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Beginning Components for ASP

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The biggest challenge of developing yourself as an ASP programmer is making the transition from a script writer to writing Windows Web components in a compiled language like Visual Basic or Visual C++. Beginning ASP Components is well positioned to take average (but serious) ASP scripters and makes true component programmers out of them.

The three authors pack a lot into the 800+ pages. Visual Basic, COM, C++ and many surrounding technologies relating to ASP development such as Microsoft Transaction Server and Microsoft Message Queue Server are all laid out and explained in a way a non-Windows programmer can understand. Once concepts are laid out, examples illustrating the application of the topic at hand are immediately presented. The book progresses from broad explainations of COM and interface design to VB and the technologies surrounding it, through a steeper learning curve in the C++ section, finally culminating in several case studies further applying the learning to real problem domains.

Beginning ASP Components accomplishes a difficult task: presenting some difficult-to-apply Windows programming concepts to intermediate-level scripting language writers without drowning in too many words or hitting an impossibly steep learning curve. It also presents a challenging course of study for its readers. There have been many large books written on many of the topics covered in the book, but the authors provide an excellent starting point for most of these concepts.

This book is well-balanced although it's scope is wide, but it's not a total beginner's book - a moderate to large amount of experience in ASP scripting is necessary for the reader hoping to get full value out of working through the whole book. In addition, some C or C++ experience is very helpful for the chapters that rely on Visual C++ as the primary development environment.

Bottom line: if you want to quickly leap from simple ASP Scripting into component programming, reading and using Beginning ASP Components will get you there!

Available to buy from: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.de

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