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JavaScript Text, String, and Number Articles

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069. Saturday 21st March 1998 - Math functions in JavaScript
Synopsis: Written by Janus Boye. Math is power. So says one of the many ads on the Internet. JavaScript has the power, to do all functions that are on a normal pocket calculator, and even a few more.
Techniques: Math, random(), round(), NaN, isNaN(), sin(), cos(), tan(), acos(), asin(), atan(), E, LN10, LN2, LOG10E, LOG2E, PI, SQRT1_2, SQRT2, abc(0), atan2(), ceil(), exp(), floor(), log(), max(), min(), pow(), sqrt()

051. Saturday 29th November 1997 - Selecting Random Numbers
Synopsis: This article describes how to select random numbers from a range, to produce a selection of lottery numbers. As an added bonus it shows how to also randomly show a background color.
Techniques: Random numbers, empty arrays, images, table background color

039. Saturday 13th September 1997 - Nested Splitting
Synopsis: Describes how to split nested strings
Techniques: split, length, array, replace, while, break, string, substring, indexOf, function overridding, JavaScript1.1

038. Saturday 6th September 1997 - Split Ends
Synopsis: Describes how to split strings, and how to split strings in JavaScript 1.0. Also describes how the two methods can be combined to provide a script suitable for all browsers.
Techniques: split, length, array, while, break, string, substring, indexOf, function overridding, JavaScript1.1

037. Saturday 30th August 1997 - How long is a piece of string?
Synopsis: Describes methods associated with the String object, how to use them to find characters or strings within strings, to replace characters and portions of text, to change the case and to alter the style and formatting of text.
Techniques: length, charAt, indexOf, lastIndexOf, split, substring, replace, iteration, toLowerCase, toUpperCase, upperFirst, upperInitial, arguments, big, blink, bold, italics, small, strike, sub, sup, fixed, fontsize, fontcolor

033. Sunday 3rd August 1997 - Random Numbers & Random Events
Synopsis: Describes how to show images and text at random, how to show one of several forms randomly, refer to random banner adverts, random urls, random background color and images, how to generate a random questionnaire, and random frames.
Techniques: Math.random(), rnd(), rand(), seconds, getSeconds, %, modulus, images, forms, arrays, windows

032. Saturday 26th July 1997 - Scrolling Text
Synopsis: Covers scrolling text within a text box
Techniques: form, text, onSubmit, onClick, scrolling, setTimeout, substring, timer, buttons

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