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E-Commerce Articles

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175. Monday 26th July 1999 - E-Store on the Web : Let's Go Shopping!
Synopsis: E-commerce over the World-Wide Web (Web) is a rapidly evolving and proliferating field. Establishing an electronic store (e-store) makes selling on the Web a reality. Pankaj Kamthan discusses issues involved in deploying an e-store, using the software PerlShop as a prototype.
Techniques: Tools, E-Store, Shopping Cart, PerlShop, Catalogs, Security, Payment Methods

158. Sunday 25th April 1999 - E-Commerce on the WWW : A Matter of Trust
Synopsis: In this article, by Pankaj Kamthan, the risks involved in E-Commerce (E-Commerce) on the World-Wide Web (WWW) that lead to breach of privacy and loss of trust are addressed. Ongoing efforts to tackle these risks are outlined.
Techniques: E-commerce, Risks, Business Practices, Information Protection, Transaction Integrity & Security, Privacy and Trust, WebTrust, TRUSTe, P3P

Synopsis: Internet and the World-Wide Web (WWW) have opened new vistas in Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce). Pankaj Kamthan discusses the prospects and concerns that this medium provides from the viewpoints of Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business commerce.
Techniques: E-Commerce, ecommerce, Electronic Commerce, Businesses, Consumers, Web Presence, Timelessness, Communication, Networking, Information, Services, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Privacy, Security, Competition, Quality, Searching, Efficiency, Cost Reduction, Timelessness, Inventory Control, Security, Interoperability, Models

Synopsis: Electronic payment (E-Payment) systems are an integral part of electronic commerce (E-Commerce) on the World-Wide Web (WWW). Pankaj Kamthan discusses the significance of one method of electronic payment, a credit card, how they can benefit businesses and consumers, limitations of their use, and the means of making them accessible on the WWW.
Techniques: E-commerce, E-payment, credit cards, merchant banks

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