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Feedback on: Actinic Catalog 3.0, Turner on June 26, 1999 at 10:51:32:

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Feedback on:
Actinic Catalog 3.0

Sent by
Jason Turner on June 26, 1999 at 10:51:32:

Worth reading

Too short

Not technical enough

Why the different format for this article ?
On the index page I could not see at a glance which platforms it runs on.

I found a bad link that says press this for "Program Info", but got a 404.
When I did read the "PI" section, still no info.

So is this a Wintel product only, I can only guess it is from the screenshots.

Also, I didn't know what you meant by...

"Limitations: It is a CGI-based solution, which can have performance issues for a large number of simultaneous accesses."

Every solution I can think of will have performance issues with greater access. I should know, I just waited ten minutes to be served at my local supermarket :)

You could just have well said...

Advantanges: It is a CGI solution (written in Perl), which means that even if your site is very busy, you can run it on dedicated Apache servers using mod_perl, and use lightly loaded (Zeus or Apache) servers to carry on serving your static pages and images.

I'm gonna read it again coz I must've missed something.

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