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Synopsis: Have you ever wondered about the different types of images used on websites? Or more importantly, what kind of web images to use for your own website? In this tutorial written by Ian Gan, we'll try and give you a clear picture of commonly used web formats and how you can apply them to your own website.
Techniques: Image formats, Bitmap, Vector, compression, lossless, lossy, bit depth, DPI, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, file sizes

Synopsis: Jukka Korpela describes why you should be wary about using country flags to indicate text in different languages
Techniques: flags, languages, nationaility, symbols, ISO 639

169. Saturday 26th June 1999 - JavaScript Guidelines and Best Practice
Synopsis: The constantly evolving JavaScript language can hold several surprises for the unwary or JavaScript beginner, which can cause carefully crafted code to fail on other browsers and older versions of JavaScript. Martin Webb illustrates JavaScript coding best practices learnt over several years experience.
Techniques: JavaScript introduction, CSJS, SSJS, JScript, DHTML, Standards, Documentation, books, JavaScript Support, Disabling and Enabling JavaScript, Tools, JavaScript Guidelines, Objects, Properties, Methods, Events, JavaScript Best Practice

152. Sunday 14th March 1999 - Web Design Hints and Tips
Synopsis: Hints and Tips to make your Web pages more pleasurable to your visitors - by Paul Rundle, Pankaj Kamthan and Martin Webb
Techniques: Java, Sounds, Images, Animated GIFs, Logo's, Color, Guestbooks, Page Length, Counters, Links, Clocks, Status Bar, Proprietary and obsolete HTML tags

142. Sunday 10th January 1999 - Netscape and mozilla.org give birth to Gecko
Synopsis: Netscape have released a developer preview version of their new internet client - Gecko. Martin Webb reports on this new release
Techniques: WWW, Internet Client, Gecko, Netscape, mozila.org, Open Source, W3C rcommendations

102. Friday 17th July 1998 - Introduction to Web Accessibility
Synopsis: This article, written by Graeme Williams, introduces you to the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI.) The WAI is about providing guidelines that web authors should follow in order to make their pages more accessible for people with disabilities and more useful to indexing robots.
Techniques: HTML, HTML 4.0, Web Accessibility Initiative, WAI, Cascading Style Sheets, CSS, Tables, ACCESSKEY, SUMMARY, ALT, TITLE, LONGDESC

097. Sunday 21st June 1998 - Web Page Creation
Synopsis: How to create a Home Page - written by Gary Ransom - a complete guide and tutor, a set of hints, tips, selected links and help
Techniques: create a home page, make a home page, home page help, home page tutor, home page guide, create a web page, make a web page, web page tutor, web page guide, create, make, help, guide, tutor, design, publish, home page, links, hints, tips

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