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Feedback on: Displaying Temporary Pages, April 07, 2000 at 19:45:26:

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Feedback on:
Displaying Temporary Pages

Sent by
david on April 07, 2000 at 19:45:26:

Too technical

For the life of me I could not make this work with my page. I have 27 or so images, many of them part of fading rollovers, and I always got a dialog box stating that some of the scripts may not work, other times the "Please wait ..loading" stayed on the screen, never revealing the contents of the page.It isn't clear where to put the mutiple images part of the code in relationship to the singl image code. What parts of the sinlge image code are necessary for the multiple imge code? It would have been helpfull if you completely wrote out the code for multiple images as opposed to having to add the multiple code parts to the original single image code. Very confusing to newbie web designers.

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