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Q375 Has JavaScript always been called JavaScript?

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JavaScript was originally called "LiveScript", and the Java/LiveScript glue was (in fact is still) called "LiveConnect"; Netscape's server-side JavaScript product is called "LiveWire"; generically Netscape referred to browser-side objects (plugins, applets) as "Live Objects".

  23 May 95 - Netscape license Java
  18 Sep 95 - Navigator 2.0 beta ships with "LiveScript"
   4 Dec 95 - Netscape and Sun announce JavaScript (renaming of LS)
  ?early 96 - Navigator 2.0 final ships, LS now "JavaScript"
  15 Nov 96 - ECMA start work on standardising JavaScript
     Jun 97 - ECMAScript standard (ECMA-262) released

Microsoft refer to their scripting language as JScript.

[This info was put together by Paul Bennett]

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