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148. Sunday 14th February 1999 - You do have "CSSTYLE" with Emacs
Synopsis: Use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an important approach towards separating 'aesthetics' from content and structure of HTML documents. Pankaj Kamthan discusses two methods of editing CSS files using the powerful and widely used Emacs editor.
Techniques: CSS, Cascading Style Sheets, Emacs, HTML editor, CSS editor, CSS Module, CSS Mode, CSS Validation, CSS1 and CSS2 properties

136. Saturday 5th December 1998 - HTML Editing With Emacs
Synopsis: GNU Emacs is one of the most widely used and powerful editors today. The task of formatting HTML files can be greatly simplified by using editing modes available for HTML. Pankaj Kamthan briefly describes the use of editing mode html-helper-mode, supported by the modes tempo, and hilit19.
Techniques: Emacs, Unix, Linux, HTML editing

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