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Q1339 Is it possible to set a cookie and then redirect a return visitor to a different url all using cgi?

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#! /usr/bin/perl -w

use CGI qw(:cgi);

my $q = CGI->new();
my $cookie = $q->cookie(
                        -name    => 'yummy_cookie',
                        -value   => 'chocolate chip',
                        -domain  => '.irt.org',
                        -expires => '+10d',
                        -path    => '/'
print $q->redirect(
                   -url    => 'http://www.irt.org/',
                   -cookie => $cookie


If you leave out the "-domain", and "-path", then they will default to current values. The above example will be returned to all servers in the irt.org domain.

If you leave out the "-expires", then the cookie will expire when the user closes their browser. The above expires after 10 days.

See "perldoc CGI" for detailed info.

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