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Feedback: irt.org FAQ Knowledge Base Q1231

Feedback on: irt.org FAQ Knowledge Base Q1231

Sent by Herbert Riede on December 12, 1999 at 01:26:27: - feedback #664

Very worth reading

Just right

Just right

I searched and searched for this exact topic, and found it here! I have www.7-10.com and www.hlrcomputers.com hosted by a free site (bizland.com) who doesn't let you use CGI. I used to run a site that had multiple domains handled by a similar logic in a index.cgi file, but I knew there had to be a JS way, and this works!!! (((BTW notice I don't have ad banners at bizland? They don't banner *.shtml files... just a litlle loophole for ya!)))

Sent by Bob Liddycoat on July 03, 2001 at 10:58:08: - feedback #2934

Worth reading

The problem is, you remain in only one domain. That is, if you hit the refresh button, your start page reloads and not the page you are currently viewing. It's as if you are working within frames. The same happens if you visit any links within the site. Refresh brings you back to the original domain page.
Is there a way around this?
The alternative is opening a new window. I find if I manually redirect and open the desired page in a new window, it works, but I have been unable to redirect automatically AND have a new window open. Is this possible?
Thanks for any help

Bob L

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