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W2K; W3; W3C; W3 Consortium; WA-12; wabbit; Wabi; WabiServer; wacco; Wafe; WAFL; WAIS; WAITS; wait state; waldo; walk; walking drives; walk off the end of; wall; wall clock time; wall follower; wallpaper; wall plate; wall time; WAM; WAN; Wang Laboratories; wango; Wang PC; wank; wannabee; want list; WAP; WAP Forum; warchalk; Ward Christensen; Ward Cunnigham; wardialer; wardriving; warez; WarGames; warlording; warm boot; Warm Silence Software; Warp; wart; washing machine; Wasserman; WATBOL; Watcom C/C++; Watcom International; Watcom SQL; Watcom VX*REXX; Waterfall Model; water MIPS; WATFIV; WATFOR; wav; WAVE; wave a dead chicken; wave division multiplexing; Waveform Generation Language; wavelength division multiplexing; wavelet; wavetable; wavetable synthesis; WaZOO; wb; WBEM; WBMP; WBS; WCDMA; WCL; WD; WDASM; WDM; WE; Weak Head Normal Form; weakly typed; weak typing; weasel; web; Web 2.0; web2c; web address; web authoring; Web-Based Enterprise Management; web browser; webcam; webcasting; WebCGM; WebCOMAL; web cramming; WebCrawler; webhead; web host; web hosting; WEB - language; weblint; web log; web mail; webmaster; webmistress; webmonkey; WebObjects; web page; web proxy; Web Request Broker; web server; Web Service Definition Language; Web Services; Web Services Business Process Execution Language; website; web smith; Webster; Webster's Dictionary; wedged; wedgie; wedgitude; Weeble; weeds; weenie; Weenix; weighted search; well-behaved; well-connected; well-known port; well-ordered set; WEP; Wesley Clark; Western Digital Corporation; Westmount; wetware; wf; WFL; WfMC; WFW; WFWG; WG; WGL; whack; whacker; whales; whalesong; whatis; What's a spline?; What You Get Is What You Never Thought You Had; What You See Is All You Get; What You See Is What You Get; wheel; wheel bit; wheel wars; When It's Done; Whetstone; Which Stands For Nothing; while; while loop; Whirlwind; White Book; White book CD-ROM; white box testing; White pages; white paper; white point; Whitesmiths style; whitespace; white trash; WHNF; whois; whole number; Whopper; WHQL; WIBNI; WIC; Wide Area Information Servers; Wide Area Network; Wide Area Telecommunications Service; Wideband ATM; Wide SCSI; widget; wi-fi; Wi-Fi Protected Access; Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key; wiggles; wiki; WiLAN; Wild_LIFE; wild card; Wilf Hey; William Gibson; William Hamilton; William Joy; WIMP; WIMP environment; win; Win2K; Win32; Win32s; Win 95; Win 98; winchester; windowing; windowing system; window manager; Window RAM; Window Random Access Memory; Windows; Windows 1; Windows 2; Windows 2000; Windows/286; Windows 2K; Windows 3.0; Windows 3.1; Windows 3.11; Windows/386; Windows 4GL; Windows 94; Windows 95; Windows 98; Windows 9X; Windows Application Binary Interface; Windows CE; Windows for Workgroups; Windows Hardware Quality Labs; window shopping; Windows Internet Naming Service; Windows Management Interface; Windows ME; Windows Messaging; windows messaging; Windows Millennium Edition; Windows NT; Windows NT 3.1; Windows NT 3.5; Windows NT 4; Windows NT 5; Windows NT Network Model; Windows Open Service Architecture; Windows Registry; Windows sockets; Windows XP; Windows XP Pro; Windows XP Professional Edition; window system; Windoze; Wind River Systems; winged comments; winkey; WinMaker Pro; WINS; Winsock; WinSoft Products Ltd; wintel; WINZIP; wired; Wired Equivalent Privacy; wirehead; wireless; Wireless Application Protocol; wireless bitmap; Wireless Encryption Protocol; wireless hotspot; wireless local area network; Wireless Local Loop; Wireless Transport Layer Security; wirewater; WISCII; wish list; Wisp; within delta of; within epsilon of; wizard; Wizard Book; wizardly; wizard mode; WizDOM; wk1; WLAN; WLL; WMA; wmf; WMI; WML; WMV; WNPP; WO; Wolfram Research, Inc.; WOM; woman; WOMBAT; wombat; wombat.doc.ic.ac.uk; WonderPop; Woodenman; woofer; WOOL; Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Word; word; Word for Windows; WordNet; WordPerfect; WordPerfect Corporation; word processing; word processor; word size; word spamming; WordTech; word wrap; workaround; Work Breakdown Structure; workflow; Workflow Management Coalition; workgroup; working as designed; working memory; working set; working set model; Work Needed and Prospective Packages; work path; worksheet; workstation; World Time; World-Wide Wait; World-Wide Web; World Wide Web Consortium; World Wide Web Worm; WORM; worm; wormhole; wormhole routing; WOSA; WOSA Extensions for Financial Systems; WOSA/XFS; wound around the axle; WPA; WPA Pre-Shared Key; WPA-PSK; WPG; WPI; WPL+; wp-login.php; WPOP; wps; WRAM; wrap around; wrapper; wrats nest; wrb; write; WRITEACOURSE; write-back; write buffer; Write-Once Read-Many; write-only code; write-only language; write-only memory; write protect; write-through; write-thru; writing system; Wrong Thing; WRT; ws; WSBPEL; WSDL; WSFN; WSL; WTF; WTFPL; WTH; WTLS; Wumpus; WWW; WWW browser; WWWW; WYGIWYNTYH; WYSIAYG; WYSIWYG; WYSWYG;

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