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Q2085 How do I make my page searchable by spyders?

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When your page finally moves online, you also want to make it possible for other people to find your page.

You do this by telling the spyders, from the major search engines to stop by your page, plus you add some META information to be read by the spyders.

You could for example use the following piece of code. Remember to place it in the headers.

<META NAME="Description" CONTENT="The ultimate HTML FAQ">
<META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="javascript, code, html, css, faq">
<META NAME="Author" lang="da" CONTENT="Janus Boye">

The first line, is the description, that will be showed, on the search engines. The next line, is the keywords, that people can search on, and then your page, will be among the results.

The last page defines the author, and tells the spyder, that the author name should be pronounced in Danish.

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