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Feedback: Actinic Catalog 3.0

Feedback on: Actinic Catalog 3.0

Sent by Jason Turner on June 26, 1999 at 10:51:32: - feedback #259

Worth reading

Too short

Not technical enough

Why the different format for this article ?
On the index page I could not see at a glance which platforms it runs on.

I found a bad link that says press this for "Program Info", but got a 404.
When I did read the "PI" section, still no info.

So is this a Wintel product only, I can only guess it is from the screenshots.

Also, I didn't know what you meant by...

"Limitations: It is a CGI-based solution, which can have performance issues for a large number of simultaneous accesses."

Every solution I can think of will have performance issues with greater access. I should know, I just waited ten minutes to be served at my local supermarket :)

You could just have well said...

Advantanges: It is a CGI solution (written in Perl), which means that even if your site is very busy, you can run it on dedicated Apache servers using mod_perl, and use lightly loaded (Zeus or Apache) servers to carry on serving your static pages and images.

I'm gonna read it again coz I must've missed something.

Sent by Rod Fielding on January 23, 2002 at 12:29:32: - feedback #3521

Very worth reading

Perhaps you would consider updating this review now?
Catalog is up to version 5... and most of the links on your page are dud, expired, and dead.
I'd be glad to send you a demo/free trial (CD) of Catalog 5 if you'd like to see it. Just let me know. You can download the software at our Web site too, but it's grown in size since you last looked at it. Our supply price, by the way, is only $350, including delivery of the boxed product - worldwide. Check the site at: http://www.zenecommerce.com

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