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Q1434 How can I target another frame from a dynamically generated frame?

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The following was submitted by Claude Schnéegans:

When a frame is generated by a javascript function (here the left one) in the parent window, and contains a link with a target to the right frame, then the target is not recognized and a new window is created instead.

It affects all Netscape versions starting with 4.51, but not 4.50 and lower.

A workaround is to use JavaScript to capture the click event and change the frames location directly:

<script language="JavaScript"><!--
function draw1() {
   return('<head><body><a href="right.htm" target="right" onClick="top.right.location.href = this.href; return false">Refresh right frame</a></body>');
function draw2() {

<frameset cols="50%,50%">
    <frame src="javascript:parent.draw1()" name="left">
    <frame src="right.htm" name="right">

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