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Q657 Can I add history backward and forward ability to an image map?

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Try the following that was provided by David Swain:

<IMG SRC="menu.gif" USEMAP="#menu">

<MAP NAME="menu">
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
document.writeln('<AREA SHAPE="rect" COORDS="0,35,99,72" HREF="javascript:history.back();">');
document.writeln('<AREA SHAPE="rect" COORDS="500,35,600,72" HREF="javascript:history.forward();">');

<AREA SHAPE="rect" COORDS="100,35,199,72" HREF="http://www.somesite.com/">
<AREA SHAPE="rect" COORDS="200,35,299,72" HREF="http://www.anothersite.com/">
<AREA SHAPE="rect" COORDS="300,35,499,72" HREF="http://www.othersite.com/">

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