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Q4009 How do I parse a comma delimited string?

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Use the StringTokenizer object, the following is a snippet of code which fills in 4 values (Open, High, Low and Close) in respective variables from an string ohlc which is passed as a parameter to the method

public Candle(String ohlc){
       * The StringTokenizer class lets us separate ohlc
       * using custom separators. I used a space, a colon, a comma,
       * and a semicolon as separators.
      StringTokenizer st=new StringTokenizer(ohlc," :,;");
      open=(new Double(st.nextToken())).doubleValue();
      high=(new Double(st.nextToken())).doubleValue();
      low=(new Double(st.nextToken())).doubleValue();
      close=(new Double(st.nextToken())).doubleValue();

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