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A reflective object-oriented concurrent programming language developed in 1990 by the MELD Project of the Programming Systems Laboratory at Columbia University. MELDC is a redesign of MELD based on C.

The core of the architecture is a micro-kernel (the MELDC kernel), which encapsulates a minimum set of entities that cannot be modelled as objects. All components outside of the kernel are implemented as objects in MELDC itself and are modularised in the MELDC libraries. MELDC is reflective in three dimensions: structural, computational and architectural. The structural reflection indicates that classes and meta-classes are objects, which are written in MELDC. The computational reflection means that object behaviours can be computed and extended at run time. The architectural reflection indicates that new features/properties (e.g. persistency and remoteness) can be constructed in MELDC.

Version 2.0 runs on Sun-4/SunOS 4.1 and DECstation and MIPS/Ultrix 4.2.

E-mail: Gail Kaiser <meldc@cs.columbia.edu>.

MELDC is available under licence from <MeldC@cs.columbia.edu> and may not be used for commercial purposes.


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