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Q1555 How can I hide the scrollbars without disabling them?

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See the page creation/page scrolling tutorial at: http://www.htmlguru.com/

The following was submitted by Dan Souza

You can effectively hide the scrollbars by using CSS to make your scrollbar properties the same color as your page. However this will only work in IE because Netscape does not yet support Scrollbar attributes in CSS. For instance if your page background color is white which is #FFFFFF you would use:

<STYLE TYPE="text/css"><!--
/*Place this code between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags n your HTML document*/
/*Be sure to alter the color atributes to match the color of your page*/
Scrollbar-Base-Color: #FFFFFF;
Scrollbar-Face-Color: #FFFFFF;
Scrollbar-Shadow-Color: #FFFFFF;
Scrollbar-Darkshadow-Color: #FFFFFF;
Scrollbar-3Dlight-Color: #FFFFFF;
Scrollbar-Highlight-Color: #FFFFFF;
Scrollbar-Track-Color: #FFFFFF;
Scrollbar-Arrow-Color: #FFFFFF;

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