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Professional Visual Interdev6 Programming

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I first thought that Ian Blackburn's Professional Visual Interdev 6 book from Wrox Press might merely be a book about Visual Interdev. I was very wrong. Mr. Blackburn also manages to bestow upon the reader a wealth of information about current web development technologies on the WinNT/IIS platform far beyond what the book's title suggests.

Chapters 1 through 8 provide the meat of the Visual InterDev information, which covers the Integrated Development Environment, scripting in InterDev, database integration, debugging and the other InterDev tools. Being a Wrox Professional level book, the information is dense and you won't find a lot of hand holding through the examples. Despite the density, the author does a very good job of providing context and explanation for InterDev's more arcane-seeming features.

As mentioned, this book covers many topics that are closely related to Interdev but that also stand as technologies on their own. These include Window's Scripting Component prototyping, developing Visual Basic COM Components, a chapter introducing XML, two 50-page case studies and 14 (!) Appendices that provide a reference of many Visual InterDev related technologies.

I was very impressed by both the depth and quality of information provided beyond the InterDev features and in the reference section (almost 200 pages of pure reference). The JScript and VBScript appendices (for example) provide excellent, concise references (even including error codes and reserved words) to these popular scripting languages. Along with the ASP intrinsic objects, ADO objects, XML and many other reference appendices this section of the book becomes invaluable.

I would recommend this book not only to those wishing to learn Visual InterDev, but also to web-savvy HTML and JavaScript writers wanting to break into the world of Windows web development.

Available to buy from: Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.de

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