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Database Articles

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156. Thursday 8th April 1999 - My First Forum - a bulletin board application
Synopsis: Over twelve well explained articles Andrew Shatwell develops an online bulletin board using Cold Fusion.
Techniques: Cold Fusion, BBS, Bulletin Board Service, database, forum, messages, threads, opening, posting, replying, cancelling posts

154. Sunday 21st March 1999 - Exporting data to Word with Cold Fusion
Synopsis: This article, written by Andrew Shatwell, will show you how to create a Cold Fusion script that will export information from your database and deliver it to the user in a Word document using the RTF format.
Techniques: Cold Fusion, Microsoft Word, RTF, Rich Text Format, CFQUERY, CFCONTENT, CFOUTPUT

140. Saturday 2nd January 1999 - How to update/edit data using Cold Fusion
Synopsis: Janus Boye describes in a new article on Cold Fusion, Allaire's cross-platform Web application development system, how to update and edit data from a web page.
Techniques: Databases, Cold Fusion, edit data, update data, SQL, CFIF, CFQUERY, CFOUTPUT, CFLOOP, CFELSE, CFUPDATE

123. Sunday 25th October 1998 - Introduction to Cold Fusion
Synopsis: Janus Boye introduces Cold Fusion - a dynamic way to update and maintain web pages based on entries within a database
Techniques: Cold Fusion, CFML, database, dynamic pages, server side maintenance, CFQUERY, CFOUTPUT

100. Tuesday 14th July 1998 - Diary of a WebObjects Developer
Synopsis: Josh Sahrmann describes how using WebObjects application can make developing internet databases easy!
Techniques: WebObjects Developer, HTML, Java, Webscript

098. Sunday 28th June 1998 - Building an Internet Database
Synopsis: Starting a new series of articles on Databases - Josh Sahrmann describes how to create a simple internet database using either Microsoft Access or FileMaker Pro.
Techniques: Database, Access, FileMake Pro, HTML

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