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<hypertext> A hypertext system developed by a research group at IRIS (Brown University) to support education and research. Intermedia was a "shell" over A/UX 1.1, programmed using an object-oriented toolkit and standard DBMS functions. The data model and architecture were designed for flexibility and consistency.

Intermedia consisted of several applications sharing an event-driven gui. These included a text editor (InterText), graphics editor (InterDraw), picture viewer (InterPix), timeline editor (InterVal), 3D model viewer (InterSpect), animation editor (InterPlay) and video editor (InterVideo).

[{Yankelovich et al, "Intermedia: The Concept and the Construction of a Seamless Information Environment" (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/sdrucker/papers/intermedia1.pdf)}]



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