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<computer> Phase 5's Amiga clone, announced on 1998-03-10. The pre\box will have a processor card with four PowerPC processors running in parallel. The processors will range from four 200 MHz PPC604e chips to four 300MHz PPC750 chips. It will have a Voodoo2 video graphics card, as well as a custom video chip working in concert, with 8 MB of video ram. It will run Amiga OS 3.1 (or higher if Gateway 2000 delivers the next upgrade before its release) and have Motorola 68000 CPU emulation in software.

Other features include EIDE, Ultra Wide SCSI-II, PCI, Ethernet and DIMM sockets. Extra RAM, hard disks and CD-ROM will be available. The initial specification will probably be 32MB RAM, 32-speed CD and 4GB hard disk in an ATX minitower. Systems should start at about $2000 for four parallel 200 MHZ CPUs and be available at the end of 1998.

Full press release (http://cucug.org/amiga/aminews/1998/980310-phase5.html).


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