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<language> A version of SIMULA I?

Association for SIMULA Users

Simula a.s., Postboks 4403 - Torshov, N-0402 Oslo 4, Norway, versions for almost every computer.

E-mail: Henry Islo <hio@helios.sunet.se>.

(ftp:/lund.se:/mac/misc/simula/), (ftp://ftp.fenk.wau.nl/pub/simula/compilers), (ftp://ftp.ifi.uio.no/cim/).

["Object-Oriented Programming with SIMULA", Bjorn Kirkerud, A-W 1989].

["Data Processing - Programming Languages - SIMULA", Swedish Standard SS 63 61 14 (1987), available through ANSI].

[Difference from SIMULA I?]


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