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Feedback on: Re-directing access within Frames, November 02, 1998 at 02:46:13:

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Feedback on:
Re-directing access within Frames

Sent by
Marcel Post on November 02, 1998 at 02:46:13:I still don't get it.

What I would really like, is a "universal" piece of js that can be added to every document that should appear in a right-frame wich checks if it exists in a frameset If it isn't loaded, then do so.

Most js programs have to be added with the specific html-document name. But there must be a way to store the original name of the (right-frame) document, and later load it in a frameset.
Bought myself a book about js, and studied the example shown here, but I still found no satisfying answer.

IS it actually possible ?

The reason I'm asking this, is because our website has a lot of branches, with lotsa documents that all appear next to the same left-frame document (nav.bar). All the documents are regularly updated, and change more radically each year. The js should prevent to show just the right-frame document, when creating a bookmark. It should load the frameset as well, but with a standard piece of js.

With kind regards,
Marcel Post
(The Netherlands)

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