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Q1691 Q736 Is there any way to emulate a onDblClick event hander for browsers that don't

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You can simulate an onDblClick event handler by keeping track of which element was last clicked, and when it was clicked. If the same element is clicked twice in a row, you can fire your own DblClick event. Simply put a call to CheckDblClick() in you onClick event handler. You can vary the double-click time by modifying the value in the condition in the second line of the CheckDblClick() function.

var oLastTime = null;
var oLastClick = null;

function CheckDblClick() {
  var oThisTime = (new Date()).getTime();
  if (oLastClick == this && oThisTime < oLastTime+750) {
    oLastClick = null;
    return true;
  else {
    oLastClick = this;
    oLastTime = oThisTime;
    return false;

function my_onClickFn() {
  if (CheckDblClick())
    my_onDblClick.call(this); // Call the DblClick handler
  else {
    // Single click stuff...

Submitted by Amos Bannister

©2018 Martin Webb