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Insignia Solutions, Inc.

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<company> /in-sig'nee-* s*-loosh'nz/ A company that made its name as a provider of software that allows users to run Microsoft Windows and MS-DOS application programs on Digital, HP, IBM, Motorola, NeXT, Silicon Graphics and Sun/SPARC workstations, X terminals, Java desktops, and Apple Computer's Power Mac and Motorola 68000-based computers.

Insignia Solutions was founded in 1986. Their first product, SoftPC 1.0 for Sun workstations, was introduced in 1988. Also in 1988, Insignia shipped its first version of SoftPC for Apple Computer's Macintosh. As the demand to run Windows and MS-DOS applications on non-Intel computers grew, Insignia signed OEM agreements with several companies including Data General, Digital, Fujitsu, HP, Intergraph Corp., Motorola, Silicon Graphics, and Sun Microsystems.

Insignia Solutions sold its SoftWindows and RealPC product lines to FWB Software [when?]. Its major product in 2000 is the Jeode platform, a Java virtual machine for Internet appliances and embedded devices.

Home Page (http://insignia.com/).


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