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Dec 1996Martin Webb begins work on the JavaScript No Content Site, and publishes the 1st article: Calendars.
Nov 1997Core team member Jason Nugent appears as a guest author on: Addressing Form Field Validation with Regular Expressions and JavaScript 1.2.
Jan 1998Martin Webb's article on Creating a JavaScript site map, get's published on developer.com, which leads much more attention to the JavaScript No Content Site.
Mar 1998The 1st non-JavaScript related articles appear, as core team member Tarique Sani appears as a guest author on: Java Applets #1, and core team member Janus Boye appears as a guest author on: XML - What's in it for us?.
Apr 1998Number of subscribers to the monthly newsletter goes above 1000
May 1998The JavaScript No Content Site moved to the bigger, better and brighter irt.org site, following a complete relaunch of all content.
Jun 1998Number of weekly visitors increases to above 6000, with 1200+ subscribers to the monthly newsletter, and 40+ beta testers.
Jul 1998Work starts on localizing irt.org to French, Portuguese and Danish.
Sep 1998The site turns commercial, as it receives it's first sponsorship, which is an $100 banner deal, with .25 cent pr. click-through.
Oct 1998The 1st Core Team meeting is held in London, where 5 Core Team members show up to talk about the future direction of the site
Nov 1998irt.org goes off air as we break our bandwidth limit on November 24, 1998 - we had broken our site traffic of 500Mb per month. We were around the 4Gb mark for the month! New bandwidth limit: 250Mb/day
The long awaited links database went live! Feel free to suggest new categories
Dec 1999200,000 accesses per week. Monthly newsletter at the 2000 mark
Feb 1999The 2nd Core Team meeting is held in London
New resource added: Which User Agent is winning the Browser War?
Apr 1999The JavaScript Knowledge Base goes live, where users can enter keywords an receive a listing of all the JavaScript FAQ questions that match the query.
Two copies of Settlers 3 - the game - came up for grabs for the games challange - Minesweeper
May 1999The 3rd Core Team meeting is held in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jul 1999The 4th Core Team meeting is held in London

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