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Linux & Apache Articles

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Synopsis: Apache is a powerful and widely-used World-Wide Web (Web) server. One of its strengths is that the modules that it is made of are customizable according to the user's requirements. Pankaj Kamthan discusses the benefits and the process of customization, along with a brief introduction to some useful modules.
Techniques: Apache, Modules, Standard, Customizing, Configuring Apache

177. Sunday 1st August 1999 - Apache at your Web Service
Synopsis: A World-Wide Web (Web) server is a program that provides information to the client on request. One of the most powerful and widely-used Web server in use today, Apache, is discussed by Pankaj Kamthan.
Techniques: Apache, Binary, Source, Operating Systems, Compiling, Installing, Running, Linux, Windows, Macintosh, Support, Limitation

Synopsis: Tarique Sani describes how to set-up the Apache server as for single and multiple virtual domains
Techniques: Linux, Apache, server, configuration, httpd.conf, access.conf, srm.conf, Virtual Domains, ifconfig, route, IP Aliasing, httpd, HTTP

Synopsis: Tarique Sani describes how to configure IP Masqerading and a simple Internet Firewall to allow you to set up your Linux machine as an Internet Gateway
Techniques: Linux, Internet, Gateway, IP Masquerading, netcfg, Firewalls, ipwadm

145. Saturday 23rd January 1999 - Linux with RPM
Synopsis: In this article, Pankaj Kamthan discusses how one can readily manage packages on Linux-based platforms using the RPM. We assume the reader has some background in using UNIX-like operating systems, preferably Linux. The ideas presented here carry over to other UNIX-based platforms which support RPM.
Techniques: Linux, Installing Packages, RPM, Red Hat software, Querying, Upgrading, Verifying, Installing and Uninstalling packages

Synopsis: Tarique Sani explains how to set up a DNS server on your Linux machine
Techniques: Linux, Domain Name Server, DNS, DNS lookup

129. Satuday 14th November 1998 - Linux #4 "Setting up DHCP is not P2C2E"
Synopsis: Dr Tarique Sani tells you how to configure DHCP on your Linux Server
Techniques: Linux, Red Hat 5.0, Configuring DHCP, DHCP

121. Saturday 17th October 1998 - Linux #3 "You teach best...."
Synopsis: In this third Linux article, Dr. Tarique Sani describes configuring the server and window client, and how to add resources.
Techniques: Linux, Red Hat 5.0, Connecting to Internet, modems, PPP, Xwindows, X dialers

115. Friday 11th September 1998 - Linux#2 Net Connection
Synopsis: Dr Tarique Sani tells you how to connect your Linux Machine to the Internet in three ever increasing simpler methods.
Techniques: Linux, Red Hat 5.0, Connecting to Internet, modems, PPP, Xwindows, X dialers

Synopsis: Dr Tarique Sani holds your hand through Red Hat5.0 Linux installation, configuration and some more
Techniques: Linux, Red Hat 5.0, Linux Getting started

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