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Bobo the Webmonkey

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<web> What B1FF was to BITNET users, Bobo the Webmonkey is to webmonkeys - the mythical prototype of incompetent web designers everywhere. In fact, Bobo may be what B1FF became when he grew up.

Bobo knows about HTML only what he has learned from viewing the source of other people's Web pages.

Bobo doesn't know what a MIME type is, even though someone gave him a hardcopy of the FOLDOC entry for it.

Bobo may have used an HTML code validator (http://validator.w3.org/) before, but isn't sure.

Bobo doesn't know what the difference between GIF and JPEG is. He thinks PNG is a foreign country.

All the pages Bobo has designed say "Welcome to [organisation] online!" at the top, and say "click here!" at least three times per page.

Bobo has used Photoshop before; he doesn't understand why people keep asking if he's ever been tested for color-blindness.

Bobo never got that "its" / "it's" distinction real clear, as you can tell from his pages.

Bobo likes <BLINK>.


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