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Feedback on: Web Design Hints and Tips, November 25, 1998 at 11:01:18:

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Feedback on:
Web Design Hints and Tips

Sent by
Michael Bednarek on November 25, 1998 at 11:01:18:Some comments on the article:

Java Applets, Flash.....

"I hate the Java applets which mirror an image with a lake effect and those fireworks applets you occasionally find.... These types of applets ruin pages, they make them look cheap and its obvious that they have been stolen from somewhere."

You mention in the introduction that these tips are not just for beginners. I would argue that the successful use of these superficial applets and plug-ins really depends on the type of site you are trying to create. For a standard corporate site, they are obviously not suitable unless you are a graphic design or perhaps an advertising/PR company. A site designed purely for marketing purposes however, could benefit. Remember that visitors to such a site will mainly be web beginners, not technical types, and they are likely to be impressed by such eye-candy without caring too much about load times.

Background sound

I agree. I've got to the stage where I mute the MIDI at the first note of a tune.

Resolution and colour depth

A good point. Web designers should not make people adapt to the site; they should make the site adapt to the people (and their configurations).
"Us web professionals" sounds a bit patronising though.

JavaScript Errors

"...if your page requires a version 4 browser you should have a redirect page in place..."

Perhaps you should also labour that any pages containing script should be designed to degrade gracefully on older browsers. This is often a more satisfactory solution than a redirect page, but granted it is not always possible.

File Sizes

"I would recommend Fireworks and there is a review at irt.org"

Actually, there isn't :-) Or at least not yet - so it's probably best to remove this comment for now.
Progressive JPEGs are not supported on some older browsers.


"I am constantly amazed by how many big commercial sites I can get lost in, and I've had a few years experience on the net. I would name some but that's unprofessional."

I think it's a good idea to mention a couple of the commercial sites you don't like, and perhaps say why or which of the article headings apply to them. It gives a good example to your readers, a bit like the "Web pages that suck" site. I don't think it's very unprofessional.

Overall the article is interesting to read - hopefully we can get people to come up with more pet hates.


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