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Q1686 How can I generate a page in JavaScript when a button is pressed that both replaces the current page in the browser's history, and cannot be linked to directly?

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Try the following which allows pages to be defined in JavaScript, and then loaded when a button is pressed:



<script language="JavaScript"><!--
function page1() {
  return '<html><body>Hello world (1)</body></html>';

function page2() {
  return '<html><body>Hello world (2)</body></html>';

function nextpage(page) {
  if (!document.image) {
    location.replace('javascript:page' + page + '()');
  else {
    location.href = 'javascript:page' + page + '()';



<input type="button" value="Next page 1" onClick="nextpage(1)">
<input type="button" value="Next page 2" onClick="nextpage(2)">



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