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Q4008 How do I read a text/data file into an array?

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You use a combination of URL object and DataInputStream, Like shown below the example takes a file data.dat which is an ascii text file in the same directory as the calling class,

    * The URL data loader for the pattern a.k.a. File handling
    * for an applet 
    * We need to have the data file 
    * data.dat in the same directory as this applet (i.e same CodeBase)
   void loadData(){
      URL u=null;
      DataInputStream inFile=null;
    u=new URL(getCodeBase(),"data.dat");
    inFile=new DataInputStream(u.openStream());
       * Instantiate our 5 variables now by reading one line
       * per variable from data.dat

       for (int i=0;i<5;i++){
            c[i]=new String(inFile.readLine()); // c[] an array of strings
            }catch (Exception ee){   // Maybe just a bad connection!
            return; // no point in proceeding now

       * If we reloaded all values
       * then we should regenerate our other parameter, variables etc.
      updateDataRoutine(); // Handle calculations on data here
   }// end loadData()

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