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Q1783 Are Pop-Up Windows Legally and Morally Proper?

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Serious consideration regarding the legality and morality of the creation, use, promotion and support of what is known as "Pop-Up" Windows on the internet. Your site has been identified as one that promotes and supports what is known as "Pop-Up" Windows.

Please be assured that you have been identified and that a possible class-action suit is being considered against you and all individuals and organizations that do so.

Pop-Up Windows are an invasion of an on-line users privacy, it interrupts individuals during their course of conducting tasks online and is nothing more than "instant spam". Programs against such incursions against online users are being developed and, if possible, we will seek legal action against you and others that develop, promote and support such intrusions which are unsolicited by us.

Most sincerely,

Robert D. Boyd


Submitted by Robert D. Boyd

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