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irt.org, an online developer website, was launched on the 29th May, 1998. The website covers Internet Related Technologies that are cross-browser as well as operating system and platform independent, to provide information on emerging technologies.

irt.org is aimed at both innovative web developers and programmers, who need to build mission-critical solutions, and at those just wanting to learn more about the Web.

irt.org has over 600,000 page impressions every month.

Top of the Page Banner Advertising
# of Impressions: 100,000 200,000 400,000 600,000
Discount: 0% 5% 10% 20%
CPM: $6.00 $5.70 $5.40 $4.80
Total Cost: $600 $1140 $2160 $2880
NOTE: CPM refers to Cost Per Thousand Impressions
Banner Standards

All banners on irt.org must meet the following standards:

Top Page size: 468 x 60 pixels.
File format: GIF or JPG.
File size: Max. 12Kb.

Animated GIF's are allowed.

More Information

For advertising sales and promotion contact: martin@irt.org

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