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Feedback on: JavaScript FAQ Knowledge Base, March 13, 1999 at 18:14:46:

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Feedback on:
JavaScript FAQ Knowledge Base

Sent by
P. J. Fischer on March 13, 1999 at 18:14:46:

Very worth reading

Too short

Hey there . . .
First, I wish to tell you that I found you JavaScript FAQ section very informative . . . have gained alot more knowledge, and plan on implementing some of the techniques in the future.
I do wish to comment on one of your answers. The URL of this specific issue is as follows :

Q545: Is there a way to make a link that when clicked will add the current page to the user's bookmarks or favourites, i.e. a link that simulates Ctrl+D?
Answer: NO

The above answer is not correct. There is a command that is accepted by MIE 4.0 (and AOL 4.0) but is not directed appropriately within the NetScape environment.
Note: I have only tried this within the WINDOWS 95 operating system.
An example of the command is as follows :
<A CLASS=sect HREF=': Add to my favorites folder' ONDRAGSTART='return false' onclick='window.external.AddFavorite("http://www.insideDHTML.com","Inside Dynamic HTML");return false'><FONT FACE='geneva,arial,sans-serif' SIZE=1 COLOR=black><EM>Add to my Favorites</EM></FONT></A>

You may wish to append your previous answer, so future visitors might be better advised.

Thanx so much for your informative web-site . . . I have gained lots of knowledge as well as insight.

Please verify unto me that you have received this posting.

P. J.

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