive TRansform Acoustic Coding; Adaptor; Ada Semantic Interface Specification; Ada Software Repository; A Data Management System; ADC; ADCCP; A/D converter; ADCU; AD/Cycle; ADD 1 TO COBOL GIVING COBOL; ADDD; additive; address; address book; address bus; addressed call mode; addressee; addressing mode; address mask; address resolution; Address Resolution Protocol; address space; Address Strobe; ADELE; ADES; ad-hockery; ad-hoc polymorphism; Aditi; adjacency; adjacent; ADL; AdLog; ADM; ADMD; admin; Administration Management Domain; administrative distance; Administrative Domain; admissible; ADO; Adobe Systems, Inc.; Adobe Type Manager; ADPCM; ADR; ADS; ADSL; ADSP; ADSU; ADT; Advanced Audio Coding; Advanced Communication Function/Network Control Program; Advanced Communications Function; Advanced Computing Environment; Advanced Configuration and Power Interface; Advanced Data Communications Control Protocol; Advanced Encryption Standard; Advanced Function Presentation; Advanced Function Printing; Advanced Intelligent Tape; Advanced Interactive eXecutive; Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.; Advanced Network Systems Architecture; Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking; Advanced Power Management; Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller; Advanced Program-to-Program Communications; Advanced Research Projects Agency; Advanced Research Projects Agency Network; Advanced Revelation; Advanced RISC Computing Specification; Advanced RISC Machine; Advanced RISC Machines Ltd.; Advanced SCSI Peripheral Interface; Advanced Software Environment; Advanced STatistical Analysis Program; Advanced Technology Attachment; Advanced Technology Attachment Interface with Extensions; Advanced Video Coding; Advanced WavEffect; Advantage Gen; ADVENT; Adventure Definition Language; ADVSYS; adware; AE; ae; AED; AEGIS; Aegis; Aeolus; AEP; aeroplane rule; AES; AESOP; af; AFAC; AFAIK; affine transformation; affordance; AFIPS; AFJ; AFK; aflex; AFNOR; AFP; AFS; AFUU; ag; agent; aggregate type; aggregation; aggregator; AGL; AGM Theory for Belief Revision; Agner Krarup Erlang; AGORA; AGP; AGP graphics; A Hardware Programming Language; AHDL; AHPL; AI; ai; AIA; AI-complete; AID; AIDA; AIDS; AIDX; AIFF; AI International; Aiken code; AI koan; AIMACO; Aimnet; Aion Development System; AIR; AIr MAterial COmmand compiler; airplane rule; AIT; AIX; Ajax; AKC; AKCL; A. K. Erlang; AKL; AL; al; Aladdin Enterprises; Aladdin Systems, Inc.; ALADIN; ALAM; Alan F. Shugart; A-language; A Language Encouraging Program Hierarchy; A Language for Attributed Definitions; A Language with an Extensible Compiler; Alan Kay; Alan M. Turing; Alan Shugart; Alan Turing; ALARP; A-law; ALC; Alcool-90; ALCOR; Aldat; ALDES; ALDiSP; ALEC; ALEF; ALEPH; Aleph; aleph 0; alert; Alex; Alexis; ALF; Alfl; algebra; ALGEBRAIC; algebraic; Algebraic Compiler and Translator; algebraic data type; Algebraic Interpretive Dialogue; Algebraic Logic Functional language; Algebraic Manipulation Package; Algebraic Specification Language; algebraic structure; Algebra of Communicating Processes; ALGOL; ALGOL 58; ALGOL 60; ALGOL 60 Modified; ALGOL 60 Revised; ALGOL 68; ALGOL 68C; ALGOL 68-R; ALGOL 68 Revised; ALGOL 68RS; ALGOL 68S; ALGOL C; ALGOL D; ALGOL N; ALGOL W; ALGOL X; ALGOL Y; algorithim; algorithm; ALgorithm DEScription; ALgorIthmic ASsembly language; Algorithmic Language; Algorithmic Model; Algorithmic Processor Description Language; Algorithmic Test Case Generation; ALGY; ALIAS; alias; aliasing; aliasing bug; Alice; alife; A-Life; ALJABR; al-Khwarizmi; Allegro; all-elbows; ALLIANCE; Allman style; allow-none; ALLOY; ALM; Aloha; Aloha Net; Alonzo Church; ALP; ALPAK; ALPHA; Alpha; Alpha AXP 21164; alpha/beta pruning; alphabetic language; alpha conversion; Alpha EV6; Alpha Geek; alphanumeric; alpha particle; Alphard; alpha testing; ALPS; alt; ALTAC; Altair 8800; Alta Vista; alt bit; ALTER; Alternating bit protocol; altmode; ALTRAN; alt.sources; ALU; Aluminum Book; Alvey; AM; am; Amanda; A Manufacturing Language; amateur packet radio; Amber; AMBIT; AMBIT/G; AMBIT/L; AMBIT/S; AMBUSH; AMD; AMD 29000; AMD 29027; Amdahl; Amdahl Corporation; Amdahl's Law; AMD Am2901; AMD Am2903; AMD Am2910; AMD K7; American National Standard; American National Standards Institute; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Standard Code for Information Interchange; American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc.; American Wire Gauge; America On-Line, Inc.; America's Multimedia Online; AMI; Amiga; Amiga E; Aminet; AML; AML/E; AMO; Amoeba; AMP; amper; Ampere; ampersand; AMPL; AMPLE; Amplitude Modulation; amp off; AMPPL-II; AMPS; AMS; AMTRAN; Amulet; an; analog; analog computer; Analog Hardware Design Language; analogue; analogue computer; Analogy Model; analytical CRM; Analytical Engine; Analytical Machine; Analytical Solutions Forum; anchor; ANCP; AND; ANDF; Andorra-I; Andorra Kernel Language; Andorra-Prolog; Andrei Markov; Andrew File System; Andrew Fluegelman; Andrew Message System; Andrew Project; Andrew S. Tanenbaum; Andrew Tanenbaum; Andrew Toolkit; Andy Tanenbaum; An Evolutionary System for On-line Programming; Angel; angle bracket; Anglo-Saxon point; angry fruit salad; ANI; Animated GIF; animation; Animus; ANL; Anna; annealing; annotate; ANNotated Ada; annotation; annoybot; annoyware; Annual Change Traffic; annulled branch; anonymous FTP; ANother Tool for Language Recognition; ANR; ANS; ANSA; ANSI; ANSI C; ANSI Minimal BASIC; ANSI/SPARC; ANSI/SPARC Architecture; ANSI/SPARC model; ANSI X12; ANSI Z39.50; antenna gain; Anthony Hoare; anti-aliasing; antichain; antisymmetric; antivirus; antivirus program; antivirus software; ANTLR; ANU; ANU ML; any key; anytime algorithm; ao; AOCE; AOL; AOP; AOS; APA; Apache; Apache Software Foundation; APAL; APAREL; A PArse REquest Language; APC; APDL; APE; apE; API; APIC; APL; APL2; APLGOL; APLWEB; APM; Apollo Computer; apostrophe; app; APPC; AppKit; APPLE; Apple; Apple Address Resolution Protocol; Apple Attachment Unit Interface; Apple Computer, Inc.; Apple II; Apple Macintosh; Apple Newton; Apple Open Collaboration Environment; AppleScript; Applesoft BASIC; applet; Appletalk; AppleTalk Data Stream Protocol; AppleTalk Filing Protocol; apple-touch-icon; apple-touch-icon-precomposed; appletviewer; application; Application Binary Interface; Application Configuration Access Protocol; Application Control Architecture; Application Developer; application development; application enablement services; Application environment specification; Application Executive; Application Integration Architecture; application layer; application lifecycle management; Application Portability Architecture; application program; Application Program Interface; Application Programming Interface; Application Protocol Data Unit; Applications Development Manager; application server; Application Service Element; application service provider; applications language; application software; Application Software Installation Server; Application-Specific Integrated Circuit; Applications Programming Interface; applications software; application testing; Application Visualisation System; applicative language; Applicative Language for Digital Signal Processing; applicative order reduction; APPLOG; APPN; approximation algorithm; April Fool's Joke; A Programming Language; APSE; APT; APX III; aq; AQL; ar; arbitrary precision calculator; ARC; arc; Arcade; ArchBSD; archie; Archimedes; architecture; Architecture Neutral Distribution Format; archive; archive site; ARCnet; ARCS; Arctic; arena; ARES; AREV; AREXX; arg; argument; Argus; Ariel; ARI Service; ARITH-MATIC; Arithmetic and Logic Unit; arithmetic mean; arity; arj; Arjuna; ARL; ARM; ARM610; ARM7; ARM710; ARM7500; ARM8; ARM800; ARM Ltd; ARMM; armour-plated; ARP; ARPA; ARPANET; ARQ; array; array processor; Array Processor Assembly Language; Array Theory; arrow key; ART; Artemis microkernel; Artifex; artificial intelligence; Artificial Intelligence Lab; Artificial Life; artificial neural network; Artisoft, Inc.; Artistic license; ARTSPEAK; AS; as; as31; AS/400; ASA; asap; asbestos; asbestos cork award; asbestos longjohns; ascender; ASCI; ASCII; ASCII art; ASCIIbetical order; ASCIIbonics; ASCII character table; ASCII graphics; ASDIMPL; ASDL; ASDO IMPlementation Language; ASE; A* search; ASF; ash; Ashmedai; Ashton-Tate Corporation; ASIC; Asiliant Technologies; A Simulation Process-Oriented Language; ASIS; ASK; ASL; ASL+; As Low As Reasonably Practicable; ASM; ASME; ASN; ASN.1; ASP; ASPECT; ASpecT; aspect; aspect-oriented programming; aspect ratio; ASPEN; ASPI; ASPIK; Aspirin; ASPLE; ASPOL; ASQC; ASR; assembler; ASSEMBLY; assembly code; Assembly Language; assembly language; Assembly Language Compiler; Assembly Language for Multics; as sensible as a dictionary; assertion; ASSET; asset management; Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology; assigned numbers; assignment; assignment problem; Association Control Service Element; Association for Computational Linguistics; Association for Computing; Association for Computing Machinery; Association for Progressive Communications; Association for SIMULA Users; Association Française des Utilisateurs d'Unix; Association of American Publishers; Association of C and C++ Users; Association of Lisp Users; associative array; associative memory; Associative Memory Parallel Processing Language; associativity; AST; ASTAP; AST Computers, LLC; asterisk; asterix; Astra Digital Radio; Astral; AST Research, Inc.; asymmetrical modulation; Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line; Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop; asynchronous; Asynchronous Balanced Mode; Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter; asynchronous logic; Asynchronous Transfer Mode; asyncronous; AT; at; AT-3; ATA; ATA-2; ATA-4; Atanasoff-Berry Computer; Atanasoff, John Vincent; ATAPI; ATA point; Atari; Atari ST; AT Attachment; AT Attachment Packet Interface; AT bus architecture; AtFS; Athena; Atherton Technology; Athlon; ATIS; ATK; ATLAS; Atlas Autocode; ATM; ATM Forum; ATMP; atob; ATOLL; atomic; A Tools Integration Standard; ATRAC; ATS; at sign; AT&T; Attachment Unit Interface; attacks as a service; AT&T Bell Labs; attenuation; atto-; attoparsec; attribute; Attributed File System; Attribute Translation System; ATX; au; aubergine; audio; audiographics; audiographic teleconferencing; Audio IFF; AudioOne; Audio Processing Technology; Audio Video Interleave; Augmented Backus-Naur Form; AUI; A'UM; AUP; Aurora; Austin Kyoto Common Lisp; authentication; authoring; autobaud; autobogotiphobia; AutoCAD; Autocode; AUTOCODER; autoconf; autoconfiscate; Autodesk, Inc.; AUTOEXEC.BAT; AUTOGRAF; AUTOGRP; Auto Idle; Autolisp; autoloader; automagically; automata; automata theory; Automated Engineering Design; AUTOmated GRouPing system; Automated Retroactive Minimal Moderation; automated testing; AUTOMATH; Automatically Programmed Tools; automatic baud rate detection; automatic hyphenation; Automatic Mathematical TRANslation; Automatic Network Routing; Automatic Number Identification; Automatic Repeat Request; Automatic Send Receive; Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator; automation; Automatische Rechenplanfertigung; automaton; Automatrix, Inc.; Autonomous System; Autonomous System Number; Autopass; autopilot code; autoprojector; AUTO-PROMPT; Autostat; autostereogram; A/UX; auxiliary storage; av; availability; Avalon/C++; Avalon/Common LISP; avatar; AVC; average seek time; AverStar; AVI; Avon; AVS; aw; AWE; AWG; awk; AWT; aXe; AXIOM; axiom; AXIOM*; Axiomatic Architecture Description Language; axiomatic semantics; axiomatic set theory; Axiom of Choice; Axiom of Comprehension; axiom schema; AXLE; ayacc; AYT; az; AZERTY; B; b; B-0; B1FF; B1 security; B2B; B2 security; B3 security; b4; ba; Baan; Babbage; Babbage, Charles; babbling error; BABEL; BABT; Baby AT; BABYLON; BACAIC; Bachman; Bachman Information Systems; backbone; backbone cabal; backbone network; backbone site; back door; back-end; Back End Generator; Back End Generator Language; backgammon; background; backing store; back link; backoff; BackOffice; backplane; backport; back-propagation; back quote; backronym; backside cache; backslash; backspace; backtick; backtracking; backup; Backup Domain Controller; backup pumpkin; backup rotation; backup software; Backus-Naur Form; Backus Normal Form; backward analysis; backward chaining; backward combatability; backward compatibility; backward compatible; backwards compatibility; backwards compatible; BAD; Bad command or file name; Bad Thing; bag on the side; baklava code; BAL; balanced computing; balanced tree; BALGOL; BALITAC; BALM; balun; bamf; Banach algebra; Banach inverse mapping theorem; Banach space; Banach-Tarski paradox; banana label; banana phenomenon; banana problem; bandwidth; bang; bang on; bang path; banner; Banyan; BAP; BAPI; bar; Barbara Liskov; bar code; bare metal; barf; barfmail; barfulation; barfulous; barnacle code; barney; Baroque; baroque; barrel shifter; barycentric; base; base 64; baseband; base class; baseline; base memory; basename; Base Technology; bash; BASIC; Basic Assembly Language; BASIC AUTOCODER; Basic COBOL; Basic Encoding Rules; Basic Fortran; Basic Input/Output System; Basic JOVIAL; Basic Language for Implementation of System Software; Basic Multilingual Plane; Basic Object Adapter; Basic Object System; Basic Operating System; Basic Programming Support; Basic Rate Interface; Basic Service Set; BASIC V; Bastard Operator From Hell; bastion host; batch; batch file; batch processing; bathtub curve; baud; baud barf; Baudot; Baudotbetical order; Baudot code; baud rate; bawk; bay; baz; bb; BBC; BBC Micro; BBC Microcomputer; BBC Networking Club; BBL; BBN Butterfly; BBN Technologies; bboard; BBS; BC; BCBF; BCC; BCD; BCL; BC NELIAC; BCNU; BCPL; BCS; bd; BDC; BDL; BDPA; be; BEA; beam; beamer; beam search; bean; beanie key; bearer channel; bear paw; Beats the shit outa me; Bebo; BeBOP; BeBox; BEDO; Bedrock; beep; beeper; BEG; BEGL; beige toaster; Be Inc; BEL; belief revision; BELL; Bell; bell; Bell 103; Bell Communications Research, Inc; Bellcore; bell curve; Bell Laboratories; Bell Labs; bells and whistles; bells, whistles, and gongs; benchmark; Bend Over, Here It Comes Again; Benoit B. Mandelbrot; Benoit Mandelbrot; Bentley Systems, Inc.; BeOS; BER; Berard Object and Class Specifier; Berkeley; Berkeley 4.2; Berkeley EDIF200; Berkeley FP; Berkeley Internet Name Domain; Berkeley Logo; Berkeley Network; Berkeley Quality Software; Berkeley Software Design, Inc; Berkeley Software Distribution; Berkeley Softworks; Berkeley Unix; Berkeley Yacc; berklix; Berners-Lee, Tim; Bernoulli Box; Bernoulli principle; Bernstein condition; BERR; Bertrand; Bertrand Meyer; Bertrand Russell; Berzerkeley; Berzerkley; bespoke; best effort; best first search; best fit; BETA; beta; beta abstraction; beta conversion; Betamaxed; beta reduction; beta test; beta testing; beta version; Bezier; Bezier curve; Bezier surface; bf; BFI; bg; BGA; bgh; BGP; bh; BHC Code; bi; bib; bible; BIBOP; BibTeX; BiCapitalisation; BiCMOS; bidirectional printing; Bidouilleurs Sans Argent; bi-endian; BIFF; biff; Big bag of pages; big blue; big-endian; Big Gray Wall; big iron; BIG-LAN; Bigloo; bignum; bigot; Big Red Switch; Big Room; big win; bijection; Bill Gates; Bill Joy; binaries; binary; binary coded decimal; Binary Compatibility Standard; binary counter; binary data; binary exponential backoff; binary file; binary large object; binary package; binary prefix; binary search; Binary Synchronous Transmission; binary tree; BIND; bindery; binding handle; binding-time analysis; BinHex; Binhex 4.0; BinProlog; bioinformatics; BioMeDical Package; biometric device; biometrics; BIOR; BIOS; BIP; bipartite graph; BIPM; bipolar; bipolar transistor; BIPS; Bird-Meertens Formalism; Birds Of a Feather; BISDN; Bison; Bison++; BIST; bisync; bit; bit bang; bit bashing; bitblt; bit bucket; bit decay; bit diddling; bite; Bit Error Rate; bit field; bitmap; bitmap display; bitmap font; bitmapped display; bit mask; BITNET; bitonal image; bit-paired keyboard; bit pattern; bit plane; bit rate; bit-robbing; bit rot; bit slice; bits per inch; bits per pixel; bits per second; bit string; bit stuffing; BitTorrent; bit twiddling; bitty box; bitwise; bitwise complement; bixie; biz-core stability; bj; Bjarne Stroustrup; BJC4000; black art; black box; black-box testing; Black Data Processing Associates; black hole; BlackIce; black magic; blargh; blast; blat; BLAZE; BLAZE 2; bleam; bleeper; bletcherous; Bletchley Park; Blind Carbon Copy; B-LINE; blinkenlights; BLISS; BLISS-10; BLISS-11; BLISS-16C; BLISS-32; BLISS-36; blit; blitter; blivet; bloat; bloatware; BLOB; block; Block And List Manipulation; Block Diagram Compiler; blocked records; Block Redundancy Check; Block Started by Symbol; block-structured; block transfer computations; blog; blog-driven development; Bloggs Family, the; Bloombug; Blosim; blow an EPROM; blow away; blowing your buffer; blow out; blow past; blow up; BLOX; BLT; Blue; Blue Book; Blue Box; blue dot syndrome; Blue Glue; Blue Screen of Death; Blue Screen of Life; Blue Sky Software; Bluetooth; blue wire; blurgle; bm; BMAN; BMASF; BMDP; B-Method; BMF; BMP; bmp; BMWF; bn; BNC; BNF; BNR Pascal; BNR Prolog; bo; BOA; boa; board; boat anchor; Bob; Bobo the Webmonkey; BOCS; Boehm B.; BOEING; BOF; BOFH; bogometer; BogoMips; bogon; bogon filter; bogon flux; bogosity; bogo-sort; bogotify; bogue out; BOHICA; Bohr bug; boink; BOLERO; Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc.; bomb; bon; bondage-and-discipline language; bonk/oif; Booch method; book; bookmark; Bookreader; book titles; Bookviewer; bool; Boolean; Boolean algebra; Boolean logic; Boolean search; Boole, George; Booster; boot; boot block; boot disk; booting; BOOTP; bootstrap; bootstrap loader; boot virus; Border Gateway Protocol; borf; Borland International, Inc.; Borland Software Corporation; BOS; Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem Code; BOSS; bot; botmaster; bottom; BottomFeeder; bottom feeder; bottom-unique; bottom-up implementation; bottom-up model; bottom-up testing; botwar; bounce; bounce message; boundary scan; boundary value; boundary value analysis; bounded; boundedly complete; bound variable; bournebasic; Bourne shell; boustrophedonic; box; boxed comments; boxen; Boxer; boxology; Boycott Apple; bozotic; BPEL; BPI; bpmake; bpp; BPR; BPS; bps; BQS; br; brace; bracket; bracket abstraction; braille; braille display; Braille embosser; Braille printer; Brain Aid Prolog; brain-damaged; brain-dead; brain dump; brain fart; Brainfuck; braino; branch; Branch and Hang; branch coverage testing; branch delay slot; Branch on Chip Box Full; branch prediction; Branch Target Buffer; branch to Fishkill; Brazil; BRB; breadcrumbs; breadth-first search; break; break-even point; breakpoint; break statement; breath-of-life packet; breedle; BRH; BRI; Brian Reid; BRIDGE; bridge; Bridgetalk; briefcase; brightness; Brilliant; bring X to its knees; British Broadcasting Corporation; British Library Method; British Standards Institute; British Telecom; British Telecom Research Laboratories; brittle; broadband; broadcast; broadcast quality video; broadcast storm; Broadway; brochureware; broken; broken arrow; broker; broket; brontobyte; Brooks's Law; brouter; Brouwer Fixed-Point Theorem; Brown and Sharpe Wire Gauge; brown paper bag bug; browser; browserconfig.xml; BRS; BRUIN; brute force; brute force and ignorance; brute force attack; BS; bs; BS2000; BSA; BSD; BSD386; BSDI; BSD/OS; BSD Unix; BSI; BSL; BSOD; BSOL; BSOM; BSP method; BSRAM; BSS; BSS segment; BST; bt; BTB; btoa; B-Toolkit; BTOS; B-tree; BTRIEVE; BTRIEVE Technologies, Inc.; BTRL; BTS; BTW; BUAF; BUAG; bubble memory; bubble sort; bucky bits; buffer; buffered write-through; buffer overflow; buffer overrun; bug; bug-compatible; bug fix; bug fix release; Bugfoot; bug-for-bug compatible; buglix; bugs; BUGSYS; bug tracking system; Bugzilla; build; built-in; Built-in Self Test; Bull; bulletin board; bulletin board system; bulletproof; Bull Information Systems; bum; bump; burble; Bureau International des Poids et Mesures; Burge's Language; buried treasure; burn-in; burn-in period; Burroughs Corporation; Burst EDO; Burst Extended Data Out DRAM; burst page; Burst Static Random Access Memory; bus; bus error; Bush, Vannevar; Business Analyst; Business Application Programming Interface; Business Process Re-engineering; Business Software Alliance; Business Systems Analyst; business to business; bus master; bus mastering; bus network; bus topology; Busy Beaver; busy-loop; busy-wait; Butterfly Common LISP; Butterfly Scheme; button; buzz; bv; bw; bwBASIC; BWQ; by; byacc; by hand; Byte; byte; byte-code; byte-code compiler; byte-code interpreter; byte compiler; bytesexual; Byzantine; bz; bzzzt, wrong; C; C#; C*; C++; C+-; C+@; C-10; C1 security; c2man; C2 security; c386; C5; C64; c68; CA; ca; cable modem; cache; cache block; cache coherency; cache conflict; cache consistency; cache hit; cache line; cache memory; cache miss; Cache On A STick; caching; CACI; CACM; CAD; CAD/CAM; CADD; Cadence Design Systems; CADET; CADRE; CAE; CAF; CAFE; CAGE; CAI; Cairo; CAIS; CAIS-A; CAiSE; CAJOLE; CAL; Calc; calculator; Calculus of Communicating Systems; Calendar API; Calendar Application Programming Interface; Caliban; Calico; California State University San Marcos; callback; call-by-name; call-by-need; call-by-reference; call-by-value; call-by-value-result; call/cc; Call Data Record; callee; Caller ID; calling convention; Call-Level Interface; Call Unix; Callware; call-with-current-continuation; CALS; Caltech Intermediate Form; CAM; CAM-6; CAMAL; Cambridge Lisp; CamelCase; Camelot Library; camera ready; CAMIL; CAML; Caml Light; CAM-PC; Campus Wide Information System; CAN; Canada; Cancel; Cancelbunny; Cancelm00se; Cancelmoose; Cancelpoodle; candidate key; Candle; candygrammar; canonical; Canonical Encoding Rules; canonical name; canonicity; C (ANSI); can't happen; Cantor; CAP; Capabilities Maturity Model; capability; Capability Maturity Model; capacitor; capacity; CAPI; Cap'n Crunch; Captain Abstraction; Captain Crunch; CAPTCHA; car; card; Cardbox for Windows; Cardbus; card creep; cardinality; cardinal number; CARDS; card walloper; Career Limiting Move; caret; careware; cargo cult programming; Caribou CodeWorks; Carl Friedrich Gauss; Carnegie Mellon University; carpal tunnel syndrome; carriage return; Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation; carrier scanner; carrier signal; Cartesian coordinates; Cartesian product; CAS; CAS 8051 Assembler; cascade; Cascading Style Sheets; CASE; case; case and paste; case based reasoning; CASE Data Interchange Format; CASE framework; case insensitive; Case Integration Services; CASE*Method; case sensitive; case sensitivity; CASE SOAP III; case statement; CASE tools; cashe; CAST; cast; casters-up mode; casting the runes; CAT; cat; Cat 3; Cat 5; catatonic; CATE; Categorical Abstract Machine Language; category; Category 3; Category 5; CA-Telon; cathode ray tube; CATIA; cationic cocktail; C/ATLAS; CATNIP; CATO; Cauchy sequence; cause-effect graphing; CAV; Cayenne Software; CAYLEY; cb; CBASIC; CBBS; C-BC; CBD; C Beautifier; CBIR; CBN; CBR; CBT; CBV; CBVIR; cbw; cc; CC++; C/C++; CCalc; CCD; CCIRN; CCITT; CCITT HIgh-Level Language; CCL; CCLU; ccmail; cc:mail; CCP; CCR; CCS; CCSP; CCTA; CD; cd; CDA; CD burner; CDC; CDC 6600; CDDI; CDD/Plus; CDE; CDF; CD-i; CDIF; CDL; CDM; CDMA; CDP1802; CDPD; CDR; cdr; CD-Read-Write; CD-Rewritable; CD-ROM; CD-ROM drive; CD-RW; CDS; cd tilde; CDW; CE; Cecil; Cedar; CEEMAC+; CEI-PACT; Celeron; CELIP; cell; Cellang; CELLAS; Cello; cell reference; CELLSIM; CEll Space Simulation Language; Cellular; cellular automata; cellular automaton; Cellular Digital Packet Data; cellular multiprocessing; Cellular Neural Network; CELP; CEN; CENELEC; centi-call second; central office; Central office exchange service; central processing unit; Centrex; Centronics; Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica; centum call second; century meltdown; CEN/XFS; cepstra; cepstrum; CEPT; CER; Ceramic Pin Grid Array; Ceres workstation Oberon System; Cerf, Vint; CERN; CERNLIB; CERT; Certificate Authority; CESP; CESSL; cextract; cf; CFD; CFG; CFML; cforth; cfortran.h; CFP; CFP92; cg; CGA; CGGL; CGI; cgi-bin; CGI Joe; CGI program; CGI script; CGM; CGOL; cgram; Ch; ch; chad; chad box; Chadless keypunch; chain; Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol; Chalmers University of Technology; change management; changeover; channel; channel associated signaling; channel hopping; channel op; channel service unit; channel service unit/data service unit; chan op; chaos; CHAP; char; character; character encoding; character encoding scheme; character graphics; characteristic function; character key; character repertoire; character set; character set identifier; charge-coupled device; CHARITY; charityware; Charles Babbage; Charles Simonyi; CHARM; CHARM++; Charme; CHARYBDIS; chase pointers; CHASM; chat; chatbot; chat room; chatterbot; CHeap ASseMbler; cheapernet; checkdigit; Checkout Test language; checkpoint; checksum; chemist; Chen; CHEOPS; Chernobyl packet; chess; CHI; Chicago; chicken head; chicklet keyboard; chiclet keyboard; Chief Information Officer; child; child process; child record; child version; CHILI; CHILL; Chimera; chine nual; Chinese Army technique; CHIP; chip; CHIP-48; CHIP-8; chip art; chip box; chip creep; chip graffiti; Chip Jewelry; Chip Scale Packaging; chip set; Chips & Technologies; CHISEL; chm; chmod; CHOCS; choke; chomp; CHOP; Chop; Chorus; Christmas tree; Christmas tree packet; Christopher Strachey; chromatic number; chrome; chroot; CHRP; chug; chug report; chunker; Church, Alonzo; Church integer; Church of the SubGenius; Church-Rosser Theorem; ci; CI$; CICERO; Cichlid; CICS; CID; CIDR; CIEL; CIF; CIFS; Cigale; CIL; CIM; CIMS PL/I; Cinderella Book; CINT92; C-Interp; CIO; ciphertext; CIP-L; CIP Language; CIR; CIRCAL; circuit; CIRcuit CALculus; circuit switch; circuit switched; circuit switching; circular buffer; Cirrus Logic; CIS; CISC; Cisco Systems, Inc.; CISI; CITRAN; CityScape; CIX; CJK; CJKV; ck; CL; cl; CLAM; C Language Integrated Production System; Clarify; Clarion; Claris; CLASP; class; Class 5 switch; class hierarchy; classic; Classic-Ada; classical logic; Classic C; Classless Inter-Domain Routing; class library; class method; class object; Class Oriented Ring Associated Language; Class-Relation Method; Clausal Language; clause; Clean; clean; cleanroom; CLEAR; clear box testing; Clear Language for Expressing Orders; CLEO; CLHEP; CLI; CLiCC; click; client; client-server; client/server; Client-Server Analyst Programmer; client-server model; Client To Client Protocol; C++Linda; C-Linda; CLIP; CLiP; clipboard; Clipper; CLIPS; clique; CLISP; Clive Sinclair; CLIX; CLM; CLNP; clobber; clock; clock frequency; clock rate; clock speed; clone; clone-and-hack coding; clonebot; CLOS; close brace; closed-box testing; closed set; closed term; close parenthesis; Clos network; closure; closure conversion; cloud; cloud computing; Clover; clover key; CLP; CLP*; CLP(R); CLP(sigma*); CLR; CLtL1; CLtL2; CLU; clu2c; cluster; Cluster 86; clustergeeking; clustering; CLUT; CLV; CLX; CM; cm; CMA; CMAY; CMC; cmd; CMGA; CMIP; CMIS; CML; CMM; CMOS; CMP; CMS; CMS-2; CMU; CMU CL; CMU Common Lisp; CMVC; CMYK; CMZ; cn; CNAME; CNC; CNET; CNI; CNN; CNR; CNRI; co; CO2; Coad/Yourdon; COALA; coalesced sum; Coalition for Networked Information; coarse grain; COAST; coax; coaxial cable; COBOL; COBOL-1961 Extended; COBOL fingers; COBRA; cobwebsite; Cocktail; cocktail shaker sort; CoCo; Cocol; Coco Language; Cocol/R; COCOMO; Coco/R; CODASYL; Codd's First Normal Form; Codd's reduction algorithm; code; Code 2.0; codebook; CODEC; CodeCenter; coded character set; Code Division Multiple Access; code division multiplexing; Code-Generator Generator Language; code grinder; code management; code police; code position; coder/decoder; codes; C-odeScript; code segment; code walk; codewalker; CODIL; codomain; coercion; COFF; COGENT; Cogent Prolog; Cognitech; cognitive architecture; COGO; Coherent Parallel C; COHESION; COIF; CoIP; cokebottle; COLASL; COLD; cold boot; ColdFusion; ColdFusion Markup Language; COLD-K; COLINGO; collision; collision detection; collocation; co-location; colon; color; Color Graphics Adapter; color model; Colossus; colour; colour depth; colour look-up table; colour model; colour palette; Columbia AppleTalk Package; column; Column Address Strobe; COM; com; COMAL; combination; combinator; combinatory logic; Comdex; COME FROM; COMIS; COMIT; Comite Europeen des Postes et Telecommunications; COMIT II; Comma; comma; command; Command Control Processor; command interpreter; command key; command line interface; command-line interpreter; command line option; comma separated values; COMMEN; comment; commented out; comment out; commercial at; Commercial Internet eXchange; commercial off-the-shelf software; commercial software; Commercial Translator; Committed Data Rate; Committed Information Rate; comm mode; Commodore; Commodore 1010; Commodore 128; Commodore 1541; Commodore 1570; Commodore 1571; Commodore 1581; Commodore 64; Commodore 64DX; Commodore 65; Commodore Business Machines; Commodore SX64; COMmon Algorithmic Language; Common Applications Environment; Common Applications Service Element; Common Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol; COmmon Business Oriented Language; common carrier; Common Command Set; Common Communication Services; Common Data Format; Common Desktop Environment; Common ESP; Common Gateway Interface; Common Hardware Reference Platform; Common Information Model; Common Intermediate Format; Common Intermediate Language; Common Internet File System; Common-ISDN-API; Common ISDN Application Programming Interface; Common Lisp; Common LISP in Parallel; Common LISP Object System; CommonLoops; Common Management Information Protocol; Common Management Information Services; Common Object File Format; Common Object Model; Common Object Request Broker Architecture; Common Objects; Common Program Interface; Common User Access; Commonwealth Hackish; Communicating Functional Processes; Communicating Sequential Processes; Communication and Network Riser; Communications Decency Act; Communications of the ACM; communications port; Communications Server; communications software; communication system; Community of Massive Gaming Agency; COMNET; compact; Compact COBOL; Compact Disc; Compact Disc interactive; Compact Disc Read-Only Memory; Compact Disc Read-Write; Compact Disc Recordable; Compact Disc Rewritable; Compact Disc writer; compaction; compactness preserving; Compaq Computer Corporation; Compas Pascal; COMPASS; compatibility; compatible; Compatible Timesharing System; Compel; Competitive Access Provider; Compiled HTML; compiler; COmpiler and GENeralized Translator; compiler compiler; Compiler-Compiler; compiler-compiler; compiler jock; Compiler Language for Information Processing; Compiler Target Language; compile time; COMPL; complement; Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor; complementary nondeterministic polynomial; complete; complete graph; complete inference system; complete lattice; complete metric space; completeness; complete partial ordering; complete theory; complete unification; Complex Instruction Set Computer; complexity; complexity analysis; complexity class; complexity measure; complex number; complex programmable logic device; component; component architecture; component based development; Component Integration Laboratories; Component Object Model; com port; composite; composition; Compositional C++; Compound Document Architecture; compound key; COMPREHENSIVE; Comprehensive Perl Archive Network; Comprehensive TeX Archive Network; compress; Compressed SLIP; compressed video; compression; COMPROSL; Compu$erve; Compulink Information eXchange; CompuServe; CompuServe Corporation; CompuServe Information Service; CompuServe Interactive Services; Compusult Ltd.; computability theory; computable; Computational Adequacy Theorem; computational complexity; Computational Fluid Dynamics; computational geometry; computational learning; computational molecular biology; COMpute ParallEL; Computer; computer; Computer Aided Design; Computer Aided Detector Design; Computer Aided Engineering; Computer-Aided Instruction; Computer-Aided Learning; Computer Aided Software Engineering; Computer-Aided Software Testing; Computer Aided Test Engineering; Computer Animation Movie Language; Computer-Assisted Learning; Computer-Assisted Software Engineering; Computer Associates International, Inc.; Computer-Based Training; computer bus; Computer Compiler; computer confetti; Computer Conservation Society; computer cookie; computer crime; Computer Design Language; computer dictionary; Computer Emergency Response Team; computer ethics; computer file; computer geek; computer-generated imagery; Computer Generation Incorporated; Computer Graphics Metafile; Computer Integrated Manufacturing; computer language; Computer Language for AeronauticS and Programming; computer law; computer literacy; Computer Management Group of Australia; Computer Mediated Communication; computer nerd; computer network; Computer Output on Microfilm; Computer Output to Laser Disc; Computer Output to Laser Disk; Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility; computer program; computer programming language; Computer + Science NETwork; computer security; computer sex; Computer Software Configuration Item; Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning; Computer Supported Cooperative Work; Computer Telephone Integration; Computer Telephony; Computer Telephony Integration; computer virus; computer vision; compute server; computing; Computing Devices Canada Ltd.; computing dictionary; computron; Compuware Corporation; COMSL; COMTRAN; ConC; concatenate; concatenated key; concentrator; conceptualisation; Concert/C; ConCoord; concrete class; Concrete Data Structure; concrete syntax; CONCUR; concurrency; Concurrent C; Concurrent C++; Concurrent Clean; Concurrent CLU; Concurrent Constraint Programming; Concurrent Euclid; Concurrent LISP; Concurrent Massey Hope; Concurrent ML; Concurrent Oberon; Concurrent Object-Oriented C; Concurrent Object-Oriented Language; Concurrent Pascal; concurrent processing; Concurrent Prolog; Concurrent Scheme; ConcurrentSmalltalk; Concurrent SP/k; Concurrent Versions System; condela; condition out; condom; Conference On DAta SYstems Languages; Conferencing over IP; confidence test; CONFIG.SYS; configuraholic; configuration item; configuration management; configuration programming; configure; conflation; congestion; CONIC; conjunction; Conjunctive Normal Form; connect; connected graph; connected subgraph; Connection Definition Language; connectionless protocol; Connection Machine LISP; connection-oriented; connection-oriented network service; connective; connector conspiracy; CONNIVER; Co-NP; CONS; cons; cons cell; conservative evaluation; considered harmful; consistently complete; console; console jockey; consortium; Consortium for Lexical Research; constant angular velocity; constant applicative form; constant folding; Constantine/Yourdon; constant linear velocity; constant mapping; constraint; constraint functional programming; Constraint Handling In Prolog; ConstraintLisp; Constraint Logic Programming; CONSTRAINTS; constraint satisfaction; constructed type; Constructive Cost Model; constructive proof; constructive solid geometry; constructor; Consul; consultant; container class; content addressable memory; content-based information retrieval; content-based visual information retrieval; Content Data Model; content-free; contention slot; Contents of Address part of Register; Contents of Decrement part of Register; context; context clash; COntext Dependent Information Language; context-free grammar; context-sensitive menu; context switch; Contextually Communicating Sequential Processes; continental drift; continuation; Continuation Passing Style; continuation passing style; continuations; continuous function; Continuous System Modeling Program; Continuous System Simulation Language; continuous wave; contraction; contract programmer; control; Control and Status Register; control bus; control-C; control character; control code; control flow; control-G; control key; Control Language; controller; control-O; Control Program; Control Program for Microcomputers; control-Q; control-S; control structure; control tty; control unit; conventional memory; converged network; Convergent Technologies; Convergent Technologies Operating System; Conversational LISP; Conversational Monitor System; converse; conversion to iteration; CONVERT; convert.f90; Convex Computer Corporation; convex hull; Conway, John Horton; Conway's Game of Life; Conway's Law; Conway's Life; cooC; cooccurrence matrix; cookbook; cooked mode; cookie; cookie bear; cookie file; cookie jar; cookie monster; cooky; COOL; CooL; COOL:Gen; Co-operative Development Environment; Cooperative Information System; cooperative multitasking; coordinate; Coordinated Universal Time; Coordinating Committee for Intercontinental Research Networks; coordination language; copious free time; copper; Copper Distributed Data Interface; coprocessor; copy and paste; copybook; copybroke; copying garbage collection; copyleft; copy member; copy module; copy protection; copyright; copyright symbol; copywronged; CORAL; CORAL 66; CORBA; CORBIE; CORC; core; core cancer; core dump; core gateway; Corel Corporation; core leak; Corel VENTURA; Core Protocol Stack; Core War; corge; Cornell List Processor; Cornell Theory Center; Cornell University; Coroutine Pascal; Corporation for National Research Initiatives; Corporation for Open Systems; Corporation for Research and Educational Networking; CORREGATE; Correlatives and Conversions; Cortex; CORTL; COS; COSE; COSINE; cosmic rays; COSS; cost control callback; Cost Driver Attribute; Cost/Schedule Control System Criteria; COTS; Cougar; cough and die; count; countable; countably many; counted; counterbug; country code; coupling; Course Author Language; courseware; Coursewriter III; cowboy; COWSEL; CP; CPAN; CParaOps5; CPE; CPGA; CPI; CPL; CPLD; CPM; CP/M; cpo; cpp; cppp; C preprocessor; C Programmer's Disease; C-Prolog; cproto; CPS; CPSR; CPU; CPU Info Center; CPU time; CPU Wars; CR; cr; cracker; cracking; crack root; crank; crapplet; CrApTeX; crash; crash and burn; crawler; crawling horror; Cray instability; crayola; crayola books; crayon; Cray Research, Inc.; CRC; creationism; creeping elegance; creeping featurism; creeping featuritis; C-Refine; CREN; CREW PRAM; crippleware; criptography; Crisis Software; CRISP; crisp; Crispy Critters; critical mass; critical section; CRL; CRLF; CRM; crock; cron; cross-assembler; cross-compiler; cross-platform; cross-post; cross software; CROSSTABS; crosstalk; CROW PRAM; CRT; CRUD; crudware; cruft; crufted; cruft together; crumb; crunch; cruncha cruncha cruncha; crunchy; cryppie; crypt; cryptanalysis; Crypt Breakers Workbench; cryptography; CryptoLocker; cryptology; Crystal; CS-4; C-Scheme; CSCI; C/SCSC; CSCW; CSG; CSG-tree; csh; C-sharp; C shell; CSID; C++SIM; CSK Corporation; CSK Software; CSL; CSLIP; CSM; CSMA/CD; CSMP; CSNET; CSO; CSP; CSP/80; CS/PCode; CSP/k; CS-Prolog; CSPS; CSP-S; CS/QCode; CSR; CSS; CSSA; CSS/II; CSSL; CSTools; CSU; CSU/DSU; CSV; CT; CTC; CTC++; CTCP; CTI; CTL; CTOS; ctrl; CTS; CTSS; CTY; CU; cu; CUA; Cube; cube; cubing; CUCH; Cuckoo's Egg; CUL; Culler-Fried System; CUPID; CUPL; curly bracket; current; curried function; currying; curseperl; curses; cursor; cursor dipped in X; CU-SeeMe; CUSI; cuspy; custom; Customer Information Control System; Customer Information Systems; Customer Interaction Software; Customer Relationship Management; CUT; cut and paste; cut-and-waste code; cut a tape; cutover; cut-through switching; cv; CVS; CW; CWeb; CWI; CWIC; CWIS; C with Classes; cx; cxref; cy; Cy486SLC; cyber; cyberbunny; cyberchondriac; cybercrime; cybercrime as a service; cybercrud; CyberGlove; cybernetics; cyberpunk; cyberrhea; cybersex; cyberspace; cyberspastic; cyber-squatting; CyberWand; CyberZine; CYBIL; Cyc; CYCL; cycle; cyclebabble; cycle crunch; cycle drought; cycle of reincarnation; cycle server; cyclic redundancy check; cyclic redundancy code; Cyclo; cyclomatic complexity; Cygnus Tcl Tools; cylinder; CypherText; Cyrix; Cyrix 6x86; cz; D; D-1000; DAA; DAC; DACAPO; DACNOS; D/A converter; DACTL; DADS; daemon; DAG; Daisy; DAISY 201; daisy chain; daisywheel printer; dancing frog; dangling pointer; DANTE; DAP Fortran; DAPLEX; DARE; dark-side hacker; Darms; DARPA; Dartmouth BASIC; Darwin; DAS; DASD; DASE; DASL; DAT; data; data abstraction; data acquisition; Data Address Generator; database; database administrator; database analyst; database machine; database management system; database manager; database normalisation; database query language; database server; database transaction; Data/BASIC; DATABUS; data bus; datacenter manager; data channel; DATACODE I; Datacom; Data Communication Equipment; data communications analyst; Data Communications Equipment; data compression; Data definition language; data dictionary; data dictionary file; data driven; Data Driven Machine; Data Encryption Algorithm; Data Encryption Key; Data Encryption Standard; data feed; data flow; data flow analysis; Data Flow Diagram; data fork; data frame; Data General; Data General mN601; data glove; datagram; data hierarchy; data integrity; Data Interchange Standards Association; Data Jack; Datakit; Dataless Management Services; dataless management utility; Data Link Connection Identifier; data link layer; data link level; Data Link Provider Interface; Data Link Switching; data logger; data logging; Data Management Language; Data Manipulation Language; data mart; Datamatic Corporation; Datamation; data mining; data model; data modeling; data modelling; Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification; Data Over Cable Systems Interface Specifications; data packet; Dataparallel-C; Data Parallel Haskell; data path; Dataphone Digital Service; DataPoint; data processing; Data Protection Act; data rate; data redundancy; data segment; data service unit; data set; data set organization; DataStage; data storage; Datastorm Technologies, Inc.; data striping; data structure; Data Structures Language; Data Terminal Equipment; Data Terminal Ready; DATA-TEXT; data transfer; data transfer rate; DATATRIEVE; Datatron 200 series; data type; DataViews; DataVis; data warehouse; data warehousing; date; DAU; daughter; daughterboard; daughtercard; David Turner; day mode; DAZIX; DB; DB2; DB-25; DB2 catalog; DBA; dBASE; DBC; DBCS; dBFAST; DBH; DBMS; DBPL; DBRI; dbx; dBXL; DC; DC1; DC2; DC3; DC4; DCA; DCAC; DCALGOL; DCC; DCDL; DCE; DCG; DCI; DCL; DCOM; DCP; D. C. Power Lab; DCS; DCT; DD; dd; DDB; DDCMP; DDE; DDE Manager; DDIF; DDL; DDM; DDN; DDO; DDP; DDR; DDR-RAM; DDR-SDRAM; DDS; DDT; DDW; de; DE-9; DEA; DEACON; dead; DEADBEEF; dead code; deadlock; deadly embrace; dead tree; dead tree edition; deamon; death code; Death Star; deb; Debbugs; Debian; Debian GNU/Hurd; Debian GNU/Linux; debianize; deboursification; De Bruijn graph; De Bruijn notation; DEBUG; debugger; debugging; debugging an empty file; debugging by printf; debugging tool; DEC; dec; DEC Alpha; decay; DECdesign; DECdns; DEChead; dechunker; decidability; decidable; decimal point; decision problem; decision support; decision support database; Decision Support Systems; decision theory; deckle; declarative language; DECmate I; DECnet; decode; Decomposed Petri Net; decompress; decryption; DECstation; DECT; DECtape; DECUS; Decus cpp; DEC Wars; DECwindows; DECwrite; DED; dedicated line; deductive database; deductive tableau; Deep Blue; deep hack mode; deep magic; deep space; de facto standard; default; default.htm; default route; defect; defect analysis; defect density; Defense Advanced Research Project Agency; Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; Defense Calculator; Defense Communications Agency; Defense Data Network; Defense Data Network Network Information Center; Defense Information Systems Agency; Defense Trade Regulations; deferral; definite clause; definite sentence; definitional constraint programming; deflate; deflate compression; deflate/inflate compression; deforestation; defrag; defragment; defunct process; degree; degrees of freedom; dehose; DEK; Delaunay triangulation; delayed control-transfer; delay instruction; delay slot; delete; delimiter; delint; Delirium; Delivered Source Instruction; Dell Computer Corporation; Delphi; Delphi Technique; Delta; delta; Delta-4; delta conversion; Delta-Prolog; delta reduction; DELTASE; demand driven; demand paged; demand paging; DeMarco; DeMarco/Yourdon; demented; Demeter; demigod; De-Militarised Zone; demo; demodulate; demodulation; demo mode; demon; Demon Internet Ltd.; DeMorgan's theorem; demo version; Denis Howe; Dennis Ritchie; denotational semantics; Denotational Semantics Language; Department of Defense; Department of Defense Network; depeditate; dependability; dependable software; Deployment Descriptor; deprecated; depth-first search; deque; dequeue; DER; dereference; de-rezz; derived class; derived type; DES; descender; descent function; Descriptive Intermediate Attributed Notation for Ada; Descriptive Top-Level Specification; descriptor; design; Design In Real Time; design pattern; design recovery; Design System language; desk check; desktop; desktop database; Desktop Management Interface; Desktop Management Task Force; desktop manager; desktop publisher; desktop publishing; DESQview; destructor; DESY; DETAB; deterministic; deterministic automaton; DETOL; developer; development; Developmental Test and Evaluation; development environment; device; Device Control; Device Control 1; Device Control 2; Device Control 3; Device Control 4; device driver; device independent bitmap; Device Manager; Devil Book; devo; DEX; DFA; DFC; DFD; D-Flat; DFS; DFT; DGL; DG/L; DHCP; Dhrystone; DHSD; DHTML; Dialled Number Identification Service; DIALOG; dialup; DIAMAG; diameter; Diamond; DIANA; DIB; DIBOL; dickless workstation; Dick Size War; DICOM; dictionary; Dictionary APL; dictionary flame; Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures; Dictionary of Computing; DID; diddle; Didot point; die; die horribly; diff; Difference Engine; difference equation; differential backup; differential driver; differential line; Diffie-Hellman; digerati; digest; Digex; DigiCash; Digicom; digirati; digit; Digital; digital; digital audio; Digital Audio Tape; digital camera; digital carrier; digital certificate; digital computer; Digital Control System; digital dashboard; Digital Data Service; digital electronics; Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications; digital envelope; Digital Equipment Computer Users Society; Digital Equipment Corporation; Digital Equipment Corporation Network; Digital European Cordless Telecommunications; Digital Express Group, Inc.; Digital Lempel Ziv 1; Digital Library Initiative; Digital Linear Tape; digital logic; Digital Multimeter; Digital Radio Mondiale; Digital Research; Digital Rights Management; digital service unit; Digital Signal Processing; Digital Signal Processing Language; digital signature; digital signatures; Digital Signature Standard; Digital Simulation Language; Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data; DIGITAL Standard MUMPS; Digital Subscriber Line; Digital Subscriber Line Access Module; Digital Subscriber Loop; Digital Switched Network; Digital to Analog Converter; Digital Versatile Disc; Digital Versatile Disk Random Access Memory; Digital Video Disc; Dijkstra's guarded command language; dike; DIL; Dilbert; Dilberted; DIM; DIMATE; DIMM; DIM statement; DIN; DIN-8; ding; Dining Philosophers Problem; dink; DinnerBell; DINO; dinosaur; dinosaur pen; dinosaurs mating; diode; Diophantine equation; DIP; diplex; DIPP; Direct-Access Storage Device; Direct Client to Client Protocol; Direct Connection; directed acyclic graph; directed graph; Directed Oc; directed set; Direct Inward Dialing; directional coupler; Directly Executable Test Oriented Language; direct mapped cache; Direct Memory Access; directories; directory; Directory Access Protocol; directory service; Directory System Agent; Directory User Agent; DirectX; DIRFT; Dirt; dirtball; dirty power; dis; DISA; disaster planning; disaster recovery; disc; disc drive; disclaimer; disconnect; Discordianism; discrete; discrete cosine transform; discrete Fourier transform; discrete preorder; discriminated union; discussion group; Disiple; disjoint union; Disjunctive Normal Form; disk; disk controller; disk drive; disk duplexing; diskette; disk farm; diskless workstation; disk mirroring; Disk Operating System; disk operating system; disks; disk striping; Dislang; disman; display; display hack; Display PostScript; Display Screen Equipment; display standard; display standards; display terminal; Dissociated Press; distfix; Distinguished Encoding Rules; Distributed Component Object Model; Distributed Computing Environment; distributed database; Distributed Data Management; distributed data warehouse; Distributed Eiffel; Distributed Logic Programming; Distributed Management Environment; distributed memory; Distributed Network Operating System; Distributed Operating Multi Access Interactive Network; Distributed Processes; Distributed Queue Dual Bus; Distributed Smalltalk; distributed system; distributed systems; distribution; distributive lattice; disusered; dithering; Ditto Drive; diverge; divisor; dj; DJGPP; DjVu; DK; dk; DL/1; DLC; DLCI; DLE; DLG; DL/I; DLL; DLM; DLP; DLPI; DLSw; DLT; DLUR/DLUS; DLZ1; dm; DMA; DMAD; dmake; DMALGOL; DME; DMI; DML; DMM; DMS; DMTF; DMU; DMZ; DNA computing; DNF; DNIS; DNIX; DNOS; DNS; do; DOA; Doc; doc; docking station; DOCMaker; doco; DOCSIS; doctype decoration; document; documentation; Document Examiner; Document Image Processing; Document Object Model; Document Style Semantics and Specification Language; Document Type Definition; DOCUS; DoD; DoD-1; dodgy; DOD-STD-2167A; DoD-STD-2168; DOE; DOF; dog; dogcow; dogfood; dogfooding; dogpile; dogwash; Do It Right the First Time; Dojo; DOL; dollar; do loop; DOM; domain; domain address; Domain Analysis; domain architecture; Domain Architecture Model; domain calculus; domain engineering; domain handle; domainist; domain maturity; domain model; domain name; Domain Name Server; Domain Name System; domain selection; Domain Software Engineering Environment; domain-specific language; domain squatter; domain theory; Domestic Communications Assistance Center; DOMF; Donald Knuth; dongle; dongle cracker; dongle-disk; Don't do that then!; donuts; Dooced; DOOM; DOORS; doorstop; Dorito Syndrome; DORUM; DOS; DOS/360; DOS Protected Mode Interface; DOS requester; dot; dot address; dot com; dot file; dot leaders; dot matrix printer; dot notation; dot pitch; dotted pair; dotted quad; double bucky; double-click; Double Data Rate Random Access Memory; Double Data Rate Synchronous Random Access Memory; double DECkers; double density; doubled sig; double-duplex; double-ended queue; double quote; doubly linked list; DOUGLAS; Douglas Engelbart; Doug Lenat; DOW COMPILER; Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License; down; download; downloading; downsizing; downstream; down-time; downward closed; Downy cocktail; DP; DPA; DPB; DPer; dpi; DPL; DPL-82; DPLL; DPMI; DPMS; DPN; DPP; d-Prolog; DPS; DPS-6; dpSather; DPSK; DQDB; draco; Draft Once ReUse Many; drag; drag and drop; dragging; drag-n-drop; DRAGON; dragon; Dragon Book; DRAGOON; drain; DRAM; DRAM refresh; Drawing eXchange Format; dread high bit disease; DREAM 6800; DRECNET; drill down; drill-down analysis; drive; driver; drivers; Dr. James H. Clark; DRM; droid; DROOL; drool-proof paper; drop cable; drop-down list; drop-down menu; drop-ins; drop on the floor; drop-outs; DrScheme; DRUCO I; drugged; drug report; drum; drunk mouse syndrome; dry run; DS0; DS1; DS1C; DS2; DS3; DSA; DSDM; DSE; DSEE; D-shell connector; DSI; DSL; DSLAM; DS level; DSM; DSN; DSO; DSORG; DSP; DSP32 Assembly Language; DSP56000; DSP56001; dsp56165-gcc; dsp56k-gcc; DSP/C; DSPL; DSR; DSS; DSSSL; DST; DSU; DSVD; DSW; DTALGOL; DTD; DTE; DT&E; DTLS; DTMF; DTP; DTR; DTS; DTSS; D-type; D-type flip-flop; du; DUA; dual; DUAL-607; dual-attached; dual boot; dual-homed; Dual In-Line; Dual In-line Memory Module; Dual In-Line Package; dual ported; dual-stack; Dual Tone Multi Frequency; duck typing; DUEL; duff; Duff's device; dumbed down; dumb terminal; dump; dumpster diving; Dungeon; dup killer; duplex; Duplex High Speed Data; dup loop; Durra; dusty deck; DV cartridge; DVD; DVD-R; DVD-RAM; DVD-ROM; DVI; Dvorak; Dwarf Storage Unit; DWDM; dweeb; dwg; DWIM; DX4; DXF; dyadic; Dyadic Systems Limited; Dyalog APL; Dyalog Limited; DYANA; Dylan; Dylperl; dynamic adaptive routing; Dynamic Address Translation; Dynamically Linked Library; dynamically scoped; dynamically typed; dynamic analysis; dynamic binding; dynamic database management system; Dynamic Data Exchange; Dynamic Data Linking; dynamic DBMS; Dynamic Drive Overlay; Dynamic Execution; Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol; Dynamic HTML; DYnamic LANguage; dynamic link; dynamic link library; Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements System; dynamic RAM; dynamic random-access memory; dynamic routing; DYnamics ANAlyzer; dynamic scope; dynamic scoping; Dynamic Systems Development Method; dynamic translation; dynamic typing; DYNAMO; Dynix; Dynix Automated Library Systems; dynner; DYSAC; DYSTAL; dz; E; E1; E2; E2ES; E3; E4; E5; E-acute; EAF; EAG; eager evaluation; Eagle; EAI; EAPROM; earliest deadline first; Early PL/I; EARN; EAROM; earthquake; Ease; EASE II; EASIAC; EAST; easter egg; Easter egging; Eastern Washington University; EASY FOX; eat flaming death; eating one's own dogfood; eating your own dogfood; EAX; EBASIC; EBCDIC; EBCIDIC; EBNF; Ebone; ec; EC++; ECAP II; E-carrier system; Ecash; ECC; Eccles-Jordan circuit; Echidna; echo; echo cancellation; ECHT; ECIP2; ECIS; Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation; ECL; ECLIPSE; ECM; ECMA; ECMA International; ECMAScript; Ecole Normale Superieure; e-commerce; Econet; ECOOP; ECP; ECRC; ECRC-Prolog; ECSL; ECSP; ECSS II; ECSSL; ed; EDA; EDAC; e-ddress; Eden; Eden Programming Language; EDF; EDI; EDI analyst; EDIF; EDIFACT; Edinburgh Multi Access System; Edinburgh Prolog; Edinburgh SML; Edison; edit; editor; EDL; EDM; EdML; EDMS; EDO DRAM; EDO memory; EDO RAM; EDP; EDP auditor; EDRAM; EDS; EDS+; EDSAC; edu; education contact; edutainment; Edward Lorenz; Edward Yourdon; Edwin; ee; EEMA; EEPROM; EER; E. F. Codd; EFF; effective computable; effective number of bits; Effort Adjustment Factor; EFI; EFL; EFNet; Eforth; E-Forth; EFT; EFTPOS; EFTS; eg; EGA; Eggdrop; egosurfing; EGP; egrep; Egyptian brackets; Eh; eh; eHelp Corporation; EHTS; EIA; EIA-232; EIA-232C; EIA-422; EIA-423; EIA-449; EIA-485; EIA-530; EIDE; Eiffel; Eiffel source checker; eigenvalue; eigenvector; eight-bit clean; eight queens problem; eight queens puzzle; eighty-column mind; eighty-twenty rule; EIRP; EISA; EJB; Eksi Sozluk; EL1; el(alpha); Elan; El Camino Bignum; elder days; e-learning; Electing a Pope; Electrically Alterable Programmable Read-Only Memory; Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory; Electromagnetic Compatibility; electromigration; electron; electronic commerce; Electronic Commerce Dictionary; electronic data interchange; Electronic Data Processing; Electronic Design Automation; Electronic Discrete Sequential Automatic Computer; Electronic Frontier Foundation; electronic funds transfer; Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale; electronic funds transfer system; electronic magazine; electronic mail; electronic mail address; electronic mail client; electronic meeting; Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer; Electronic Performance Support System; Electronic Piece Of Cheese; Electronic Report Management; Electronics Industry Association; electronic whiteboarding; electron model; electron tube; Electrostatic Discharge; elegant; element; elephant; elephantine; elevator controller; ELF; ELI; Eli Compiler Construction System; ELISP; elite; ELIZA; ELIZA effect; Elk; ELLA; Ellemtel; Ellie; ELLIS; elm; ELMAGUIDE; ELMAMETA; ELP; ELSIE; Elvis; elvish; EM; EM-1; EMA; Emacs; Emacs Lisp; e-mail; e-mail address; e-mail client; EMAS; Embedded Lisp Interpreter; Embedded Mode; embedded system; embedding; EMBLA Pro; embosser; EMC; EMD Enterprises, Inc.; EMDIR; Emerald; EMI; Emitter Coupled Logic; EML; EMM; EMM386; emote; emoticon; empeg; empire; empty element tag; Empty Nest; EMS; emTeX; EMU8000; emulation; emulator; Emulator program; EMX; enabling; Encapsulated PostScript; encapsulation; encode; encoder; encryption; endian; endless loop; End Of Line; End of Medium; End Of Text; End Of Transmission; end tag; end-to-end solution; End Transmission Block; end-user; engage; Engelbart, Douglas; engine; English; English shellcode; enhanced; Enhanced Capabilities Port; Enhanced Directory Service; Enhanced Dynamic Random Access Memory; Enhanced Graphics Adapter; Enhanced IDE; Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics; enhanced parallel port; Enhanced Small Disk Interface; enhancement; ENIAC; Enigma; ENOB; ENQ; enqueue; ENS; Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione; enterprise; Enterprise Application Integration; Enterprise JavaBeans; Enterprise Report Management; Enterprise Resource Planning; Enterprise Systems CONnectivity; EntireX; entity; entity-relationship diagram; entity-relationship model; entropy; Entry Sequenced Data Set; enumerated type; enumeration; environment; Environmental Audio eXtensions; environment variable; Envoy; EOF; EOL; EOR; EOT; EOU; EOUG; EP; EPCS; ephemeral port; EPILOG; EPIM; EPL; EPOC; epoch; EPP; EPROM; EPROM OTP; EPROS; EPS; EPSILON; epsilon; epsilon squared; EPSIMONE; EPSS; EqL; EQLOG; EQLog; Eqn; equals; equational logic; Equational Programming Language; Equel; equivalence class; equivalence class partitioning; equivalence partitioning; equivalence relation; equivalent isotropically radiated power; ER; er; ERA; era; Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory; erase; eraser stains code; ERC; ERCIM; ERD; EREW PRAM; ERFPI; ergonomic; ergonomics; ERGO-Shell; Eric Conspiracy; Eric S. Raymond; Eris; Erlang; ERM; erotica; ERP; error; error-based testing; error correcting memory; error detection and correction; es; ES-1; ESA; ESC; ESCAPE; escape; escape sequence; ESCD; ESCON; escrow; ESD; ESDI; ESF; ESI; esim; ESL; ESLPDPRO; ESML; ESMTP; esolang; esoteric programming language; ESP; ESPOL; ESPRIT; ESR; essential complexity; Estelle; Esterel; EstPC; ET; et; ET++; eta abstraction; eta conversion; eta expansion; eta reduction; ETB; ETC; e-text; ETHER; EtherGate; Ethernet; Ethernet address; Ethernet meltdown; Ethernet Private Line; EtherTalk; ethics; ETL; ETM; ETRN; ETSI; ETX; Euclid; Euclidean Algorithm; Euclidean norm; Euclid's Algorithm; Eudora; EULA; EULER; EuLisp; EUnet Ltd.; Euphoria; Eureka; Eureka step; Eurisko; Eurocard; Euro-ISDN; EuroNet; EuropaNET; European Academic and Research Network; European Computer-Industry Research Centre GmbH; European Computer Manufacturers Association; European Strategic Programme for Research in Information Technology; European Telecommunications Standards Institute; EUUG; EV6; Eva; EVALUATE; evaluation; evaluation strategy; evaluator; EVE; event; Event Description Language; event-driven; EVGA; evolutionary algorithm; evolutionary computation; evolutionary programming; evolution strategy; EWOS; exa-; Exabyte; exabyte; examining the entrails; EXAPT; Excalibur bug; Exceed; Excel; Excelan; Excelerator; exception; exception handler; EXCH; Exchange Server; excl; exclamation mark; exclamation point; exclusive or; EXCP; EXE; EXEC; exec; EXEC 2; EXEC 8; executable; executable content; execute; Execute Channel Program; execution; executive; Executive Systems Programming Oriented Language; exercise, left as an; exhaustive testing; existence proof; existential quantifier; exit; EXODUS; eXodus; EXOS; expanded memory; expanded memory manager; expanded memory page frame; Expanded Memory Specification; expansion card; expansion slot; expect; eXperimental LISP; Experimental Physics Control Systems; Experimental Programming Language; Experiment Description Language; Expert Judgement Models; expert system; Expert Systems Ltd.; explicit parallelism; explicit type conversion; exploit; Exploratory Data Analysis; exponent; exponential; exponential-time; exponential-time algorithm; Express; expression; expression tree; extend; Extended Affix Grammar; Extended ALGOL; Extended Architecture; Extended Backus-Naur Form; Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code; Extended BNF; Extended C++; Extended Capabilities Port; Extended Concurrent Prolog; Extended Data Out Dynamic Random Access Memory; Extended Data Out Random Access Memory; Extended Fortran Language; eXtended Graphics Array; Extended Industry-Standard Architecture; extended memory; extended memory manager; Extended Memory Specification; Extended ML; Extended Pascal; Extended Self-containing Prolog; Extended System Configuration Data; Extended Systems Modelling Language; Extended Tcl; Extended Tiny; Extended Video Graphics Array; eXtended Video Graphics Array; ExTendible Compiler; extensible; extensible database; Extensible Firmware Interface; Extensible HyperText Markup Language; Extensible Markup Language; Extensible Shell; Extensible Stylesheet Language; Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations; Extensible VAX Editor; extension; extensional; extensional equality; extensionality; Extension Language Kit; Exterior Gateway Protocol; eXternal Data Representation; External Machine Interface; external memory; EXTRA; extranet; extrapolate; extrapolation; EXUG; eyeball search; EZ; ezd; e-zine; F100-L; f2c; F2F; F68K; FAC; facebook.com; face time; face-to-face; Facile; facsimile; FACT; fact; factor; factorial; FAD; failback; failover; failure; failure-directed testing; FAIR; Fairchild F8; fall back; fall forward; fall over; fall through; fall thru; FALSE; fandango on core; fan-out; FAP; FAQ; FAQL; FAQ list; faradise; farkled; farm; farming; FARNET; fas; FASBOL; fascist; FASE; FAST; Fast ATA; Fast ATA-2; Faster LEX; Fast Ethernet; Fast Fourier Transform; Fast Packet; Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory; Fast SCSI; FAT; FAT32; fatal; fatal error; fatal exception; fat binary; fat client; fat electrons; fault; fault-based testing; fault tolerance; fault tolerant; Fault Tolerant Unix; fault tree analysis; fax; Fax over IP; FC; FC-AL; FCB; F-code; FCP; FC-PGA; FCS; FDC; FDD; FDDI; FDISK; fd leak; fdlibm; FDMA; FDSE; FDSP; FDT; fdx; FEA; fear and loathing; fear-driven development; feasibility study; feasible; feature; feature creature; feature creep; featurectomy; feature key; feature shock; FEC; FED; Federal Geographic Data Committee; Federal Information Exchange; Federal Information Processing Standards; Federal Networking Council; federation; Federation Against Software Theft Limited; Fedora; feed; feedback; feedback control; feed-forward; Feel; feep; feeper; feeping creature; feeping creaturism; FEL; femto-; fence; fencepost error; fepped out; FEPROM; Fermat prime; Fermat's Last Post; Ferranti F100-L; ferrite core memory; Ferroelectric RAM; Ferroelectric Random Access Memory; Fetch; fetch-execute cycle; Feynman, Richard P.; FF; ffccc; FFP; FFT; FGDC; FGHC; FGL; FGL+LV; FGRAAL; fgrep; FhG; FHS; FHSS; fi; Fiber Distributed Data Interface; Fiber Optic InterRepeater Link; fiber optics; Fibonacci sequence; Fibre Channel; Fibre Channel-Arbitrated Loop; fibre optics; FIDIL; FIDO; FidoNet; Fidonews; field; field circus; field effect transistor; field emission display; field mouse; field-programmable gate array; field servoid; FIFO; Fifth; Fifth Dimension Technologies; fifth generation language; fifth normal form; Fight-o-net; file; File Allocation Table; File Attach; File Composition; file compression; file control block; file descriptor; file descriptor leak; file extension; FileMaker; FileMaker, Inc.; filename extension; FileNet; File Request; File Separator; file server; File Service Protocol; file signature; file system; Filesystem Hierarchy Standard; file transfer; File Transfer Protocol; file type; filing system; filk; fill-out form; film at 11; FILO; Filtabyte; filter; filter promotion; FIMS; Finagle's Law; Financial Information eXchange; Finder; fine adjuster; fine grain; finger; finger-pointing syndrome; finite; Finite Automata; Finite Automaton; finite differencing; Finite Impulse Response; Finite State Automata; Finite State Automaton; Finite State Machine; finn; FIPS; FIR; firebottle; firefighting; Firefox; firehose syndrome; firewall; firewall code; firewall machine; FireWire; fireworks mode; Firmware; firmy; first class module; first fit; first generation; first generation computer; first generation language; first-in first-out; first normal form; first-order; first-order logic; First Party DMA; fish; FISH queue; FITNR; FITS; FIX; fix; fixed disk; fixed point; fixed-point; fixed point combinator; fixed-radio access; fixed-width; FIXME; fixpoint; fj; Fjolnir; fk; FL; F+L; flag; flag day; FLAIR; flaky; flamage; flame; flame bait; flame off; flame on; flamer; flame war; flaming; FLAP; flap; flapping router; flarp; Flash; flash; flash drive; Flash EPROM; Flash Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory; Flash Lights Impressively; flash memory; Flash ROM; flat; flat address space; flat ASCII; flat file; flat file database; flatten; flat thunk; Flavors; Fleng; FLEX; Flex; Flex++; Flex 2; FLI; flib; FLIC; FLIP; Flip Chip Pin Grid Array; flip-flop; flippy; FLIP-SPUR; float; floater; floating-point; floating-point accelerator; Floating-Point SPECbaserate; Floating-Point SPECbaseratio; Floating-Point SPECrate; Floating-Point SPECratio; floating point underflow; Floating-Point Unit; floating underflow; F-Logic; flood; FLOP; Floppy; floppy; floppy disc; floppy disk; floppy disk drive; floppy drive; FLOPS; Flops; floptical; Flow; flow chart; flow control; flower key; FLOW-MATIC or FLOWMATIC; flow of control; FLPL; FLUB; Fluegelman, Andrew; flush; Flynn's taxonomy; fly page; Flyspeck 3; flytrap; FM; fm; FMPL; FMQ; FMS; FMV; FNAL; FNC; fnord; FN tunnelling; fo; FOAD; FOAF; FOCAL; FOCL; FOCUS; focus group; FOD; FOIL; FoIP; FOIRL; fold case; folder; fold function; FOLDOC; followup; font; fontology; foo; foobar; foogol; FOOL; fool file; Fools' Lisp; Foonly; FOOP; foot-net; footprint; for; fora; FORC; Force; ForceOne; ForceTwo; foreground; Foreign eXchange Office; Foreign eXchange Subscriber; foreign key; Foresight; for free; fork; fork bomb; forked; for loop; FORM; FORMAC; FORMAL; formal argument; Formal Description Technique; formal methods; Formal Object Role Modeling Language; formal review; format; FORMAT-Fortran; Formatting Output Specification Instance; Formes; form factor; form feed; form function; FORML; forms; formula; Formula ALGOL; Forsythe; FORTH; for The Rest Of Them; for The Rest Of Us; Forth Modification Lab; Fortran; Fortran 66; Fortran 77; Fortran 90; Fortran Automatic Symbol Translator; Fortran D; Fortran I; Fortran II; Fortran III; Fortran IV; Fortran-Linda; Fortran M; Fortran Matrix Abstraction Technique Fortran; Fortran-Plus; FORTRANSIT; Fortran V; Fortran VI; Fortrash; FORTRUNCIBLE; fortune cookie; forum; for values of; forward; forward analysis; forward chaining; forward compatibility; forward compatible; forward delta; forward engineering; Forward Error Correction; forwards compatibility; forwards compatible; FORWISS; For Your Information; FOSI; FOSIL; FOSS; fossil; foundation; FOundation for Research and Technology - Hellas; four-colour glossies; four colour map theorem; four colour theorem; Fourier transform; fourth generation computer; fourth generation language; fourth normal form; Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling; Fox; FoxBASE+; FoxPRO; Fox Software; Fox Wiki; FP; FP2; FPA; fpc; FPGA; FPLMTS; FPM; FP/M; FPM DRAM; fprintf; fps; FPU; FQDN; FQL; fr; FRA; fractal; fractal compression; fractal dimension; FRAD; fragile; fragment; fragmentation; FRAM; frame; frame buffer; Frame Check Sequence; frame grabber; FrameKit; FrameMaker; frame pointer; frame rate; Frame Relay; Frame Relay Access Device; frames per second; Frame Technology Corporation; framework; Framework 4; framing specification; FRANK; Franz Lisp; Fraps; Fraunhofer Gesellschaft; FRED; fred; Fredette's Operating System Interface Language; frednet; free; FreeBSD; FreeHEP; Freenet; Free Objects for Crystallography; Free On-line Dictionary; free open-source software; FreePPP; freerexx; free software; Free Software Foundation; free variable; freeware; freeze; Frege, Gottlob; frequency division multiple access; frequency division multiplexing; Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum; Frequency Modulation; Frequency Shift Keying; frequently asked question; Fresco; Fresh; friction feed; fried; Friend; FRINGE; frink; friode; fritterware; FRL; FRMT-FTRN; frob; frobnicate; frobnitz; Frobozz Magic Programming Language; frogging; Frolic; front end; front-end processor; front side bus; frotzed; frowney; fry; FS; FSB; fsck; FSF; FSK; FSL; FSM; FSP; fsplit; FT; FTAM; FTP; FTP archive; FTP by mail; FTP server; FTP Software, Inc.; FTTP; FTW; FTX; FUBAR; FUD; fudge; fudge factor; Fudgets; FUDGIT; FUD wars; Fuel-can; Fugue; Fujitsu; full-custom; full-duplex; full-duplex Switched Ethernet; full laziness; full-motion video; full outer join; fully associative cache; Fully Automated Compiling Technique; fully lazy lambda lifting; fully qualified domain name; fum; Fun; function; functional; functional database; functional dependency; functionality; functional language; functional program; functional programming; functional programming language; functional requirements; functional specification; functional testing; functional unit; function application; function complete; Function Graph Language; function inlining; function key; Function Point Analysis; functor; funky; FUNLOG; FunnelWeb; funny money; furigana; furrfu; FUSE; FUSION; fusion; FutureBasic; future date testing; futz; fuzzball; fuzzy computing; fuzzy logic; fuzzy subset; fweep; FWIW; fx; FX-87; FX-90; FXO; FXS; FYA; FYI; FYI4; G; G2; G3; G4; GA; ga; Gabriel; gabriel; Gabriel, Richard; GADS; Gaelic; gag; GAIA; GAL; Galaxy; Galileo; Gambit; games; game tree; GAMMA; gamma correction; GAMS; gamut; GAN; GANDALF; gang bang; GAP; GAPLog; garbageabetical order; garbage collect; garbage collection; Garbage In, Garbage Out; Gargoyle; Garnet; GARP; garply; Gartner Group; gas; GASP; gas plasma display; GAT; GATE; gate; gated; Gates; gateway; Gateway 2000; Gauss; Gaussian distribution; gawk; GB; Gb; gb; g-bell; GBIP; GBML; gbps; GC; GCAL; GCC; GCL; G-Code; GCOS; GCOS Macro Assembler Program; GCR; GCT; gd; GDA; GDB; GDBPSK; Gödel, Kurt; GDI; GDMO; GDPL; GE; ge; GE-645; GEA; GEANT; GECOM; GECOS; Gedanken; gedanken; geef; geek; geek out; GEI; GE Information Services; GEM; gen; gender mender; Gene Amdahl; General Activities Simulation Program; General Aerodynamic Simulation Program; General Dynamics Canada Ltd; General Electric; General Electric Comprehensive Operating System; General Magic; General Packet Radio Service; General Protection Failure; General Protection Fault; General Public Licence; General Public License; General Public Virus; General Purpose Graphic Language; General Purpose Interface Bus; General Purpose Language; General Purpose Macro-generator; General Recursion Theorem; generate; generation; Generic Array Logic; Generic Expert System Tool; generic identifier; genericity; generic markup; generic programming; Generic Routing Encapsulation; Generic Security Service Application Programming Interface; generic thunk; generic type variable; Genesia; genetic algorithm; genetic algorithms; genetic programming; GEnie Services; Genken Programming Language; GENOVA; gensym; Gensym Corporation; Gensym Standard Interface; Gentleman's Portable Coroutine System; GEN-X; Geographical Information System; Geographic Information System; geometric mean; GEORGE; GEORGE 3; George Boole; Georg Simon Ohm; GEOS; GEPURS; Gerald; Gerald Sussman; German; GEST; Get a life!; Get a real computer!; get.com; getty; gf; GFDL; g file; GFLOPS; GFR; GFS; gh; GHC; ghetto code; ghost; Ghostscript; ghostview; GHz; GI; gi; Gibson, William; gid; GIF; GIF89; GIF89a; GIFF; gig; giga-; gigabit; gigabits per second; gigabyte; gigaflop; gigaflops; GigaHertz; GIGO; gilley; gillion; Gilmore, John; GIM-1; GIN; GINA; Ginger; GIP; GIPS; GIRL; GIS; Giuseppe Peano; GIYF; GKS; GKS-3D; GL; gl; Glammar; glark; Glasgow Haskell Compiler; GLASS; glass; glass box testing; glassfet; glass tty; GLB; glibc; Glish; Glisp; glitch; glob; global index; globalisation; Global Network Navigator; Global Positioning System; Global System for Mobile Communications; glork; GLOS; GLOW; GLS; GLU; glue; glue language; glyph; Glypnir; gm; GMAP; GMD; GMD Toolbox for Compiler Construction; GMT; gn; gnarly; Gnat; GNATS; GNN; GNOME; Gnome Computers; GNU; GNU archive site; GNU assembler; GNU awk; GNU BC; GNU C; GNU C Library; GNU DC; GNU E; GNU Emacs; GNU Free Documentation License; GNU General Public License; GNUMACS; GNU mirror site; GNU Network Object Model Environment; Gnuplot; GNU Privacy Guard; GNU Problem Report Management System; GNU public licence; GNUS; GNU sed; GNU Smalltalk; GNUStep; GNU style; GNU superoptimiser; Go; goal; goal seek; Go Back N; gobble; GObject Introspection; Godwin's Law; Godzillagram; Goedel; go-faster stripes; Gofer; Goffin; go flatline; GO-GO; go gold; GOL; golden; golf ball printer; GOM; gonk; gonkulator; GOOD; Good Thing; Google; googol; googolplex; gopher; Gopher client; Gopher object type; Gopherspace; gorets; gorilla arm; go root; gorp; GOSIP; Gosling, James; GOSMACS; Gosperism; GOSPL; gotcha; goto; Gottlob Frege; gov; governance; Government OSI Profile; go voice; GP; gp; GPF; GPIB; GPL; GPM; GPRS; GPS; GPSS; GPV; GPX; gq; gr; GRAAL; grabber pointer; Grace Hopper; GRAF; Graffiti; GRAIL; GRAIN; grain; GRAM; grammar; grammar analysis; grammatical inference; Grandfather, Father, Son; granularity; Grapes; Grapevine; graph; Graph Algorithm and Software Package; graph coloring; graph colouring; Graphic ALGOL; Graphical Kernel System; Graphical User Interface; Graphic Display Interface; Graphic Language; graphics; graphics accelerator; graphics adapter; graphics adaptor; graphics card; Graphics Interchange Format; Graphics Interface Format; Graphics Language Object System; graphic workstation; Graph-Oriented Object Database; graph plotter; graph reduction; graph rewriting system; GRAPPLE; GRAS; GRASP/Ada; GRASPIN; grault; Gray; graybar land; Gray code; gray-scale; GRE; greater than; greatest common divisor; greatest lower bound; Great Renaming; Great Runes; Great Worm; greek; greeking; Green; Green Book; Green Book CD-ROM; green bytes; green card; green lightning; green machine; green monitor; Green's Theorem; Greenwich Mean Time; green words; Greg Olson; Gregorian calendar; grep; grey-scale; Greystone Technologies; GRG; GRIB; grick; grilf; Grim File Reaper; GRIND; grind; grind crank; GRIP; gripenet; gritch; grix; groff; grok; gronk; gronked; group; Group 3; Group 4; Group Code Recording; group identifier; Group Separator; Group-Sweeping Scheduling; Groupware; Groupwise; grovel; grunge; gry; GS; gs; GSBL; GSI; GSL; GSM; GSPL; GSS; GSS-API; gt; gtg; GTK+; GTL; GT/SQL; gu; guaranteed scheduling; guard; Guarded Horn Clauses; 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Mean Time Between Faults; Mean Time To Recovery; measure; measurement; meatspace; meatware; media; Media Access Control; Media Access Unit; Media Converter; Media Gateway Control Protocol; Medium Access Control; meeces; Meet; meg; mega-; megabits per second; megabyte; megabytes per second; megaflop; megaflops; MegaHertz; megapenny; MEGO; Mei; Mel; MELD; MELDC; Melinda; Mel Kaye; Mellor; meltdown; Melvin Conway; member function; membership function; meme; meme plague; memetic algorithm; memetics; Memex; memo function; memoisation; memoised function; memoization; memoized function; memory; memory address space; memory dump; memory farts; memory leak; memory location; memory management; Memory Management Unit; memory mapped I/O; memory protection; memory smash; Memory Type Range Registers; MEMS; Mentat; MENTOR; menu; menu bar; menuitis; MENYMA/S; Mercury Autocode; mercury delay line; MERISE; Merlin; MEROON; Mesa; mesh; MESI protocol; message; message board; Message Digest 5; message digest function; 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Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi; mu-law; Mule; Mul-T; Multi-BinProlog; multiboot; multiC; MultiCal System; multicast addressing; multicast backbone; Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility; multician; Multi-Color Graphics Array; Multics; Multics Relational Data Store; Multiflow Computer; Multi-Garnet; multihomed host; multilayer perceptron; MultiLisp; multimedia; Multimedia and Hypermedia information coding Expert Group; MultiMedia Compact Disc; MultiMedia Extension; Multimedia Integrated Conferencing for European Researchers; Multimedia Internet Mail Extensions; Multimedia Messaging Services; Multimedia PC; Multimedia Personal Computer; multimedia system; multi-part key; Multi-Pascal; multiple access; Multiple Access with Colision Avoidance; multiple boot; Multiple Document Interface; multiple inheritance; Multiple Instruction Multiple Data; Multiple Instruction/Multiple Data; Multiple Master; multiple perspective software development; multiple value; Multiple Virtual Storage; multiplexer; multiplexing; multiplexor; Multiplexor Channel; multiplex printer; Multipop-68; multiprocessing; multiprocessor; multiprogramming; Multiprotocol Label Switching; Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions; multiscan; MultiScheme; Multistation Access Unit; multisync; Multisystem eXtention Interface Bus; multitasking; Multi-tasking Program for Microcomputers; multithreaded; multithreading; MultiTOS; multi-user; Multi-User Dimension; Multi-User Dungeon; Multi-User Shared Hallucination; Multi-Version Concurrency Control; multi-way branch; MuMath; mumblage; mumble; mumble mode; MUMPS; munch; munching; munching squares; munchkin; mundane; mung; munge; MUP; MU-Prolog; Murphy's Law; Muse; museum; MUSH; Music; Musical Instrument Digital Interface; Musicam; MuSimp; MUSL; mutant; Mutation Testing; MuTeX; mutex; mutter; mutual exclusion; mutually recursive; mutual recursion; mux; mv; MV*; MVC; MVCC; MVP; MVS; MVS/ESA; MVS/OE; MVS/Open Edition; MVS/SP; MVS/XA; mw; MX; mx; MXI; MXIbus; MX Record; my; My Favourite Toy Language; MYOB; MySpace; MySQL; MySQL AB; MYSTIC; MZ; mz; N; N10; na; nadger; NAG; Nagling Coalescence; nagware; nailed to the wall; nailing jelly; naive; naive user; NAK; name capture; named; named pipe; name resolution; name service switching; namespace; naming convention; NaN; NAND; nano-; nanoacre; nanobot; nanocomputer; nanofortnight; nanometre; nanosecond; nanotechnology; Napier; NAPLPS; NAPSS; narrowband; narrowing; NAS; nasal demons; NASI; nastistical; NASTRAN; nastygram; NAT; Nathan Hale; National Advanced Systems; National Bureau of Standards; National Center for Supercomputing Applications; national characters; National Database Language; National Information Infrastructure; National Information Services and Systems; National Institute of Standards and Technology; National Research and Education Network; National Science Foundation; National Science Foundation Network; National Semiconductor; National Semiconductor 32000; National Software Reuse Directory; National Spatial Data Infrastructure; 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NIAL Systems Ltd.; NIAM; nibble; Nibble Mode DRAM; NIC; NIC.DDN.MIL; NICE; nick; nickle; NICOL I; NIFOC; Nightmare File System; night mode; NIH; NIHCL; NII; NIKL; Niklaus Wirth; NIL; niladic; Ninety-Ninety Rule; Nintendo; NIOS; nipple; NIS; NISO; NISS; NIST; NJCL; nl; NLANR; NLM; NLP; NLRI; NLS; NLSP; NLX; NMI; nML; NMU; NN; nn; NNI; NNTP; no; NOC; NODAL; Nodal Switching System; noddy; node; noise; noise margin; noise shaping; NOL; NOMAD; NOMEX underwear; Nominal Semidestructor; non-algorithmic procedure; non-constructive proof; nondeterminism; nondeterministic; nondeterministic automaton; nondeterministic polynomial time; Nondeterministic Turing Machine; non-impact printer; non-interlaced; nonintrusive testing; nonlinear; Non-Maintainer Upload; Non-Maskable Interrupt; non-optimal solution; Nonpareil; non parity; non-polynomial; Non Return to Zero Inverted; nontrivial; Non-Uniform Memory Access; non-uniform quantising logarithmic compression; Non-Uniform Rational B Spline; non-volatile; non-volatile memory; Non-Volatile Random Access Memory; non-volatile storage; noob; no-op; NOR; NORC COMPILER; NorCroft; NORD PL; NORDUnet; norm; normal distribution; normal form; normalisation; normalised; normal order reduction; normed space; northbridge; NorthWestNet; NOS; NOT; Not-a-Number; notebook; NoteCards; Notepad; Notes; Nother; not ready for prime time; notspot; notwork; Nova; Novell Data Systems; Novell DOS; Novell, Inc.; Novell NetWare; NOWEB; no-write allocation; NP; np; NPC; NP-complete; NP-hard; NP-hilarious; NPL; NPPL; N-Prolog; NP time; NP tricky; NQS; Nqthm; nr; NREN; nroff; NRZ; NRZI; ns; NS16000; NS32000; NSA line eater; NSAPI; NSDI; NSE; NSF; NSFIP; NSFNET; NSI; nslookup; NSRD; NSS; NT; NT1; NT5; ntalk; NTAS; NT File System; NTFS; n-tier; NTIS; NTMBS; NTP; NTSC; NTU; nu; NuBus; nu-calculus; NUCLEOL; nude; nuke; null; nullary; null modem; null-terminated multibyte string; NUMA; Number 5 Electronic Switching System; number crunching; number keys; numbers; number sign; numeric keypad; Numeris; Nuprl; NU-Prolog; nurbs; Nu Thena; NUXI problem; NVL; NVRAM; NVS; NWNET; NYAP; nybble; nyet.gif; nyetwork; nym; nym server; Nyquist frequency; Nyquist Theorem; NYSERNET; NYU OMNIFAX; nz; O; O2; Oaklisp; OAP; OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications; OATH; Ob-; OBDC; OBE; Oberon; Oberon-2; Oberon-V; OBEX; obfuscated; Obfuscated C Contest; obi-wan error; OBJ; OBJ0; OBJ2; OBJ3; object; ObjectBroker; ObjectCenter; Object CHILL; object code; Object-code Buffer Overrun Evaluator; Object Compatibility Standard; Object Constraint Language; Object Database Management Group; Object Data Management Group; Objecteering; Object Exchange; objectfuscated code; object identifier; Objectionable-C; Objective C; Objective CAML; Objective Modula-2; Objective PASCAL; Object Linking and Embedding; Object Lisp; ObjectLOGO; Object Management Group; Object management system; object method; Object Modelling Technique; Object Oberon; object-orientation; object-oriented; object-oriented analysis; object-oriented database; object-oriented design; Object-Oriented Fortran; object-oriented language; Object-Oriented Pascal; object-oriented polymorphism; object-oriented programming; object-oriented programming language; Object-oriented SQL; Object-Oriented Turing; Objectory; ObjectPAL; Object Pascal; Object Persistence Framework; object relational mapping; object relational modelling; Object Request Broker; Object Role Modeling; Object Value; Objectworks; Object Z; Objlog; OBJT; ObjVlisp; ObjVProlog; Obliq; oblique stroke; Oblog; OBOE; OBSCURE; observational equivalence; Oc; OC-12; OC-3; OC-48; OCAL; occam; occam 2; Occam's Razor; occlude; occurs check; OCL; OCLC; OC-n; OCODE; OCP; OCR; OCS; octal; Octave; octet; octothorpe; OCX; OD390; ODA; ODBC; ODC; Ode; ODI; ODIF; ODMA; ODMG; odometry; ODP; ODS; ODSA; ODT; OEM; OFA; off-by-one error; Office; office automation; Office By Example; Office Workstations Limited; Official Production System; off-line; off-line world; offset; offshoring; off-side rule; off the trolley; ogg; Ogg Vorbis; OHCI; Ohm; Ohm, Georg Simon; ohnosecond; OIC; OID; OIL; OLAP; OLAP Council; OLC; OLDAS; old fart; old talk; Old Testament; OLE; OLE custom controls; OLE DB; OLE for Process Control; OLGA; Olivetti; O-Logic; OLTP; OLWM; om; OMA; Omega; Omega-algebraic; Omega test; OMF; OMG; OMNICODE; OMNIFAX; OMNITAB; OMR; OMS; OMT; OMTool; ONC; Ondine; one; one-banana problem; one-dimensional array; one-line fix; one-liner wars; ones complement; One-Time Password; One Time Programmable Read-Only Memory; one-way function; one-way hash function; on-line; On-Line Analytical Processing; Online Computer Library Center, Inc.; On-Line Computer system; Online Media; On-line Process Synthesizer; Online Public Access Catalog; On-Line Transaction Processing; Ontic; onto; ontology; OnX; OO; OOA; OOD; OODB; OODBMS; OOF; OOGL; OOo; OOP; OOPL; OOPS; OOPSLA; OOSD; OOZE; op; OPAC; Opal; OPC; op code; open; open box testing; open brace; OpenBSD; open/closed principle; open-collar worker; Open DataBase Connectivity; Open Data-link Interface; Open DeathTrap; Open Desktop; Open Distributed Processing; Open Distributed System Architecture; OpenDoc; OpenDocument; Open Document Architecture; Open Document Interchange Format; Open Document Management API; OpenGL; Open Graphics Library; Open Group; OpenInsight; open interval; Open Look; Open Network Computing; OpenOffice.org; open parenthesis; Open Prolog; Open Scripting Architecture; Open Search; Open Shortest-Path First; Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol; Open Software Foundation; open source; Open Source Definition; Open Source Initiative; Open source license; OpenStep; open switch; Open System Architecture; Open Systems Interconnect; Open Systems Interconnection; Open Telecom Platform; Open Trading Protocol; OpenTransport; Open University; OpenVMS; OpenWindows; operand; operating; operating system; Operating System/360; Operating System/Multiprogramming of Fixed Tasks; operational database; Operational Data Store; operational requirements; operational semantics; operational test and evaluation; operational testing; operation code; operations support technician; operator; Operator Control Language; operator overloading; OPF; Opportunity Management System; OPS; OPS5; OPS83; Optical Carrier 12; Optical Carrier 3; Optical Carrier 48; Optical Carrier n; Optical Character Recognition; optical computing; optical diff; optical disc drive; optical disk drive; optical drive; optical fiber; optical fibre; optical grep; Optical Mark Reader; optical mouse; Optical Signal Processor; optical storage; Optical Storage Technology Association; Optical Time Domain Reflectometer; Optical Time Domain Reflectometry; optimal; Optimal Flexible Architecture; optimise; optimising compiler; optimism; optimize; option; OPTRAN; Opus; OR; Oracle; Oracle 7; Oracle Card; Oracle*CASE; Oracle Co-operative Applications; Oracle Corporation; Oracle Parallel Server; Oracle Rdb; Oracle Toolkit; Orange Book; ORB; Orbit; Orca; Order Code Processor; 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POOL-T; POP; PoP; pop; POP++; POP-1; POP-10; Pop-11; POP-2; POP3; POP-9X; POPART; POPCORN; pop-down menu; POPJ; Poplar; POPLER; POPLOG; POPLOG ML; POP server; PopTalk; POR; porn; porno; pornography; port; portability; portable; Portable AIRTIME; Portable Commodore 64; Portable Common Loops; Portable Common Tool Environment; portable computer; Portable Document Format; Portable Forth Environment; Portable Network Graphics; Portable Object Adapter; Portable Operating System Interface; Portable Pixmap; Portable Scheme Debugger; Portable Scheme Interpreter; Portable Standard Lisp; Portable Tool Interface; Port Address Translation; PORTAL; portal; porting; Port Language; portmapper; port number; POS; POSE; poset; positional representation; POSIX; POSIX Threads; POST; post; postcardware; posted write-through; Postel, Jon; postfix notation; postfix syntax; POSTGRES; PostgreSQL; posting; postmaster; post office problem; Post Office Protocol; post-order traversal; POSTQUEL; PostScript; Postscript point; Post, Telephone and Telegraph administration; POSYBL; potential difference; POTS; pound; pound on; pound sign; POWER; PowerBuilder; power cycle; powerdomain; PowerFuL; power hit; Power Mac; Power Macintosh; power-on reset; power-on self-test; PowerOpen; PowerOpen Association; PowerOpen Environment; PowerPC; PowerPC 601; PowerPC G3; PowerPC Platform; PowerPC Reference Platform; Powerpoint; power save mode; powerset; Powersoft Corporation; power supply; power supply unit; PP96; PPC; PPCP; PPD; PPGA; ppi; PPL; PPLambda; PPM; PPN; PPP; PPPoA; PPPoE; P-Prolog; PPTP; PQS; PR; pr; pr0n; PRA; pragma; PRAM; Praxis Critical Systems; pre\box; PRE-CC; PRECCX; precedence; precedence lossage; precharge; precision; predecessor; predicate calculus; predicate logic; predict; predomain; pre-emptive multitasking; prefetch; prefix; prefix notation; prefix syntax; pre-order; pre-order traversal; PREP; prepaging; prepend; preprocessor; pre-sales support rep; presence detect; presentation layer; Presentation Manager; prestidigitization; PRESTO; Pretty Amazing New Stuff; Pretty Good Privacy; pretty pictures; prettyprint; pretzel key; preventive maintenance; PRI; primary cache; Primary Domain Controller; primary key; primary management domain; Primary Rate Interface; primary storage; Prime Computer; Primenet, Inc.; prime number theorem; prime time; primitive; Princeton University; principal type; PRINT; printed circuit board; printer; Printer Access Protocol; printer port; printf; PRINT I; printing discussion; print server; Print Services Facility; priority inheritance; priority interrupt; priority inversion; priority queue; priority scheduling; PRISM; Prisoner of Bill; privacy; Privacy Enhanced Mail; private; Private Automatic Branch eXchange; Private Branch Exchange; private key; private-key cryptography; Private Manual Branch eXchange; privileged instruction; PRL; PRMD; PRML; probabilistic; probabilistic automaton; Probability of Failure on Demand; Probe; problem state; Problem Statement Language/Problem Statement Analyser; PROC; procedural; procedural language; Procedural Language/SQL; procedure; proceedings; process; Process and Experiment Automation Real-Time Language; process data; Process Design Language 2; process ID; process identifier; processing; processor; Processor Direct Slot; processor farm; Processor System Modeling Language; processor time; process scheduling; process table; PROCOL; Procomm; Procrustean string; Prodigy; ProDoc; product; production system; Professional Graphics Adapter; Professional Office System; professional programming; professional services; PROFILE; profile; PROFS; PROGENY; proglet; program; Program Composition Notation; program counter; Program Design Language; Program Evaluation and Review Technique; Program Information File; Programmable Airline Reservation System; Programmable Array Logic; Programmable Interrupt Controller; Programmable Logic Controller; Programmable Read-Only Memory; Programmed Data Processor; PROgrammed Graph REwriting Systems; programmer; Programmer Brain Damage; Programmer's Cheer; Programmers Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System; PROgrammer's Microapplication Language; Programmer's Switch; programming; programming fluid; programming language; Programming Language/Cornell; Programming Language/Systems; Program Temporary Fix; program transformation; Prograph; PROGRES; progressive coding; Progressive JPEG; progressive/sequential coding; PROJECT; project assurance; Project Athena; Project Guardian; projection; projective plane; Project MAC; project management; project planning; Prolog; Prolog++; Prolog-2; Prolog-D-Linda; Prolog-II; Prolog-III; Prolog-Linda; Prolog/Mali; PROM; PROMAL; Prometheus; promiscuous mode; PROM monitor; pron; Pronet; Pronunciation; proof; PROOF/L; proof theory; propeller head; propeller key; proportionally spaced font; Proposal Writing; proposition; propositional calculus; propositional logic; Proposition of a Language Useable for Structured Specifications; proprietary; PROSE; ProSet; PROSPER; Prospero; ProTalk; protected mode; PROTEUS; protocal; protocol; protocol analyser; protocol converter; Protocol Data Unit; protocol layer; protocol stack; protoduction; PROTON; Protosynthex; prototype; Prototyper; prototyping; provably difficult; provably unsolvable; provider; provocative maintenance; prowler; proxy; proxy ARP; proxy gateway; Proxy Server; proxy server; PS; PS1; PS2; PS/2; PS 440; PSA; PS-ALGOL; pSather; PSD; PSDN; pseudo; pseudocode; pseudoprime; pseudorandom number; PseudoScheme; pseudosuit; pseudo-tty; PSF; PSI; Psion; Psion Organiser; PSK; PSL; PSL/PSA; PSML; PSN; PSO; PSPP; PSTN; PSU; psychedelicware; psyton; pt; P-TAC; ptc; PTF; Pthreads; PTI; PTN; Ptolemy; PTT; PUB; pubic directory; public domain; public domain software; public-key cryptography; Public-Key Cryptography Standards; public-key encryption; Public Key Infrastructure; Public Switched Telephone Network; puff; PUFFT; pull; pull-down list; pull-down menu; pull media; Pulse Code Modulation; pumpkin; pumpkineer; pumpking; punch card; punched card; punt; Purdue Compiler-Construction Tool Set; Purdue University; pure functional language; pure lambda-calculus; PureLink; Pure Lisp; purely functional language; Purify; Purple Book; purple wire; Purveyor; push; push-button; Push Down List; push media; P value; PVC; PVM; PV-WAVE; pw; PWM; py; Pythagoras; Pythagoras's Theorem; Pythagoras' Theorem; Pythagorean Theorem; Python; Q; QA; qa; QA4; QAM; Qbasic; QBE; QBIC; QCA; QCIF; qdjanus; QDOS; QEMM386; QIC; QL; Qlambda; QLISP; QLOG; QMQP; QMTP; QMW; Q'NIAL; QNX; QoS; QPE; QSAM; QT-OBJECTS; QTRADER; quad; Quadralay Corporation; Quadrature Amplitude Modulation; quadruple bucky; quadruplex; Quake; Qualcomm; quality; quality assurance; quality control; quality of service; Quality Systems & Software Ltd.; quantifier; Quantify; quantum; quantum bogodynamics; quantum cell; quantum cell wire; quantum computer; quantum computing; quantum dot; Quantum-dot Cellular Automata; quarter; Quarter CIF; Quarter Inch Cartridge; Quay Financial Software; QUEASY; Queen Mary and Westfield College; Queens Problem; Queens Puzzle; Queen's University; QUEL; query; Query By Example; query by image content; query expansion; ques; Quest; question mark; queue; Queued Sequential Access Method; QUICK; quick-and-dirty; QuickDraw; Quick Mail Queueing Protocol; Quick Mail Transfer Protocol; Quicksilver; Quicksort; QuickTime; quiesce; quiesce time; QUIKSCRIPT; QUIKTRAN; QUIN; quine; Quintec-Objects; quintillion; Quintus Prolog; quote chapter and verse; quotient; Qu-Prolog; Quty; qux; QWERTY; QX; R2000; R2RS; R3.99RS; R3RS; R4RS; rabbit job; RACE; race condition; RACF; RAD; Raddle; Radio-frequency identification; Radio Frequency Interference; radio in the loop; radiosity; RADIUS; radix; RAID; RAIL; rainbow series; rain dance; RAIS; RAISE; RAISE Specification Language; RAL; RAM; Rambus DRAM; Rambus, Inc.; RAMDAC; RAM disk; RAM drive; RAMIS II; RAMTRON; random; random-access memory; Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter; randomness; random number; random testing; range; ransomware; Rapid Application Development; RapidCAD; Rapidly Extensible Language, English; rapid prototyping; Rapidwrite; RAPT; RARE; rare mode; RARP; RAS; RASP; raster; raster blaster; raster burn; raster font; rastergram; raster graphics; Raster Image Processor; rasterising; rasterizing; raster subsystem; Ratatosk; rat belt; RatC; RATEL; Rate monotonic scheduling; RATFIV; RATFOR; rational; RATional Fortran; Rationalized C; rave; rave on!; ravioli code; raw data; raw mode; RAWOOP-SNAP; ray casting; Rayleigh distribution; Ray Tomlinson; ray tracing; R:BASE; RBASIC; RBCSP; RBOC; rc; RC4; RCA 1802; RCA 1805; RCC; rc file; RCL; rcp; RCS; Rdb; rdb; RDBA; RDBMS; RDF; RDI; RDL; RDOS; RDP; RDRAM; RDS; RE; re; read-eval-print loop; README file; Read-Only Memory; read-only user; real; RealAudio; real estate; real hack; reality check; realization; Really Simple Syndication; real mode; real number; real operating system; Real Programmer; Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal; Real Simple Syndication; Real Soon Now; real-time; Real-Time Common Design Language; Realtime Disk Operating System; Real-Time Euclid; Real-Time Mentat; Real-Time Object-Oriented Modeling; Real-Time Operating System; Real-Time Operating System Nucleus; Real-Time Pascal; Real Time Streaming Protocol; real-time structured analysis; Real-Time Transport Protocol; real user; Real Video; Real World; reaper; reassembly; reboot; REC; recent changes; recipe; recipient; Recital; RECOL; Recommended Standard; record; Record Management Services; records; Record Separator; rectangle slinger; recurrence relation; recurse; recursion; recursion theory; recursive; recursive acronym; recursive definition; recursive descent parser; Recursive Functional Algorithmic Language; Recursive Macro Actuated Generator; recursive type; Red; Red Book; Red Brick Intelligent SQL; Redcode; redex; Red Hat; RediLisp; redirection; redirector; RedNet Ltd.; redocumentation; REDUCE; Reduced Instruction Set Computer; reduction; reduction strategy; redundancy; Redundant Array of Independent Disks; Redundant Array of Independent Drives; Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks; Redundant Array of Inexpensive Servers; Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks; red wire; red zone; re-engineering; re-entrant; refactoring; REFAL; REF-ARF; reference; reference counting; referential integrity; referentially transparent; referential transparency; referer; referrer; REFINE; Refined C; Refined Fortran; reflexive; reflexive domain; Reflexive transitive closure; RefLisp; refresh; refreshable braille display; refreshable display; refresh rate; refuctoring; refutable; regex; regexp; Regina; regional network; register; register allocation; register assignment; register dancing; registered port; register set; register spilling; Register Transfer Language; registry; regression; regression testing; REG-SYMBOLIC; REGTRAL; regular expression; Regular Expression Converter; regular graph; rehi; Reid, Brian; reify; re-image; reincarnation, cycle of; reinvent the wheel; relation; relational algebra; relational calculus; relational database; relational database management system; relational data model; relational DBMS; relational language; relational model; RELATIVE; relatively prime; relative pathname; Relative Record Data Set; RELCODE; release; released version; REL English; relevance; reliability; Reliability, Availability, Serviceability; reliable communication; Reliable Data Protocol; religion of CHI; religious issues; REM; remailer; Remote Access Services; Remote Database Access; Remote Desktop Protocol; remote echo; Remote Job Entry; remote login; Remote Method Invocation; remote monitoring; Remote Operations Service Element; Remote Procedure Call; Remote Reference Layer; Remote Spooling Communication Subsystem; Remote Write Protocol; removable disk; removable hard disk; rendering; RenderMan Shading Language; rendezvous; REP; repeat; repeater; repeating group; repeat loop; repetitive strain disorder; repetitive strain injury; REPL; replacement algorithm; Replay; replication; replicator; reply; Repondez s'il vous plait; Report Program Generator; repository; Representation Language Language; Request For Comments; request for proposal; Request For Technology; Required-COBOL; requirements; Requirements Acquisition and Controlled Evolution; requirements analysis; Requirements Engineering; Research Systems, Inc.; ResEdit; reserved memory; resolution; resolver; Resource Access Control Facility; Resource Description Framework; resource fork; Resource Reservation Protocol; Restricted EPL; restriction; Restructured EXtended eXecutor; restructuring; retcon; rete; RETI; Retrieve; retrocomputing; retronym; return from interrupt; return from the dead; Return To Zero; reusability; reuse; Reverse Address Resolution Protocol; Reverse ARP; reverse engineering; Reverse Polish Notation; reverse polish syntax; Revised ALGOL 60; revision; Revision Control System; Revolutionary Surrealist Vandal Party; revolutions per minute; REX; REXX; REXXWARE; RF; RFC; RFC 1014; RFC 1034; RFC 1035; RFC 1057; RFC 1058; RFC 1081; RFC 1094; RFC 1112; RFC 1119; RFC 1123; RFC 1156; RFC 1157; RFC 1171; RFC 1208; RFC 1213; RFC 1267; RFC 1268; RFC 1304; RFC 1321; RFC 1334; RFC 1341; RFC 1347; RFC 1350; RFC 1388; RFC 1436; RFC 1441; RFC 1442; RFC 1443; RFC 1444; RFC 1445; RFC 1446; RFC 1447; RFC 1448; RFC 1449; RFC 1450; RFC 1451; RFC 1452; RFC 1475; RFC 1508; RFC 1509; RFC 1520; RFC 1521; RFC 1526; RFC 1531; RFC 1550; RFC 1561; RFC 1568; RFC 1591; RFC 1630; RFC 1661; RFC 1700; RFC 1701; RFC 1702; RFC 1707; RFC 1730; RFC 1756; RFC 1760; RFC 1777; RFC 1778; RFC 1795; RFC 1823; RFC 1825; RFC 1831; RFC 1861; RFC 1938; RFC 1951; RFC 1959; RFC 1960; RFC 2045; RFC 2046; RFC 2047; RFC 2048; RFC 2049; RFC 2060; RFC 2061; RFC 2068; RFC 2093; RFC 2131; RFC 2234; RFC 2236; RFC 2246; RFC 2279; RFC 2281; RFC 2298; RFC 2326; RFC 2364; RFC 2408; RFC 2516; RFC 2543; RFC 2795; RFC 2821; RFC 3232; RFC 4213; RFC 792; RFC 821; RFC 822; RFC 826; RFC 854; RFC 903; RFC 908; RFC 959; RFCOMM; RFE; RFI; RFID; RFP; RFT; RG58; RG8; RGB; Rhapsody; ribbon cable; rib site; rice box; Richard Gabriel; Richard Hamming; Richard Korf; Richard P. Feynman; Richard P. Gabriel; Richard Stallman; rich object; Rich Site Summary; Rich Text Format; RIFF; RIGAL; Rigel; right brace; right bracket; right-click; right join; right outer join; right parenthesis; Right Thing; Rijndael; ring network; ring topology; Riordan's Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail; RIP; rip; ripcording; RIPE; RIPEM; ripper; RISC; RISCiX; RISC OS; RiscPC; RISC System/6000; Risk Based Testing; RISQL; RITL; RJ-11; RJ-45; RJE; RKM; RL; rl; RLaB; RLDRAM; RLE; RLF; RLL; rlogin; RMAG; RMAIL; RMI; RM-ODP; RMON; RMS; RNF; ro; roach; ROADS; Robert T. Morris; ROBEX; RoboHELP; robot; robot exclusion standard; robots.txt; robust; Rockwell Protocol Interface; Rocky Mountain Basic; rococo; ROCOF; roff; ROFL; ROFLMAO; rogue; rollback; ROM; ROM BIOS; ROME; Rom Kernel Manual; room; ROOM Methodology; room-temperature IQ; root; root bridge; root directory; root mode; root node; Root Normal Form; root version; ROSE; Rosette; Roskind grammars; rot13; rotary debugger; rotational latency; rotations per minute; ROTFL; ROTFLMAO; ROTFLMAOASTC; ROTFLOL; round-robin; round tape; round-trip time; route; routed; route flapping; routeing; routeing domain; route leak; router; routine; routing; Routing Information Protocol; routing policy; Routing Table Maintenance Protocol; row; Row Address Strobe; row-level locking; Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University; RPC; RPG; RPG-II; RPI; RPL; RPL-1; RPM; rpm; RPN; Répondez s'il vous plait; RPT; RRL; RRS; RS; RS-232; RS-232C; RS-232D; RS-422; RS-423; RS-449; RS-485; RS6000; RS/6000; RS6K; RSA; RSA Data Security, Inc.; RSA encryption; RSCS; Réseaux Associés pour la Recherche Européenne; Réseaux IP Européens; RS flip-flop; rsh; RSI; RSL; RSN; RSS; RSS feed; rstat; RSTS/E; RSVP; RT-11; RTBM; RTC++; RT-CDL; RTEE; RTF; RTFAQ; RTFB; RTFM; RTFS; RTI; RTL; RTL/1; RTL/2; RTM; RTMP; RTOS; RTP; RT-PC; RTS; RTSA; RTSP; RTT; RTTI; RTTY; ru; rubi; Ruby; rude; RUFL; run; RUNCIBLE; run commands; runes; runic; run-length encoding; Run Length Limited; run time; run-time environment; run-time error; run-time library; run-time support; run-time system; Run-Time Type Information; ruptime; RUSH; Russell; Russell, Bertrand; Russell's Attic; Russell's Paradox; rusty iron; rusty memory; RUTH; rw; rwho; RWP; Rx; RYFM; S; s///; S3; SA; sa; SA-110; SAA; Saber-C; Saber-C++; SAC; SAC-1; SAC2; sacadm; sacred; SAD; SAD SAM; SADT; SAFARI; safe; safe mode; safety; safety-critical system; saga; sagan; SAGE; SAIC; SAID; SAIL; SAINT; Saint Andrews Static Language; SAL; SALEM; Sales Automation; salescritter; Sales Force Automation; S-ALGOL; SALT; salt; salt mines; salt substrate; SAM; sam; SAM76; Samba; SAME; same-day service; SAMeDL; samizdat; SAML; Sammet, Jean E.; sample; sample rate; sampling; sampling frequency; samurai; SAN; sandbender; sandbox; Sandman; San Francisco; sanity check; Santa Cruz Operation; SAP; SAP AG; SAPI; SAR; SAS; SASD; SASE; SASI; SASL; SASL+LV; SASL-YACC; SAS System; SATA; SATAN; Sather; Sather-K; satisfiability problem; saturation; Saturday-night special; sausage code; SAVE; save; save as; say; sb; SB AWE32; SBCS; SBD; SBE; SBM; SB-Prolog; SBR; SBus; SC; sc; SCA; SCADA; scag; scalability; Scalable Coherent Interface; Scalable Processor ARChitecture; Scalable Sampling Rate; Scalable Vector Graphics; scalar; SCALLOP; SCAN; scan; scan design; SCANDISK; Scan-EDF; scanf; Scan-In, Scan-Out; scan line; scanner; scanno; scan path; scan register; scar tissue code; SCC; SCCS; SCEPTRE; Schachter's Hypothesis; scheduler; scheduling; Scheduling API; Scheduling Application Programming Interface; Schelog; schema; Schema Definition Set; Schema Representation language; schematic capture; schematic type variable; Schematik; Scheme; Scheme84; Scheme88; Scheme->C; Scheme Library; Scheme-Linda; Scheme Object System; Scheme Repository; Scheme-to-C; Schlaer-Mellor; Schoonschip; schrödinbug; SCI; Science and Engineering Research Council; Scientific Data Systems; SCL; SCM; SC/MP; SCO; Scode; SCOOP; SCOOPS; SCOPE; scope; Scorpion; Scott-closed; Scott domain; SCPI; SCPI Consortium; scram switch; SCRAP; scratch; scratch disk; scratch monkey; Scratchpad I; Scratchpad II; scream and die; Screamer; screaming tty; screen; screen blanker; screen dump; Screen Peace; screen popping; screen reader; screen refresh; screen saver; screen scraper; screen server; screen sharing; Screenwrite; screw; screwage; scribble; Scribe; SCRIPT; script; Scriptics; scripting language; scrog; SCROLL; scroll; scrollable list; scroll bar; scrolling; scrool; scrozzle; scruffies; SCSI; SCSI-1; SCSI-2; SCSI-3; SCSI adaptor; SCSI controller; SCSI ID; SCSI initiator; SCSI interface; SCSI reconnect; SCSI target; ScumOS; scuzzy; SD; sd; SDDI; SDE; SDF; SDH; SDI; SDK; SDL; SDL 92; SDLC; SDM; SDMS; SDP; SDRAM; SDRC; SDR-RAM; SDR-SDRAM; SDS; SDS 92; SDS 940; SDSL; SE; se; SEA; Seagate Technology; SEAL; search; search algorithm; search-and-destroy mode; search engine; search problem; search term; Search The Fucking Web; SEC; SECC; SECD machine; secondary cache; secondary damage; secondary key; secondary storage; second generation; second generation computer; second generation language; second level cache; second normal form; Second-Order Lambda-calculus; second-system effect; sector interleave; sector interleaving; sector map; sector mapping; Secure File Transfer Protocol; Secure Hash Algorithm; Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions; Secure Shell; Secure Sockets Layer; security; Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool; Security Association; Security Association ID; security through obscurity; security vulnerability; SED; Sed; SEE; seed; seek; seeking; seek time; SEESAW; see u see me; SEGA; Sega Genesis/MegaDrive; segfault; seggie; segment; segmentation; segmentation and reassembly; segmentation fault; segmented address space; segv; SEI; Seiko RC-4000; SEL; Selective Dissemination of Information; selector; Self; Self-Extensible Language; Self Extracting Archive; self-reference; selvage; SEM; semantic gap; semantic network; semantics; semaphore; semi; Semi-Automatic Ground Environment; semicolon; semiconductor; Semidetached Mode; SENDIT; sendmail; sendmail.cf; Sendmail Inc.; Seneca; senior bit; sense; sensor; sentence; SE-ODP; SEP; separate compilation; SEPIA; SEPP; Seque; Sequel; sequence; Sequenced Packet Exchange; sequencer; Sequent; sequential coding; sequential file matching; Sequential Parlog Machine; sequential processing; SERC; SERCOS; serial; Serial Advanced Technology Attachment; Serial ATA; serial communications; Serial Communications Interface; Serial Interface Adaptor; serial IO chip; serialise; serialize; serial line; Serial Line Internet Protocol; Serial Line IP; Serial Peripheral Interface; serial port; Serial Presence Detect; serial processing; serial processor; Serial Storage Architecture; serve; servelet; server; serverlet; Server Message Block; server-parsed HTML; server room; servers; server-side; server-side include; service; serviceability; Service Access Point; Service Advertising Protocol; Service Discovery Protocol; service-oriented architecture; service provider; Service Set Identifier; servlet; session; Session Initiation Protocol; session layer; SES/workbench; SET; set; set abstraction; set associative cache; set complement; set comprehension; Set Equation Transformation System; Setext; SETL; SETL2; SETL/E; Set Priority Level; SETS; set theory; set-top box; SEUS; seven layer model; Seven-Segment Display; SEX; sexadecimal; sex changer; SEXI; Seymour Cray; SFA; SFBI; SFD-ALGOL; SFFA; SFL; SFLV; sFTP; sg; SGCP; SGI; SGML; sgmls; SGML Tagger; SGRAM; sh; SHA; SHACO; SHADOW; shadowing; shadow ram; shallow binding; shambolic link; Shape_VC; ShapeTools; shar; sharchive; sharding; Share and enjoy!; shared memory; Shared Time Repair of Big Electronic Systems; shareware; shar file; sharp; Sharp APL; S-HDSL; shebang; SHEEP; shelf; shelfware; SHELL; shell; shell out; shell script; shell variable; shielded twisted pair; SHIFT; Shift In; shift left logical; Shift Out; shift right logical; shim; shitogram; Shockwave; shockwave; Shockwave Flash; shopbot; short card; Short Code; shortcut; Shorten; shortest job first; Short Message Service; shotgun debugging; shoulder surfing; shovelware; Show-And-Tell; showstopper; shriek; shrug report; sht; SHTF; shtml; Shub-Internet; SHUG; Shugart, Alan F.; Shugart Associates; Shugart Technology; SI; si; SIA; SIBO; SICL; SICS; SICStus Prolog; sidecar; side-effect; Siemens; Siemens Nixdorf Informationssteme, AG; Sierra; SIFT; SIG; Sig; sig; sig block; SIGBUS; SIGhyper; SIGLA; SIGMA; SIGNAL; signal; signalling rate; Signalling System 7; signal-to-noise ratio; signature; sig quote; sig virus; SIL; Silage; silicon; silicon chip; Silicon Graphics, Inc.; Siliwood; silly walk; silo; Silver Book; silver bullet; SIM; SIMAN; SimCity; SimCity 2000; SIMD; Similix; SIML/I; SIMM; Simone; Simonyi, Charles; SIMPAC; SIMPAS; SIMPL; SIMPLE; Simple Actor Language; Simple Authentication and Security Layer; Simple Gateway Control Protocol; Simple Mail Transfer Protocol; simple multicast protocol; Simple Network Management Protocol; Simple Network Management Protocol version 2; Simple Network Paging Protocol; Simple Object Access Protocol; simplex; simplex method; simplex printer; SIMPL/I; Simplified Multicast Routing Protocol; SIMPL-T; SIMSCRIPT; SIMSCRIPT I.5; SIMSCRIPT II.5; simship; SIMULA; SIMULA 67; SIMULA I; simulate; simulated annealing; Simulating Digital Systems; simulation; SIMulation ANalysis; Simulation Language for Alternative Modeling; Simulation Oriented Language; Simultaneous Engineering Environment; Simultaneous Peripheral Operation On-Line; simultaneous shipment; Simware, Inc.; SINA; since time T equals minus infinity; Sinclair, Clive; Sinclair PC200; Sinclair Radionics; Sinclair Research; sine wave; single assignment; single assignment language; single-attached; Single Connection Attach; Single Connector Attachment; Single Data Rate Random Access Memory; Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory; Single Document Interface; single-duplex; Single Edge Contact; Single Edge Contact Cartridge; Single Edge Processor Package; single-electron transistor; Single Electron Tunneling; Single Electron Tunneling Technology; single ended; Single Image Random Dot Stereogram; single inheritance; Single In-line Memory Module; Single Inline Pin Package; Single Instruction Multiple Data; Single Instruction/Multiple Data; Single-line Digital Subscriber Line; single-page web application; Single-pair High Speed Digital Subscriber Line; single program/multiple data; single quote; single sign-on; single sourcing; single static assignment; singleton variable; Single Virtual Storage; siod; SIP; SIPB; SIPLAN; SIPP; SI prefix; Siprol; SIR; SIRDS; Siri; SIRTS; SISAL; sit; SITBOL; site map; sitename; SIxteen Bit Organisers; sj; sk; Skel-ML; Sketchpad; S/Key; Skill; Skim; SkipJack; SKOL; skolemisation; S-K reduction machine; skrog; SKsh; SKU; skulker; SL; sl; SL5; slack; slackware; SLAM; SLANG; S-Lang; slap on the side; slash; slashdot effect; slave tty; SLD resolution; sleep; SLIB; Slide; sliding-window; SLIM; slim; Slingshot; SLIP; SlipKnot; SLIPS; SLiRP; SLLIC; slog; Sloop; slop; slopsucker; slosh; Slot 1; Slot 2; Slot A; slurp; sm; smail; SMALGOL; SMALL; Small Business Edition; Small-C; Small Computer System Interface; small-office/home-office; Small Outline DIMM; Smalltalk; Smalltalk-80; Smalltalk/V; SmallVDM; SMALLWORLD; SmallWorld; Smarandache logic; SMART; smart; Smart Battery Data; smart card; Smartdrive; SMARTdrv; smart terminal; smash case; smash sum; smash the stack; SMB; smbclient; smblib; SMBus; SMCC; SMDS; SMG; SMI; SMIL; smiley; smilies; S-MIME; SML; SML#; sml2c; SML/NJ; SMM; SMNP; smoke; smoke and mirrors; smoke-emitting diode; smoke test; smoking clover; SMoLCS; SMOP; SMP; SMPS; SMPT; SMRP; SMS; SMT; SMTP; smug report; smurf; sn; SNA; snacc; snaf; SNAFU principle; snag; snail mail; SNAP; snap; snap dump; Snappy; Snappy Video Snapshot; snarf; snarf & barf; snarf down; snark; sneakernet; sneck; snert; SNI; Sniff; sniff; sniffer; snivitz; SNMP; SNMP agent; SNMPv2; SNOBOL; SNOBOL2; SNOBOL3; SNOBOL4; SNOOPS; SNPP; SNR; S/N ratio; SNR bandwidth product; SO; so; SO 2; SOA; SOAP; SOAR; social engineering; social network; social networking; social science number; socket; Socket 1; Socket 2; Socket 3; Socket 370; Socket 4; Socket 5; Socket 6; Socket 7; Socket 8; SOCKS; SOCRATIC; SODA; SODAS; SO-DIMM; Sod's Law; SOE; SoftBench; soft boot; softcopy; Softlab; soft link; SoftModem; SoftVelocity Inc.; software; Software AG; software audit; Software BackPlane; software bloat; Software bus; software copyright; Software Description Database; Software Developers Kit; software development life cycle; software enabling; software engineering; Software Engineering Environment; software handshaking; software interrupt; Software in the Public Interest, Inc.; software laser; software law; software life-cycle; Software Method; Software Methodology; software metric; software patent; software piracy; software pirate; Software Practice and Experience; Software Productivity Centre; Software Publishing Certificate; Software Publishing Corporation; software reliability; software rot; software theft; Software through Pictures; software tool; Software Verification Research Centre; Software Writer's Language; softwarily; softy; SOH; SOHIO; SoHo; SOIF; SOJ; SOL; Solaris; SOLID; solid state; Solid State Disk; solid-state storage device; SOLO; solution; Solution Based Modelling; Solve; SOM; Somar DumpAcl; Somar Software; some random X; Sonata; SONET; Sony Playstation; SORCERER; sorcerer's apprentice mode; sort; sorting; SOS; sound; Sound Blaster; sound card; soundex; soundness; source; source code; source code control; source code escrow; source code management; source language; source-level debugger; source of all good bits; source package; source route; source routing; southbridge; SP; SP2; SP/2; space; space bar; space-cadet keyboard; space complexity; space key; space leak; SPACEWAR; SPADE; spaghetti code; spaghetti inheritance; spaghetti with meatballs code; spam; spamdex; spamming; spanning tree algorithm; SPAR; SPARC; SPARC International, Inc.; SPARCStation; SPARCstation 10; SPARCstation 20; SPARCsystem 4; SPARC Xterminal 1; SPARK; SPARK Annotation Language; SPARKS; sparse; Spatial Technologies; spawn; SPC; SPD; SPDL; SPE; Speakeasy; speaker; SPEC; Spec; spec; SPECbase_fp92; SPECbase_int92; SPECbaserate; SPEC CFP92; SPEC CINT92; SPECfp92; SPECIAL; special-case; Special Interest Group; specialisation; specification; specific markup; SPECint92; SPECmark; SPECmark89; SPECOL; SPEC rate; SPECrate_base_fp92; SPECrate_fp92; SPECrate_int92; SPEC ratio; Spectral Band Replication; Spectrum; speculative evaluation; speculative execution; Speech Application Programming Interface; speech recognition; Speech Recognition Application Program Interface; speech synthesis; SPEED; Speedcoding; Speedcoding 3; SPEEDEX; speedometer; spell; spelling flame; Sperry Corporation; Sperry Univac; SPG; SPGA; SPI; Spice Lisp; SPID; spider; Spiderweb; spiffy; spike; spill; spim; spin; spin control; spinner; spiral model; SPIT; SPITBOL; spiware; SP/k; SPL; SPL/1; SPLash!; splash screen; splat; SPL/I; SPLINTER; split; Split-C; splot; SPLX; SPM; SPMD; SPML; spod; spoiler; sponge; spoo; spoof; spoofing; spooge; SPOOL; Spool; spool; spooler; spool file; SpoolView; spray; spreadsheet; spread spectrum communications; SPRING; SPRINT; Sprintnet; Sprite; sprite; sprocket feed; SPS; SPSS; SPSS, Inc.; SPUR; SPX; spx; spyware; SQE; SQL; SQL2; SQL3; SQL Access Group; SQL/DS; SQL Module Language; SQL Server; SQL server; SQLWindows; SQR; SQRIBE; Square; square-headed boyfriend; square-headed girlfriend; square tape; Squeak; Squiggol; squirt the bird; SR; sr; SRAM; SRAPI; SRC Modula-3; SRDL; SR flip-flop; SRI; SRI International; SRL; SRP; SS7; SSA; SSADM; SSBA; SSD; SSE; SSE-2; ssh; SSH File Transfer Protocol; SSI; SSID; SSII; SSL; S/SL; SSLeay; SSMA; SSO; SSR; st; ST-506; STAB; STAB-11; STAC; stac compression; stack; Stack Environment Control Dump machine; stack frame; stacking order; stack loader; stack overflow; stack pointer; stack puke; stack traceback; STAGE2; Staggered Pin Grid Array; staircase; staircasing; stale pointer bug; Stallman, Richard M.; stand-alone; standard; Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments; Standard d'Echange et de Transfert; standard deviation; standard for robot exclusion; Standard for the exchange of product model data; Standard Generalised Markup Language; Standard Generalized Markup Language; standard input/output; Standard Instrument Control Library; standard interpretation; standard I/O; Standard Lisp; Standard ML; Standard ML of New Jersey; Standard Operating Environment; standard semantics; Standard Widget Toolkit; St Andrews Static Language; Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; Stanford Artificial Intelligence Language; Stanford Research Institute; Stanford University; STAPLE; Staple; STAR 0; StarBurst; StarLISP; StarMOD; star network; Starset; STARSYS; start bit; start of authority; Start Of Header; Start Of Text; start tag; state; state diagram; stateless; state machine; statement; state transition diagram; State University of New York; static; statically typed; static analysis; static database management system; static DBMS; static link; static method; static nested scope; static nested scoping; static RAM; static random-access memory; static scope; static typing; static variable; Station Management; Statistical Analysis System; Statistical Package for the Social Sciences; statistical time division multiplexing; statistics; StatMUX; STB; STD; STD 1; STD 13; STD 15; STD 2; STD 9; stderr; stdin; stdio; stdio.h; STDM; stdout; STDWIN; steam-powered; Steelman; steganography; stemmer; stemming; STENSOR; STEP; Stephen Cole Kleene; Stephen Jobs; Stephen Kleene; stepper motor; Stepstone Corp; stepwise refinement; stereogram; Sterling Software, Inc.; Steve Jobs; Steve's Shell; Steve Wozniak; STFT; STFU; STFW; Sticks&Stones; sticky analysis; sticky bit; sticky content; stiffy; STIL; STING; STk; STMP; stochastic; stock-keeping unit; STOIC; stomp on; STONE; Stone Age; stone knives and bearskins; Stoneman; stop bit; stoppage; storage; Storage Allocation and Coding Program; Storage Area Network; Storage Management Services; storage media; store; store and forward; stored procedure; storm; Story of Mel; STP; StP; STP4; Strachey, Christopher; Strand; Strand88; Stratus; Strawman; STREAM; stream; streaming; Streaming SIMD Extensions; stream-oriented; STREAMS; strength reduction; STRESS; stress testing; strict; strict evaluation; strided; string; String EXpression Interpreter; stringly typed; STring Oriented Interactive Compiler; String Oriented Symbolic Language; String PRocessING language; string reduction; stripe; stripe set; striping; STROBES; stroke; StrongARM; strongly connected component; strongly typed; strong typing; Stroustrup, Bjarne; struct; structural recursion; structured analysis; Structured Analysis and Design Technique; structured design; structure diagram; structured language; structured programming; Structured Query Language; Structure of Management Information; strudel; STRUDL; STSC APL; stub; stub network; stubroutine; STUDENT; Student PL/I; studly; studlycaps; Stuffit; Stupids; stupid-sort; Sturgeon's Law; STX; style; su; SUB; subband encoding; subclass; subject; subject index; subject-oriented programming; sublanguage; subnet; subnet address; subnet mask; subnet number; subroutine; subscribe; Subscriber Identity Module; subscribing; Subset-Equational Language; Substitute; substrate; subtype; subtyping; SuccessoR; successor; sucking mud; Sue; sufficiently small; SUGAR; suicideware; SUIF; suit; suitably small; Suite Synthetique des Benchmarks de l'AFUU; sum; Summary Object Interchange Format; SUMMER; SUMMER SESSION; sum of products; sum of products type; Sun; Sun-2 Workstation; Sun-3 Workstation; Sun-4 Workstation; sun lounge; Sun Microsystems, Inc.; SunOS; sunspots; sun-stools; SunView; SUNY; SUPER; Super 7; Superbrain; SuperBrain II; superclass; supercombinators; supercompilation; supercomputer; SuperDrive; superhighway; SuperJanet; SUPERMAC; super minicomputer; SuperPaint; Super Pascal; superpipelined; superprogrammer; superscalar; super source quench; SuperTalk; superuser; Super VGA; Super Video Graphics Adapter; Super Video Graphics Adaptor; Super Video Graphics Array; supervisor mode; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; SuperZap; Supplementary Ideographic Plane; support; supremum; Sure; surfing; SURGE; surjection; surjective; surrogate key; suspension; Suzie COBOL; sv; SVC; SVG; SVGA; SVGA monitor; SVID; S-Video; SVR4; SVRC; SVS; swab; SWAG; swap; swap file; swapped in; swapped out; swapping; swap space; Sweden; SweetLambda; swf; Swing; SWI-Prolog; Swiss Army Code; switch; Switched Multimegabit Data Service; switched virtual circuit; switched virtual connection; switching; switching hub; switch statement; swizzle; SWL; SWT; swung dash; sy; Sybase, Inc.; Sybase SQL Server; SYDEL; SYGMA; SYLK; syllogism; Sylvan; Symantec; SYMBAL; SymbMath; SYMBOLANG; Symbolic Assembler Program; SYMBOLIC ASSEMBLY; Symbolic Automatic INTegrator; symbolic inference; Symbolic Link; symbolic link; symbolic logic; Symbolic Mathematical Laboratory; symbolic mathematics; Symbolic Optimal Assembly Program; Symbolic Optimum DEUCE Assembly Program; Symbolics, Inc.; Symbol Manipulation Program; symlink; symmetric; symmetric key cryptography; Symmetric LISP; symmetric multiprocessing; symmetric multiprocessor; Symphony; SYMPL; SYN; sync; Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language; synchronous; Synchronous Data Link Control; Synchronous Digital Hierarchy; Synchronous DRAM; Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory; Synchronous Graphics RAM; Synchronous Graphics Random Access Memory; Synchronous idle; synchronous key encryption; Synchronous Optical NETwork; syncronous; synflood; synonym ring; syntactic salt; syntactic sugar; syntax; Syntax-Case; syntax directed translation; Syntax/Semantic Language; syntax tree; synthesis; Synthesizer Specification Language; sypware; SyQuest Technology, Inc.; sysadmin; sysape; Sysdeco Mimer AB; sys-frog; SYSKEY; SYSLISP; sysop; Sysplex; sysprog; system; System/360; System/370; System 5; System 7.5; System Account Manager; system administration; system administrator; system analysis; system analyst; system board; system call; system catalog; System Control Language; Systeme International; System F; System International; system management; System Management Bus; System Management Mode; System Management Server; system manager; system mangler; system operator; System Product Interpreter; system programming language; System R; Systems Administrators Guild; systems analysis; Systems Analysis Definition; systems analyst; Systems Application Architecture; Systems Development Life Cycle; systems jock; Systems Network Architecture; system software; systems operator; systems programmer; systems programming; system testing; system unit; System V; System V Interface Definition; Système International; Système International d'Unités; systolic array; SysVile; sz; T; T1; T1 line; T1 rate; T3; T3 line; TA; TAA; TAB; table; table locking; tablespace; TABLET; TABLOG; tab-separated values; TABSOL; Tabulating Machine Company; TAC; TACL; TACPOL; Tactile User Interface; tag; Tagged Image File Format; tagged queueing; tagged types; tag name; tail call optimisation; tail call optimization; tail circuit; tail recursion; tail recursion modulo cons; tail recursion optimisation; tail-strict; TAL; TALE; Taligent; talk; talk bomb; talker system; talk mode; TALL; tall card; Tandem Application Language; Tandem Computers; Tandy; Tanenbaum, Andrew; Tangible User Interface; tanked; TANSTAAFL; TAO; TAOS; TAP; tap; tape; tape archive; tape drive; tape head; Tape Operating System; TAPI; tar; tar and feather; tarball; targa; Targa Graphics Adaptor; target; Target-Machine Description Language; TARTAN; taskbar; Task Control Block; task scheduling; TASM; TASS; taste; tatar; tau; tautological probability; tautological set; tautology; TAWK; Taxis; tayste; taz; TB; TBF; TBIL; TBK; Tbl; tc; T-carrier system; TCB; TCGS; TC/IX; Tcl; Tcl Consortium; tcl-debug; Tcl-DP; tclhttpd; TclX; TCM; TCO; Tcode; TCOL; TCOL.Ada; TCP; TCPIP; TCP/IP; tcsh; Tcsim; TCVN 5773; TCVN 6056; td; TDD; TDEL; TDF; TDFL; TDI; TDM; TDMA; TDR; Teamwork; Technical/Office Protocol; Technion; technology; Technology Enabled Relationship Manager; Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems; TechRef; TECO; tee; TEI; telco; TELCOMP; Telecommunication Display Device; Telecommunications Device for the Deaf; Telecommunications Industry Association; telecommuting; teledildonics; telegraphy; telematics; TelEnet; TELEPAC; Telephone Application Program Interface; telephony; Telephony Application Programming Interface; Telephony User Interface; Telerat; Telescope User Interface; Telescript; Teletype; teletype; Teletype Corporation; teletypewriter; TeleUSE; television; Television Interface Adaptor; TELNET; Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol; Telon; TELOS; TELSIM; template; template code; template wizard; TEMPLOG; TEMPO; Tempo; temporal database; temporal logic; Tempura; Ten15; tendinitis; TenDRA; ten-finger interface; tennis elbow; tense; tensor product; tenured graduate student; tera-; terabyte; teraflop; teraflop club; TERM; TERMAC; termcap; terminak; terminal; Terminal Access Controller; terminal adapter; Terminal Adaptor; terminal brain death; terminal emulation; terminal emulator; terminal illness; terminal junkie; terminal node; Terminal Oriented Real Time Operating System; Terminal Oriented Social Science; Terminal Productivity eXecutive; terminal server; Terminal User Interface; Terminate and Stay Resident; termination analysis; terminator; term rewriting system; Terms Of Service; ternary; terpri; terrabyte; Terse; test; test coverage; test-driven development; testing; TET; TeX; TeX-78; TeX-82; Texas Instruments; Texinfo; TeX point; text; text-based; text editor; Text Encoding Initiative; text file; Text Processing Utility; Text Reckoning And Compiling; text segment; Text To Speech; Textual User Interface; texture; tf; TFDL; TFT; TFTP; tg; TGA; T-gen; TGS-II; TGS Systems; tgz; th; thanks in advance; That's not a bug, that's a feature!; T.H.E; The Cuckoo's Egg; The Dojo Toolkit; The Force; The Internet Account; The MathWorks, Inc.; The Metadata Company; The Microsoft Network; The Mythical Man-Month; The Network; THEO; theology; The Open Group; theory; theory change; The Real-Time Operating System Nucleus; There's More Than One Way To Do It; Theseus; The story of Mel; The story of Mel, a Real Programmer; The World Of Cryton; the X that can be Y is not the true X; thicket; thick Ethernet cable; thick film dielectric electroluminescence; thicknet; thin client; thin Ethernet cable; ThingLab; Think C; Thinking Machines Corporation; thinko; thinnet; third generation computer; third generation language; third normal form; This can't happen; this dictionary; This time, for sure!; thn; Thomas; thrash; thrashing; thread; threaded; threaded code; threading; Thread Language Zero; thread-safe; three-finger salute; three-letter acronym; three-tier; throughput; thud; Thumb; thumb; thumbnail; Thunderbird; thunk; TIA; tick; TickIT; Tickle; tickle a bug; tick-list features; TIFF; tiger team; tight loop; tilde; TILE Forth; Tim Berners-Lee; time bomb; time complexity; Time Complex Simulator; time division multiple access; time division multiplexing; Time Domain Reflectometer; timeout; time quantum; time-sharing; Time Sharing Option; time shifting; Time Simulator; time sink; time slice; times-or-divided-by; time T; Time to Live; time zone; TINC; Tinman; tinman+; TINT; tint; Tiny; Tiny BASIC; Tiny Basic Interpreter Language; Tiny Clos; TIP; TIPL; tip of the ice-cube; tired iron; tits on a keyboard; tj; Tk; tk; TK-90X; TK-95; T. Kohonen; TK!Solver; TL0; TL1; TLA; TLAs; TLB; TLD; TLI; TL/I; T Lisp; TLS; TM; tm; TMDL; TMG; TMRC; TMRCie; TMS 9900; tn; tn3270; TNC; TNSTAAFL; TNX; TNXE6; to; to a first approximation; toast; toaster; toasternet; to a zeroth approximation; toggle; TOK; token; token bus; token ring; TomeRaider; Tom Knight; tone; Tony Hoare; tool; toolbar; toolbook; Toolbuilder; Tool Builder Kit; Tool Command Language; TOOLS; toolsmith; TOP; top-down design; Top-Down Model; topic drift; topic group; topic map; topic thread; top-level domain; topology; TOPS-10; TOPS-20; Tornado; Toronto Euclid; torrent; TORTOS; TOS; Toshiba Corporation; TOSS; total function; totally ordered; totally ordered set; total ordering; toto; touchpad; touch screen; tourist; tourist information; Towers of Hanoi; Tower Technology Corporation; toy; Toy/Ada; toy language; Toyohashi University Parallel Lisp Environment; toy problem; toy program; tp; TPA; TPF; TP/IX; TPL; TPO; TPS; tptc; TPU; TPX; tr; TRAC; traceroute; trace scheduling; track; track ball; tracker ball; tracking; tracking cookie; tracking file; trackpad; TrackPoint; tractor feed; TrafoLa; Trafola-H; trampoline; TRANDIR; TRANQUIL; TRANS; transaction; Transaction Application Language; Transaction Processing Facility; transceiver; TRANSCODE; transducer; transfer; transfer none; transfer of control; transfer rate; transfer syntax; transfinite induction; transformation; transient; Transient Program Area; transistor; Transistor-Transistor Logic; TRANSIT; transition ad; transitive; transitive closure; transit network; Translation Look-aside Buffer; Transmission Control Protocol; transparent; transparent audio coding; Transport Driver Interface; transport layer; Transport Layer Interface; Transport Layer Security protocol; Transport Level Interface; Transport Service Access Point; transputer; TRANS-USE; trap; trap door; trap-door function; trash; Trash-80; traveling salesman problem; travelling salesman; travelling salesman problem; traversal; traverse; trawl; tree; tree-killer; TREET; TREETRAN; Tree Transformation Language; treeware; Trellis; Trellis Code Modulation; Trident; trigger; trigger finger; TRIGMAN; trillion; Trilogy; triple DES; tri state; trit; Triton; Triton II; Triton VX; Trivial File Transfer Protocol; TRO; troff; troglodyte; troglodyte mode; trojan; Trojan horse; TROLL; troll; TRON; tron; Trouble Came Back; TRS; TRS-80; Truchet point; True BASIC; true colour; true hacker; TRUENAME; TrueType; Trumpet; TRUSIX; truth table; TS; TSAP; TSEE; TSIA; Tsim; TSL-1; TSO; TSP; TSR; TSV; tt; TTD; TTFN; TTL; TTS; tty; TTYL; TUB; TUBA; tube; tube time; Tuckals; TUI; Tukey, John; Tuki; tunafish; tune; tunneling; tunnelling; Tunny Emulator; TUPLE; tuple; tuple calculus; Tuple Space Smalltalk; tupling; Turbo C; Turbo C++; Turbo Debugger; turbo nerd; Turbo Pascal; Turbo Prolog; Turing; Turing Machine; Turingol; Turing Plus; Turing tar-pit; Turing test; turist; TURN; turn-key; turtle graphics; TUTOR; Tuxedo; TV; tv; tw; TWAIN; tweak; tweening; tweeter; TWENEX; Twente Compiler Generator System; Twentel; twiddle; TWIG; twilight zone; twink; twinning; Twin Vector Quantization; twip; twirling baton; twisted pair; twisted pair only; Twitter; twm; two-binary, one-quaternary; twonkie; two-phase commit; twos complement; two-to-the-N; two-valued logic; TX-0; TXL; TYMCOM-X; TYMNET; Tymshare, Inc.; type; type-ahead; type-ahead search; type assignment; type class; typed lambda-calculus; TypedProlog; typeface; type inference; type scheme; typo; typographical error; typography; TYPOL; typo squatter; tyt; TZ; tz; ua; UAN; UART; UAT; UAW; UBASIC; UBD; ubiquitous computing; uC++; UCB; UCHO; U-Code; UCP; UCS; UCSD Pascal; UCS transformation format; UCX; udb; UDDI; UDF; UDMA; UDP; uemacs; UFO; UFO bug; ug; UGLIAC; UHELP; UI; uid; UIDL; UIL; UIMS; UIMX; UIS; uk; UKC; UKERNA; UKUUG Ltd.; ULCC; Ulm's Modula-2 System; ULP; Ultra64; Ultra-ATA; Ultra DMA; Ultra-SCSI; Ultrix; um; UMB; UMB Scheme; UMDL; UML; uML; UMTS; unary; UNC; UNCL; UNCOL; uncompression; uncountable; uncurry; uncurrying; undefined; undefined external reference; underflow; Undernet; underscore; under the hood; undocumented feature; U-NET Limited; unfold; unfold/fold; UNI; unicast; Unicode; UniCOMAL; Unicorny; unicos; Uniface; unification; Unified Han; Unified Modeling Language; unifier; UNIFORM; Uniform Naming Convention; Uniform Resource Citation; Uniform Resource Locater; Uniform Resource Locator; Uniform Resource Name; Uniform Resource Number; Unify; unify; Unify Corporation; Unihan; uninstaller; uninteresting; Uninterruptible Power Supply; union; Unipalm Group plc; Unipress Software, Inc.; uniprocessor; UNIQUE; Unique ID Listing; unique key; unique sales point; Unir Tech; UNISAP; Unisys Corporation; United Kingdom Education and Research Networking Association; United Kingdom Unix Users Group; United Technologies Research Cente; Unit Separator; unit testing; UNITY; Univac; Universal algebra; Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter; Universal Character Set; Universal Communications X; Universal Computer Protocol; Universal Debugger; Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration; Universal Disk Format; Universal Naming Convention; universal quantifier; Universal Resource Identifier; Universal Resource Locator; Universal Serial Bus; universal thunk; Universal Time; Universal Time Coordinated; universe of discourse; University of Arizona; University of California at Berkeley; University of Durham; University of East London; University of Edinburgh; University of Hawaii; University of Iceland; University of London Computing Centre; University of Michigan; University of Michigan Digital Library Project; University of Minnesota; University of Nijmegen; University of Pennsylvania; University of Tasmania; University of Twente; Unix; Unix box; Unix brain damage; Unix conspiracy; Unix International; Unixism; Unix man page; Unix manual page; Unix System V; Unix to Unix Copy; UnixWare; Unix weenie; Unix wizard; Unlicense; unnormalised; unproto; unshar; unshielded twisted pair; unswizzle; until; untyped; unwind-protect; unwind the stack; UN*X; unzip; up; uparrow; UPenn; upgradability; upgrade; upgradeability; upload; UPMAIL Tricia Prolog; upper bound; Upper Layer Protocol; upper memory block; Upper Side-Band modulation; Upright Database Technology AB; UPS; upstream; upthread; upward closure; Uranus; urban legend; URC; urchin; URI; URL; URL forwarding; URL redirection; URN; URouLette; US; us; usability; USAModSim; usa.net; US-ASCII; USB; USB 2.0; USB Adapter Card Support; USB drive; USE; Usenet; Usenet news; Usenetter; USENIX; user; user acceptance testing; user base; User Brain Damage; User Datagram Protocol; user experience; user-friendly; user id; user identifier; user interface; user interface copyright; User Interface Language; user name; User Network Interface; user-obsequious; user-unctuous; Use the Source Luke; USG Unix; usim; USL; USP; USR; usr; US Robotics; U.S. Robotics, Inc.; USSA; UTC; UTF; UTF-8; utility; utility-coder; utility program; utility software; UTOPIST; UTP; UTRC; UTSL; uucp; UUCPNET; uudecode; uuencode; UUNET PIPEX; UUPC; UX; uy; uz; V; V.10; V.11; V.17; V.21; V.22; V.22bis; V.23; V.24; V.25; V.25 bis; V.27 ter; V.28; V.29; V.32; V.32bis; V.32ter; V.34; V.35; V.42; V.42bis; V.90; V.91; va; vacuum tube; vadding; VAL; Valencia Simple Tasker; valency; Valid; validation; value; Value Added Network; value added reseller; value added retailer; valve; vampire tap; VAN; vanilla; vanity domain; vannevar; Vannevar Bush; vaporware; vapourware; VAR; var; varchar; variable; Variational Graphics eXtended; VAX; VAX DOCUMENT; VAXectomy; VAXen; vaxherd; vaxism; VAX MIPS; vaxocentrism; VAXset; VAXstation; VAX/VMS; VB; VBA; vbell; VBScript; vbx; vc; VCC filtering; VCD; VCID; VCL; VCODE; VCPI; VCR; vdiff; VDL; VDM; VDM++; VDM-SL; VDSL; VDT; VDU; vdx; ve; vector; Vector C; vector font; vector graphics; vector processor; vector space; VECTRAN; VEE; veeblefeetzer; veeblefester; veeblefetzer; VEL; Vendor Independent Messaging; ventilator card; Ventura Publisher; Venus flytrap; verbage; verbiage; Verdi; verification; Verilog; Verilog SA; Veronica; Versa Module Europa; version; Version 7; vertical application; vertical bar; vertical encoding; vertical loop combination; vertical microcode; Vertical Redundancy Check; vertical refresh rate; vertical scan rate; Very Efficient Speculative Parallel Architecture; Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line; Very Large Database; Very Large Memory; Very Large Scale Integration; Very Long Instruction Word; Very Small Aperture Terminal; VESA; VESA Local Bus; VESPA; V.FAST; VFAT; V.FC; vg; VGA; VGQF; vgrep; VGX; VHDL; VHE; VHLL; vhost; VHS; vi; VIC-20; victim cache; video; video adapter; video card; Video Compact Disc; video compression; video conference; video conferencing; video dial tone; video display standard; video display terminal; Video Electronics Standards Association; Video Graphics Adapter; Video Graphics Adaptor; Video Graphics Array; video memory; Video on Demand; video RAM; video random-access memory; video terminal; videotex; Vienna Definition Language; Vienna Definition Method; Vienna Development Method; Vienna Development Method Specification Language; Vienna Fortran; Vietnamese; viewer; ViewPoints; Views; VIF; Vi Improved; VIM; Vincennes LISP; vines; Vine Technology; Vint Cerf; Vinton Cerf; Viola; virgin; virgule; Viron; virtual; virtual 86 mode; virtual address; virtual cache; virtual circuit; Virtual Circuit Identifier; virtual connection; Virtual Control Program Interface; Virtual Device Driver; Virtual Device Location; virtual disk; Virtual Home Environment; virtual host; Virtual LAN; Virtual Loadable Module; Virtual Local Area Network; Virtual Machine; virtual machine; Virtual Machine/Conversational Monitor System; Virtual Machine Environment; Virtual Machine/ESA; Virtual Machine/System Product; Virtual Machine/XA; virtual memory; Virtual Memory System; virtual path; virtual point of presence; virtual PoP; Virtual Private Network; virtual reality; Virtual Reality Modeling Language; Virtual Sequential Access Method; virtual server; virtual shredder; Virtual Software Factory; Virtual Storage Access Method; Virtual Storage Extended; Virtual Telecommunications Access Method; virus; viruses; visible bell; VisiCalc; visionary; visit; Visual BASIC; Visual Basic for Applications; Visual BASIC Script; visual bell; Visual C++; Visual Component Library; Visual dBASE; Visual Display Unit; Visual FoxPro; Visual Interface; visualisation; visual language; visual programming; visual programming environment; visual programming language; VisualWorks; VITAL; VIVID; viz; VLAN; VLB; VLDB; Vlisp; VLIW; VLM; VLSI; VLSM; VM; VM/CMS; VME; VMEbus; VME Microsystems International Corporation; VM/ESA; VML; VMS; VM/SP; VM/XA; vn; vocoder; vocoding; VoD; voice mail; voice-net; Voice over IP; voice recognition; VoIP; volatile; volatile memory; volatile storage; volatile variable; voltage; Volume Table Of Contents; von Neumann architecture; von Neumann integer; von Neumann, John; von Neumann machine; von Neumann ordinal; voodoo programming; Voronoi diagram; Voronoi polygon; VOS; Voters Telecommunications Watch; voxel; V.pcm; VPL; VPN; VP-Planner; VQF; VR; VRAM; VRC; Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam; VRML; VRTX; VSAM; VSAT; VSCM; VSE; V series; VSF; VSP; VSTa; VSX; VT; vt100; vt220; VTAM; VTC; VTOC; VTS; VTW; vu; VUE; VUIT; VULCAN; Vulcan death grip; Vulcan nerve pinch; vulnerability; vulture capitalist; VUP; VxD; VXI; VxWorks; W2K; W3; W3C; W3 Consortium; WA-12; wabbit; Wabi; WabiServer; wacco; Wafe; WAFL; WAIS; WAITS; wait state; waldo; walk; walking drives; walk off the end of; wall; wall clock time; wall follower; wallpaper; wall plate; wall time; WAM; WAN; Wang Laboratories; wango; Wang PC; wank; wannabee; want list; WAP; WAP Forum; warchalk; Ward Christensen; Ward Cunnigham; wardialer; wardriving; warez; WarGames; warlording; warm boot; Warm Silence Software; Warp; wart; washing machine; Wasserman; WATBOL; Watcom C/C++; Watcom International; Watcom SQL; Watcom VX*REXX; Waterfall Model; water MIPS; WATFIV; WATFOR; wav; WAVE; wave a dead chicken; wave division multiplexing; Waveform Generation Language; wavelength division multiplexing; wavelet; wavetable; wavetable synthesis; WaZOO; wb; WBEM; WBMP; WBS; WCDMA; WCL; WD; WDASM; WDM; WE; Weak Head Normal Form; weakly typed; weak typing; weasel; web; Web 2.0; web2c; web address; web authoring; Web-Based Enterprise Management; web browser; webcam; webcasting; WebCGM; WebCOMAL; web cramming; WebCrawler; webhead; web host; web hosting; WEB - language; weblint; web log; web mail; webmaster; webmistress; webmonkey; WebObjects; web page; web proxy; Web Request Broker; web server; Web Service Definition Language; Web Services; Web Services Business Process Execution Language; website; web smith; Webster; Webster's Dictionary; wedged; wedgie; wedgitude; Weeble; weeds; weenie; Weenix; weighted search; well-behaved; well-connected; well-known port; well-ordered set; WEP; Wesley Clark; Western Digital Corporation; Westmount; wetware; wf; WFL; WfMC; WFW; WFWG; WG; WGL; whack; whacker; whales; whalesong; whatis; What's a spline?; What You Get Is What You Never Thought You Had; What You See Is All You Get; What You See Is What You Get; wheel; wheel bit; wheel wars; When It's Done; Whetstone; Which Stands For Nothing; while; while loop; Whirlwind; White Book; White book CD-ROM; white box testing; White pages; white paper; white point; Whitesmiths style; whitespace; white trash; WHNF; whois; whole number; Whopper; WHQL; WIBNI; WIC; Wide Area Information Servers; Wide Area Network; Wide Area Telecommunications Service; Wideband ATM; Wide SCSI; widget; wi-fi; Wi-Fi Protected Access; Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key; wiggles; wiki; WiLAN; Wild_LIFE; wild card; Wilf Hey; William Gibson; William Hamilton; William Joy; WIMP; WIMP environment; win; Win2K; Win32; Win32s; Win 95; Win 98; winchester; windowing; windowing system; window manager; Window RAM; Window Random Access Memory; Windows; Windows 1; Windows 2; Windows 2000; Windows/286; Windows 2K; Windows 3.0; Windows 3.1; Windows 3.11; Windows/386; Windows 4GL; Windows 94; Windows 95; Windows 98; Windows 9X; Windows Application Binary Interface; Windows CE; Windows for Workgroups; Windows Hardware Quality Labs; window shopping; Windows Internet Naming Service; Windows Management Interface; Windows ME; Windows Messaging; windows messaging; Windows Millennium Edition; Windows NT; Windows NT 3.1; Windows NT 3.5; Windows NT 4; Windows NT 5; Windows NT Network Model; Windows Open Service Architecture; Windows Registry; Windows sockets; Windows XP; Windows XP Pro; Windows XP Professional Edition; window system; Windoze; Wind River Systems; winged comments; winkey; WinMaker Pro; WINS; Winsock; WinSoft Products Ltd; wintel; WINZIP; wired; Wired Equivalent Privacy; wirehead; wireless; Wireless Application Protocol; wireless bitmap; Wireless Encryption Protocol; wireless hotspot; wireless local area network; Wireless Local Loop; Wireless Transport Layer Security; wirewater; WISCII; wish list; Wisp; within delta of; within epsilon of; wizard; Wizard Book; wizardly; wizard mode; WizDOM; wk1; WLAN; WLL; WMA; wmf; WMI; WML; WMV; WNPP; WO; Wolfram Research, Inc.; WOM; woman; WOMBAT; wombat; wombat.doc.ic.ac.uk; WonderPop; Woodenman; woofer; WOOL; Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Word; word; Word for Windows; WordNet; WordPerfect; WordPerfect Corporation; word processing; word processor; word size; word spamming; WordTech; word wrap; workaround; Work Breakdown Structure; workflow; Workflow Management Coalition; workgroup; working as designed; working memory; working set; working set model; Work Needed and Prospective Packages; work path; worksheet; workstation; World Time; World-Wide Wait; World-Wide Web; World Wide Web Consortium; World Wide Web Worm; WORM; worm; wormhole; wormhole routing; WOSA; WOSA Extensions for Financial Systems; WOSA/XFS; wound around the axle; WPA; WPA Pre-Shared Key; WPA-PSK; WPG; WPI; WPL+; wp-login.php; WPOP; wps; WRAM; wrap around; wrapper; wrats nest; wrb; write; WRITEACOURSE; write-back; write buffer; Write-Once Read-Many; write-only code; write-only language; write-only memory; write protect; write-through; write-thru; writing system; Wrong Thing; WRT; ws; WSBPEL; WSDL; WSFN; WSL; WTF; WTFPL; WTH; WTLS; Wumpus; WWW; WWW browser; WWWW; WYGIWYNTYH; WYSIAYG; WYSIWYG; WYSWYG; X; X-1; X11R4; X11R5; X11R6; X.12; X2; X.208; X.209; X.21; X.214; X.215; X.216; X.217; X.219; X.224; X.225; X.226; X.227; X.229; X.25; X.28; X.29; X.3; X3J16; X3T10; X.400; X.409; X.500; X.680; X.75; x86; x86 processor socket; XA; Xaw; Xbase; xbeeb; xbm; XC; X client; X Consortium; Xcoral; xdbx; X-Designer; X.desktop; XDL; XDR; XDS 530; XDS 940; xDSL; Xemacs; XENIX; Xeon; xerox; XEROX Corporation; Xerox Data Systems Model 530; Xerox Data Systems Model 940; XEROX Network Services; Xerox Network System; XEROX PARC; Xerox Star; XFree86 Project, Inc.; XFS; Xfun; XGA; XGA-2; XHTML; Xi; XIE; Xilinx, Inc.; Xilinx Netlist Format; X Image Extension; Xlib; xlisp; xls; XML; xmlrpc.php; XML schema; XML Template Pages; XML User-Interface Language; XMM; XMODEM; XMODEM-1K; xmosaic; XMS; XNF; xnf2ver; XNS; XOFF; XON; XON/XOFF; Xopen; X/Open; X/open Portability Guide; X/Open System Interface; xor; XP; XPC; XperCASE; XPG; XPG3; XPL; xpm; XPOP; XP Pro; Xpress Transport Protocol; X protocol; xref; XRemote; XRN; XSB; XScheme; x-scm; XSD; X server; XSI; XSL; XSLT; XT; Xt; XT bus architecture; xterm; X terminal; XTI; XTP; XTP Forum; XTRAN; XUI; XUL; Xv++; XVGA; XView; XVT; X-Windows; X Window System; XWIP; xxgdb; XXX; Xy-pic; xyzzy; Y; Y2K; YA-; Yaa; YABA; yacc; YADE; YAFIYGI; YAGNI; Yahoo; Yale Haskell; Yamaha; YAML; YAML Ain't Markup Language; yank; YAPS; YASOS; YAUN; Yay; ye; Year 2000; Yellow; Yellow Book; Yellow Book CD-ROM; Yellow Book, Jargon; Yellow Box; Yellow Pages; yellow wire; Yerk; Yet Another; Yet Another Compiler Compiler; Yet Another Scheme Object System; Yet Another Yacc; YGMTPO; YLISP; YMMV; YMODEM; YMODEM-G; yocto-; Yoda condition; YOL Computers; yotta-; yottabyte; You are not expected to understand this; You aren't gonna need it; Yourdon; Yourdon/Constantine; Yourdon/Demarco; Yourdon, Inc.; Yourdon methodology; Your mileage may vary; youtube.com; YouTube, Inc.; Yow!; yoyo mode; YP; YSM; yt; YTalk; yu; Yu-Shiang Whole Fish; Z; Z++; Z-1013; Z180; Z3; Z39.50; Z8; Z80; Z8000; za; ZAP; zap; ZAPP; Z-buffer; ZEBRA; Zed; Zen; zen; ZENO; zepto; Zermelo Fränkel set theory; Zermelo set theory; ZERO; zero; Zero and Add Packed; zero assignment; zero-content; Zero Insertion Force; zeroth; ZEST; ZetaLisp; zetta-; zettabyte; Zeus; ZFC; ZF expression; ZIF; zigamorph; ZIL; Zilog; Zilog Z280; Zilog Z8; Zilog Z80; Zilog Z8000; Zilog Z80000; Zilog Z80A; zip; Zipcode; Zip disc; Zip disk; Zip Drive; zip file; zip function; zipped; zipped file; zipperhead; zm; ZMODEM; ZOG; ZOLA Technologies; zombie; zombie process; zone; Zoo; zoo; zoom; Zoomer; ZOPL; zorch; Zork; zorkmid; z/OS; zr; zsh; Z shell; ZUG; Zulu time; ZUSE; Zuse; Zuse, Konrad; zw; ZX-80; ZX-81; zxnrbl; ZX Spectrum; Zynet Ltd.; ZyXEL; {; {IDF}; {log}; {searchTerms}; |; }; ~; ~#; £; µCurse;

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