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<library> A set of class libraries by Atsushi Aoki <aoki@sra.co.jp> and others for Objectworks Smalltalk Release 4.1. Mei includes: Grapher Library for drawing diagrams; Meta Grapher Library (grapher to develop grapher); Drawing tools and painting tools (structured diagram editors and drawing editors); GUI builder; Lisp interpreter; Prolog interpreter; Pluggable gauges; Extended browser; (package, history, recover, etc.)

Mei is available under General Public License and requires Objectworks Smalltalk Release 4.1.

Home (http://sra.co.jp/people/aoki/htmls/FreeSoftwareForSmalltalk.html).

E-mail: Watanabe Katsuhiro <katsu@sran14.sra.co.jp>


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